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Effect of COVID on Content Marketing Industry

BySharad Khatri

Effect of COVID on Content Marketing Industry

Whenever you listen to the word Content Marketing, what’s the first thing that hits your brain?

Content Marketing is mostly thought of by people as content writing jobs, whereas content writing is just a part of digital marketing.

But actually content marketing is one of the very important pillars of marketing.

Without proper, relevant, and valuable content we can say that digital marketing is almost impossible.

Content Marketing is defined by The Content Marketing Institute as:

a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Skills Required in Content Marketing Industry

Content Marketing is used by vast numbers of marketers which includes big organisations to the small businesses.

It is cost-effective and is used to improve sales by providing relevant and valuable information about the product or service which the customer is looking for.

This helps in attracting customers and retaining them which creates customer trust and loyalty for the organizations.

Following are the top five skills, one must have in content marketing:

1. Research 

As most of the marketing strategies start with research, it is one the most required skills of content marketing where marketers try to find out the current needs of the market, its current trends.

2. Analysis

After getting the data from the research, analysis of the data is done to provide more reliable and valuable product and service to the customers. For this various analysis tools are used like Google Analytics.

3. Writing and Communication Skills

After the analysis the content is written for the product or service which are used for advertisements and marketing of the product to the relevant customers. For this work a proper writing and communication skills are required.

4. SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is a very important skill required by the marketer to bring the organic traffic towards the website by optimising the website to rank higher on the search engine result page, possibly on the top of the result page when any person search any query related to the in the search engine like Google.

5. Inbound Marketing

As SEO is used by marketers to bring the potential amount of traffic to the website, it is also important to bring the right customers to the website who will be potential and relevant customers to generate a lead.

Current scenario of Content Marketing during CoVid-19

During this pandemic, when the entire world is coming together to fight against this and to prevent the spread of CoVid-19.

Most of the businesses are trying to shift online and make an online presence, they are asking their employees to work from home as the organisations are closed due to lockdown.

This has led to an increase in the demand for content marketing jobs, creating a lot of job vacancies and job opportunities in this field.

Most of the marketers are changing their prior marketing strategies and modifying it based on the current situations, providing contents that are related to health-related topics, and how to stay safe from this pandemic.

Marketers are trying to build long term trust and emotional relationships with their customers and employees to create their brand image and to attract potential customers while retaining them to make them loyal customers of the organizations who trust them.

Future scope of Content Marketing post CoVid-19

There has been a noticeable change in the marketing techniques used by brands throughout the world. All of them are trying to support and engage people in their own creative ways.

There is a great necessity of innovations in the current situation to retain the customers while creating an emotional attachment with them.

In the current situation the behaviour of people has changed a lot, they spend most of their time inside their home while surfing the internet, talking with their friends on social media, playing games, etc. 

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The future trends in Content Marketing seem to be like the following :

1. Virtual Events

Most of the events are being cancelled now for the prevention of a lot of people to gather at the same place. But Some organisations have started to have virtual events, where people can join the events from their home using the internet.

2. Live meetings on Video Conferencing

As most of the organisations are promoting remote work or work from home, video conferencing meetings seems to be the next future meeting style.

3. Collaboration

In the future marketers are going to take collaborations with other organisations to have better content marketing opportunities for helping and supporting people in the best way possible by providing them with more relevant and useful products, services and information.


No one knows when will this pandemic end, and neither of us has any idea of this. This is an unfortunate reality, there is a lot we can do as marketers to ensure our customers are safe, healthy, and supported.

We should remember at this point in time that it is really important to provide value to the customers from our content, as content that provides value will never go out of style.

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