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How to Get College Homework Help Online: A Guide

ByIdris Shaikh

How to Get College Homework Help Online: A Guide

College is easy for some people, but others struggle through their classes. Even if you know your field like the back of your hand, we all have to take pre-requisites in the United States outside of our chosen fields, so we aren’t as skilled in those areas.


Everyone needs help from time to time.

Luckily, with the internet, there are plenty of resources for online college homework help. You can get personal or one-on-one help, or help that lets you learn at your own pace.

We want to give you some ideas on how to get the best kind of homework help for your needs and learning style. Read on for some of our homework help tips and tricks so you can reach your full potential.

Impersonal or Unguided Help

If you suffer from anxiety or you just aren’t interested in talking to anyone, picking an option that isn’t personalized to you is a great idea. Many people learn by doing or by watching rather than having someone actively teach them.

There are so many great (and sometimes free) options that can help you with your homework without you having to seek out a personal teacher or tutor.

Free Online Courses

Did you know that you can take some online courses for free?

You’ll technically be auditing these courses as most of them don’t give you any kind of credit or certificate, but you can get courses from prestigious universities such as Harvard or Yale delivered right to your laptop.

This might seem counterintuitive. Why give yourself extra work just to get some homework help?

Because these courses aren’t paid, you can work at your own pace. The creators of these courses may or may not have video lectures, but they will have all of the information you need.

It’s possible that you were unable to do your homework because your professor’s teaching style doesn’t work for your needs. Seeing how other classes do their work might be helpful to you.

Youtube Videos

Regardless of your topic, there are Youtube videos for almost every learning need. People are happy to put information online to make it more accessible. Some of them do it for the good of the community while others make massive ad revenue, so they don’t need your payment.

Search on Youtube when you’re feeling stuck.

Study Websites and Apps

There are plenty of websites and apps that can help you with your homework. Websites are good for almost any topic. We’re lucky to live in a world where you have endless information at your fingertips, from literature study guides to professional studies on almost every topic (and more are often accessible to you when you use student login information).

There are apps that can teach you how to make a diagram, how to translate languages, how to complete chemistry formulas, and more.

For confusing English classes, there are websites that can break down complicated concepts and explain stories or essays.

Q&A Websites

If you put your problem into your search engine of choice, it’s possible that someone has already asked it in the past on a free Q&A site like Quora.

The question will often be answered in a concise but complete way. It may not be your exact problem, but it might be similar enough that you can figure out how to do that homework based on the answer given.

Before you panic and convince yourself that you’re going to fail, do a simple search.

Personal Guided or One-on-One Help

Some people benefit more from guidance or tutoring from a “real person”. It might be difficult for you to pick up complicated concepts without the guidance of an expert, and that’s okay. It’s your learning style.

Luckily for you, there are also people who want to help.

Personal Online Tutors

If you’re willing to pay for homework help, hiring a remote tutor is a great option. They average at around $20 per hour, though this varies across sites and fields. You may even find one advertising their skills on your local Craigslist or marketplace sites.

A personal tutor can walk you through the difficult homework concepts and help you learn where you’re going wrong. You don’t have the added stress of your peers in the classroom and you can get one-on-one help rather than trying to catch the attention of your professor who’s trying to educate the whole class at once.

Personal tutors have different teaching styles from your professor, so they may be able to help you in a way that’s more productive for you than the way your professor teaches.

Your University’s Online Options

Most universities have some kind of tutoring system for students. It may be led by other students, librarians, or teachers who are taking extra time out of their schedules to assist students.

This is likely accessed through your school’s library and it’s almost always included in the cost of your classes.

You can get help on your essays, complicated math problems, difficult science projects, and more. You only have to ask for help.

College Homework Help Is Always Available

You don’t need to stress about your college homework just because you’re falling behind or confused. There are so many options for homework help online that you’re sure to find something that works for you.

If all else fails, don’t be afraid to talk to your professor. Many of them are happy to meet with you during their office hours or put up extra materials online. College homework help is available to suit any need.

To learn about all kinds of online resources, visit the rest of our site.

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