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How the Use of Technology is Relevant in Today’s Hospitality Industry

ByDavid Adamson

How the Use of Technology is Relevant in Today’s Hospitality Industry

With hotels reopening and fully stocked according to local, state and national opening guidelines for COVID-19, technology is more critical than ever and will play a key role in recovery. Hotel technology and yield management can be used across all departments to enhance the customer experience, streamline operations and improve communication between staff and guests.

Hotels around the world are leveraging the power of technology to drive sales and improve customer relationships. This makes it clear how vital the internet is for the development of today’s hospitality industry. The use of information technology in the hospitality industry has enabled hoteliers to stay in touch and maintain a relationship with guests using online tools.

Here is why you should be using technology in hotel management.

Data analytics

One of technology’s biggest superpowers is aggregate data and making it actionable. You can use the data to tackle a new market segment or adjust your rate plans to compete against your competitors and dominate the market. Some integration connect with cloud-based PMS to give you every little detail; it comes to reporting, accounting, business intelligence, revenue management, yield management and competitor intelligence 

Hotel bookings

Information technology in the hotel industry has redefined the way ecosystems work. The entire hospitality ecosystem revolves around the hotel reservation concept, and the role of information technology in the hospitality industry is undeniable. The internet has opened several windows for hotels to explore in terms of increasing bookings and occupancy.

In-room guest experience

The use of information technology in the hospitality industry has changed dramatically when it comes to in-room guest experiences. Hotel owners realized that adopting technology for front and rear operation was not enough. You also need to incorporate technology as part of your guest experience strategy that modern travellers expect. This explains why some hotels now offer keyless access to rooms, smart controls for multiple in-room devices tablets for placing food in the room or other requests, etc.

Real-time communications

Instant communication has completely changed the way interactions work and live. Given that the hospitality industry is concerned with providing impeccable service, the ability to communicate and coordinate with colleagues instantly is a big plus. Cloud-based systems enable hoteliers to communicate via a platform, a feature that takes efficiency to the next level.

Trains staff to provide superior service

Great guest experiences keep customers coming back, and bad things can hold them for life. Such technology can help improve the customer experience by enabling employees to provide exceptional service. Many hotels have a system that automatically saves guest preferences and logs to accommodate them appropriately if guests stay at the same hotel.

There are touches of personalization like those in hospitality management that make the guest experience so much better. Hotel management companies and developers need to adopt new and exciting technological ideas to stay relevant and work effectively after COVID-19. Technology has opened up a world of opportunities that hotels can use to truly make their brands memorable to consumers and pave the way for positive growth in the industry.

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