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How Businesses Globally Are Leveraging from Corona Outbreak (And you can too!)

ByJason Fernandes

How Businesses Globally Are Leveraging from Corona Outbreak (And you can too!)

The coronavirus is spread all over the world now. The outbreak has affected every country and every industry.

From the travel industry to local businesses every sector is affected but some companies are turning this epidemic into a source of income.

These include the companies from deep cleaning products to advanced remote services making false claims that their products neutralize the virus effectively.

Not only popular, the local businesses as well are coming up with bizarre ways to sell more and more products to the panic-stricken public.

Products like face masks may look helpful in the prevention of the virus but work only if they are used by the person already infected as a way to stop the infection from spreading further.

A lot of other weird products are being introduced in the market claiming the same. Let’s have a look at some of them:


Yes, robots. Robots are helpful if they are introduced in hospitals for helping the staff but the robot programmed to ask questions to the public about their health and symptoms of Corona will not be of any help but will create chaos between the public.

Air Purifiers

Some air purifier companies are claiming to provide purifiers that can eliminate the virus from your airstream.

The air purifiers help remove the dust and pollution but not the virus itself.

People should be familiar with these false claimers and should avoid falling into their traps.

Thermal Scanners

 A lot of companies are setting-up thermal scanners at various public places, some are even providing thermal scanners for your cars that can read your temperature anytime, but how is going to help in combating Corona is beyond me.

High-Tech Disinfectants

The spread of the virus has urged people to look for products or devices to disinfect their surrounding areas.

This includes high-tech electrostatic spray guns that contain charged particles that get sprayed properly on the whole surface.

How effective are these? Will they neutralize the virus completely? If we listen to the claims then it is that they are very effective but reality maybe something else.

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Anti-Spitting Hats and Other Bizarre Products

Some companies are providing anti-spit hats that will save you from the spit and sneeze of other individuals that will in turn help to keep you safe from coronavirus.

Screens are being attached to various hats and visors to restrict the virus from getting in contact. Other products like safe containers, even cars that will keep the virus out.

As you can, the companies in the UK and around the world are using this troubled situation to increase the sale of their products or services. This has happened in the past and will continue in the future too. Apps like Netflix will provide entertainment in the home, disinfectant companies will provide products that will neutralize the virus, mask makers will provide masks to keep you safe. They will always try to increase the sale in any way possible.

Rather than selling useless products in these hard times, we should rather focus on building and selling products that are actually useful for preventing or limiting the effects of Coronavirus. These may include:

  • T- shirt & Stickers for spreading awareness about COVID-19, symptoms, treatments, etc.
  • Beer that helps limit or reduce the effects of this virus
  • Masks to prevent the spreading of virus and protecting people from infection
  • Gloves to avoid getting infected
  • Key-chain and Bracelets for awareness
  • Hand Wash to help protect from virus infection
  • Books for educating people and spreading awareness about COVID-19 virus

It is a good thing to use precautions against the virus but you should always look for and use the products that will actually help in combating the virus rather than going for the products introduced just to make profits out of the people in fear.

How can we help improve the situation

You as a businessman can leverage this opportunity by starting a business manufacturing and selling high-quality healthcare products such as masks, disinfectants, gloves, air-purifiers, etc. that are actually useful in these times and are high in demand. If you already run such a business, you can consider starting a website to sell your products globally and benefit as many people as you can.

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