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Is E-Commerce Mobile App Development The Real Money Maker Ideas In 2024

ByDavid Adamson

Is E-Commerce Mobile App Development The Real Money Maker Ideas In 2024

Ever since the development of the first mobile app, the role of technology in the online e-commerce industry is immense.

The boom started when users start spending $946 and more on mobile commerce each year.

Mobile apps not only have the potential to turn the boulders smooth that came across the path of brick-and-mortar e-commerce sales but also give a windfall opportunity to stand out in the competitive league by delivering the best shopping experience.

An interactive and feature-rich mobile app will breed loyal customers, accommodate the needs of users, and extend services to digital natives and boomers alike.

All you need to do is to hire the right mobile application development company California who can guide you throughout the app development process while turning your idea into an innovation.

The best mobile app developers help you choose relevant features that suit both your business and branding objectives.

Benefits of Mobile App for Your E-Commerce Business

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Your retail business will never accomplish new milestones with a website alone.

If you take a quick rundown of the most promising technology trends of 2024, you will see m-commerce is gaining maximum popularity.

Here’s why e-commerce app development can be the real money maker for your business:

Mobile Commerce Offering On-The-Go Experience

1.	Mobile Commerce Offering On-The-Go Experience

Today, the total percentage of users that are using mobile devices constitutes half of all the internet traffic.

So, it’s the right time to observe what devices customers are using the most for shopping.

According to a recent report by Statista, 67% of all eCommerce sales across the globe are done via mobile devices.

It seems most of them are using smartphones or tablets for browsing and purchasing online because it enables them to shop anytime, anywhere.

Mobile devices are always an arm’s stretch, so shoppers can look for something in your free time, coffee breaks, and even enjoying a walk.

Within the coming years, it is estimated that mobile apps will dominate 73% of e-commerce sales across the globe that makes it essential for you to hire an app developer to achieve your goals and accelerate business growth.

As per the recent statistics, the expected Mobile App Statistics revenue that will be noted by the end of 2020 is around $582 billion which is 48% more than the past few years.

And, e-commerce mobile apps will rise at a growth rate of 54% this year. That’s the highest peak compared to any other app category.

Mobile Apps over Responsive Websites

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Speed and convenience are the top reasons users are inclining towards mobile apps.

If you are running in a race without a mobile app, then you might lose great opportunities.

With a wide number of e-commerce options available online, users might never turn back or lack interest if they get an atrocious experience.

Using the inbuilt features of mobile like camera, GPS, bar code scanner, etc. you can boost interaction with your brand.

Experienced iOS and Android app developers choose the best features, including push notifications, one-click checkouts, e-wallets integration, and single sign-on for loyalty points to trigger interest and engagement on the mobile app.

However, it doesn’t mean you don’t require a mobile-friendly website. It is a first step towards generating e-commerce sales through mobile.

You should know Omni-Channel is the New Normal.

According to Google, 85% of users begin their shopping journeys from one device and continue on another.

Following an omnichannel approach, you never leave a customer at a loose end that increases the chances of making purchases rather abandoning carts.

Thus, make the right move by aligning with a trusted e-commerce digital solution provider and deliver an optimal experience to your customers.

Changes the Performance Trajectory

Presently, e-commerce website development without a mobile app is a disadvantage.

It will help you build essential customer traffic but won’t help to get quality customers over time.

If a customer is perplexed between your mobile site and competitor’s website, then the app will give them a reason to lean towards your services.

Also, being an early bird to develop an e-commerce app gives you an extra advantage and helps you improve your performance.

But here the question arises, how much it costs to create an e-commerce mobile app?

An average cost of e-commerce app development ranges from $30,000 to $1,70,000.

To calculate the approximate cost, you can also use the accurate app cost calculator tool offered by many e-commerce app development companies.

E-commerce is a vast industry. You are already competing with big gun competitors like Amazon and Walmart.

And if somehow you are not able to meet those standards, customers won’t have a reason to buy from you.

Greater Conversion Rates

Let’s talk numbers.

  • By 2024, mobile ecommerce sales are expected to account for 54% of total ecommerce sales. (Source: BigCommerce)
  • Forrester found, after a poor site experience, 79% of online shoppers state they are less likely to support a site again.
  • Mobile influences over 40% of revenue for leading B2B organizations. (Source: Statista)

The mobile app is the clear winner. Products viewed per session and add-to-cart rates are awesome when seen on mobile apps.

Mobile apps convert visitors into loyal customers at a 130% higher rate than mobile websites.

When you hire e-commerce website developers or app developers, discuss the future developments in e-commerce so that you can keep your platform up-to-date and latest trends.


Right from digital innovations to upsurging globalization, e-commerce is witnessing drastic changes for adoption.

The more your retail business will evolve, the more deeply customers can connect with your brand and make successful purchases.

Following the best road to success, start with MVP app development that helps you figure out the best features for your mobile app. 

Now when you ready to invest, either you choose Android or iOS app development, all you need is a reliable e-commerce solution provider to achieve outstanding business outcomes.

The company can guide you from a strategic standpoint and evaluate your business needs at its best.

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