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How AI will Influence the Travel Industry in 2024 and Beyond

BySandeep Agrawal

How AI will Influence the Travel Industry in 2024 and Beyond

Since I have a passion for technology and traveling both, I thought why not share my insights on what happens when you combine both.

Artificial Intelligence, as you might already know, is an emerging technology. But what you might not know is that AI has proven to be a game-changer technology for the travel industry.

For instance, AI has helped lots of companies offer smart travel arrangements to their customers while streamlining their business processes along the way.

Just think about your last trip. Did you collect your tickets from the counter?

I highly doubt it. Instead, you might have scanned your ticket from your smartphone.

And that’s just one way AI has influenced the travel industry.

In this article, I have shared 5 different ways of how AI will influence the travel industry in 2024 and beyond that.

5 Ways AI Will Influence Travel Industry in 2024

If you’re in the travel industry and looking for new ideas to take your travel business to the next level, you will most certainly find these ideas helpful.

So with that being said, let’s dive right in!

1 – Intelligent Recommendations

Today, almost all online platforms and services have incorporated intelligent recommendations feature.

Take Netflix or Amazon Prime for example. Both online streaming service providers offer suggestions based on what you watched and searched recently on their respective platforms.

Just like Netflix and Amazon Prime, online travel platforms like and Expedia have also incorporated a similar intelligent recommendations feature where they offer travel-related suggestions based on recent searches.

Expedia, for instance, offers multiple accommodation options when you’ve booked or looking for flights to a particular city.

Similar to Expedia, you can also build and incorporate a powerful recommendations feature in your travel portal to optimize conversion rates and generate more revenue for your business.

2 – Intelligent Assistants

AI-powered chatbots have proven to be very helpful in the travel industry lately.

Today, many global travel platforms and brands have built their own custom, AI-powered chatbots to solve their customers’ queries and boost sales.

Skyscanner, for example, is a popular AI-powered chatbot that is helping consumers find better flights in Facebook Messenger since its inception.

While Skyscanner is just one example, there are many travel platforms that have built their own AI-powered chatbots like Skyscanner to cut through the noise and connect with their target customers.

For example, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines uses an AI-powered chatbot to respond to customers’ queries on Facebook and Twitter. In fact, they have trained their chatbot to answer over 60,000 questions and queries of users.

3 – Sentimental Analysis

Today, more than 90% of travelers share their experience, opinions, and photos on social networking platforms.

TripAdvisor, for example, receives 280 travel reviews every minute. And today, they have a vast pool of 435 million reviews from their 390 unique users.

This data can be quite useful for travel companies to improve their services. In fact, many travel companies have already started experimenting with Google Cloud Natural Language API to monitor their brand image in general and quickly take action on negative reviews and feedbacks.

Artificial Intelligence technology is capable of helping travel companies perform a statistical analysis of users’ online opinions and classify positive and negative reviews.

4 – Fraud Detection

According to a report, the travel industry and specifically Airline companies suffer the most from fraud and online scams every year.

This is why many travel companies have started implementing AI and machine learning technologies to help prevent illegal transactions.

Wanderio, for example, is a popular online travel booking company in Italy that has partnered with Pi School to integrate its fraud detection AI technology into Wanderio’s online portal.

Hotel Tonight, another popular hotel booking app from the US, has also created its own customized machine learning model to predict and detect frauds.

While such fraud detection AI technology is not widespread within the travel industry yet, but that number is expected to increase considerably in the year 2024.

5 – Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Artificial Intelligence technology also holds the capability to enhance the operational efficiency of travel companies.

For instance, Mezi’s AI-powered dashboard uses automation to help clients like Bluefish, American Express, and Casto Travel to respond quickly to their customers’ queries and requests.

Mezi’s AI technology basically allows travel agents to check users’ queries and use chatbots to update automatically in real-time.

And according to its report, it helps Mezi’s clients to increase productivity and output by five times.

In the coming years, more and more travel companies are expected to implement such AI-powered dashboards to improve their productivity and overall operational efficiency.

Concluding Thoughts…

In today’s technology era, businesses need to continually evolve in line with the latest technologies. And from in-depth data insights to AI-powered automation, today Artificial Intelligence offers many opportunities to businesses in the travel industry

In fact, mobile app development companies also agree to the fact that in the coming years, artificial intelligence will definitely help travel companies to drive more operational efficiency and improve customer experience.

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