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UAE Digital Market Poised for Significant Growth Amid Coronavirus!

ByAnkit Singh

UAE Digital Market Poised for Significant Growth Amid Coronavirus!

For an eCommerce marketplace in UAE, Coronavirus has brought oodles of opportunities to streamline the sales funnel. As we know coronavirus has crumpled every business and that has affected their revenue goal extremely. But remarkably, the digital market has found its ways to deal with the Pandemic.

Human lives and public safety, are the top concerns when it comes to dealing with this deadly virus. And as Government agencies have released guidelines for people to avoid crowds, it becomes a serious business.

However, to meet the daily demands of grocery, and other goods digital marketplace is a winner. As it is helping in meeting users’ demands for daily-services and offering a very structured supply chain.

Covid-19 has changed consumers’ behavior!

To practice social distancing and follow the guidelines issued by UAE Govt, it is mandatory for people to stay indoors. However, staying indoors can bring a glitch in meeting the daily requirements. Here the digital marketplace is the best platform for the users and businesses as well. 

We have already witnessed the behavioral shift, wherein people are avoiding workplace, restaurants, stores, and other public places. So they can be shielded against coronavirus, but that does affect them as well. As they cannot get their daily grocery and other items through physical stores.

We all know that precaution is the treatment for Coronavirus. And to meet the daily requirements, we all need different products. However, going to stores where there is a higher risk of infection, and less inventory, is not an ideal decision. Rather, consumers prefer to move to an online portal, where longer delivery windows, better product choices, and safety is ensured.

This transformation brought to the consumers’ shopping behavior, speaks worth of digitalization. It would not be wrong to say, that better eCommerce technology can help shape and improve the future of your retail business immensely.

How E-commerce brands would benefit from new shopping habits?

It is a known fact that businesses ranging from small- medium to large sizes in UAE, are facing challenges due to the outbreak. It has indeed become a major concern, to continue with their manufacturing operations. As we all know, most of the factories are shut down, and some are working with limited manpower. This is causing delays and bottlenecks, resulting in a loss for brands to supply products to customers on time.

On the other hand, people are staying home, and are working remotely during the day, and can’t step out.

Here, you must understand that whether it is out of monotony, necessity, or both, people are bound to shop from their phones. As physical foot-fall has decreased to null, online shopping is the only resource for the users to meet their demands. 

And this new shipping habit would continue in the future as well when the virus threat would subside. Hence, embracing the digital mode now will help your business to survive with the long-term plan.

 Now shop with Tradeling!

Tradeling is a new digital marketplace focused on B2B transactions in the MENA region. This portal is letting businesses to join and offering incentives amid the coronavirus pandemic. The brainchild behind this platform is startup veteran Muhammad Chbib as CEO, focusing on creating an e-marketplace across the region.

Tradeling is created through Dubai Blink, which was announced last year by the Dubai Airport Freezone Authority (DAFZA) as part of the Dubai 10X initiative. 

As per the reports, by the end of the year, suppliers and MENA-based buyers can register on the platform FREE of charge. And there will be no commission taken as well. However, currently, the platform is allowing companies to order boxes of sanitizers and other supplies.

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, chairman of the Dubai Free Zones Council, said, “Tradeling serves as an innovative model for the future of the global supply chains that will strengthen global trade and position Dubai as the hub for smart B2B transactions.” 

Why Tradeling will win the race?

To beat the ill-effects of Pandemic, this next-generation technology will offer a seamless platform. Also, UAE businesses will be able to explore new opportunities for growth and expansion, amid economic stress. 

Food for thought

Sadly, it is very true that sooner businesses of all kinds will face the financial hit due to the coronavirus. Therefore, you need to focus more on positioning your retail brand as a trusted platform. This will help you to create lasting connections with your audience. Also, pick the digital marketing strategy for long term benefits, so when this virus subsides you would be the first to market and capitalize. You must understand the worth of online presence holds for your business. Henceforth, you must embrace it within your business model now to excel ahead. The digital presence will help you sustain, survive, and plan your comeback story.

So invest your research in crafting a robust digital marketplace and make a massive come back soon.

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