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7+15 Actionable Ideas For ICO Investor To Invest In 2024

ByDavid Adamson

7+15 Actionable Ideas For ICO Investor To Invest In 2024

ICOs are uncertain. They are not easy to trust. There are many other reasons why you should not invest in an ICO, but again, there are many reasons why you should. ICOs can give you faster and more returns than any other investment mechanism.

The popularity of ICO is increasing day by day. Any company can raise money on a blockchain without dealing with banks, regulations, or accountants. The ICOs have already collected over $22 billion in 2023 and will collect tens of billions in the next years. So how to invest in ICO? To start investing in ICO you need to choose the right investment platform for you.

The trick is to find and invest in the right idea. As they say about ICO investments:

Do not invest in the project, invest in the idea.

So, how do you find a good idea for your ICO investments?

Well, we can help. Continue reading to know the top ICO ideas for investment in 2024.

With the ICO marketing booming and more and more projects appearing on the cryptocurrency market, it is necessary to know how to invest in an ICO.

This guide will help you to choose the best investment option and make your purchase with a minimum of risk.

7 ICO Ideas That You Would Absolutely Love To Invest In 2024

Always read ICO ideas before you decide to invest in an ICO, make sure to get familiar with the project, read the white paper and get confident in the idea.

Digital Payments

A sophisticated digital payment app is something that everyone uses and will probably keep using for a very long time in the future. It is a trend that can never go out of demand.

So, if you find a crypto project that claims to be providing a decentralized autonomous blockchain transaction platform, it is certainly worth your time and money.

There are already some projects utilizing this idea and making a buzz in the industry. These will make a nice choice for your next ICO investment.

Smart Contracts Security Verification

This is a rather new idea but quite profiting in the world of cryptocurrency.

Many crypto companies make use of smart contracts but there is no system for checking errors or validity of a smart contract.

There are one or two new startups working on the similar concept.

The idea is to create a mechanism for automatically auditing smart contracts for errors.

Crypto miners can be rewarded for checking and finding bugs in smart contracts.

Check out the companies working on this idea and do your own research on the subject before investing in an ICO.

Common E-commerce Marketplaces (with no intermediaries)

Ecommerce Marketplace Related ICO Project

A common online marketplace for all kind of services and products. A new ICO could be developed around the idea of an e-commerce website through which all types of services are provided to consumers.

Whether you are a freelance writer or a seller of certain goods, you can join the platform and start selling.

The use of a decentralized blockchain will make sure that there are no intermediaries and the cost of the transaction is low for both parties.

Consumers can utilize the platform to find the best products and services at the best prices and transact directly with the provider and doesn’t have to pay an agent fee.

Decentralized Content Streaming

The popularity of YouTube has motivated the invention of many similar platforms but they all lack one thing – proper monetization options.

YouTube is good but it is limited to video content.

A better idea is to develop a content platform where users can promote and earn through any type of content, such as video streaming, social media posts, Twitter posts, Instagram content, blog posts and more.

The inclusion of blockchain is to ensure that there is no intermediary and therefore no loss of money in transaction fee and/or other unnecessary things.

Micro-investment platform

The idea is to allow easy and profitable micro-investments in a range of industries such as real estate and finance by utilizing the power of blockchain and smart contracts.

Real estate is an evergreen industry for investment purpose, however, the investment in this industry are generally limited to rich parties.

This system will allow anyone to make small investments at lower risks and still get good enough returns.

The blockchain technology also creates a level of transparency in the system making it feasible for users to trust developers and property dealers with their money.

Reliable Healthcare


This is not a very unique or new idea but it is something that we need badly today. A proper healthcare system is one of the basic needs of our generation.

People in many countries around the world lack even basic medical facilities.

The idea is to create a global online system where users can find details of every hospital and healthcare facility in their region, compare the quality and prices and choose the best.

The system can be designed for a specific region or a specific type of medical service, but the concept should be the same. Smart contracts can be utilized to manage and control specific patient information and data.

A new cryptocurrency can be introduced or existing ones can be utilized for payment purpose.

Travel Rewards

This idea involves creating a travel reward system where a traveler could get rewarded (in cash, tokens or in any other way) for sharing useful travel information, content, videos, guides, tips, hotel reviews, etc., for the use of other travelers on a completely free and open-content platform.

The developers can further enable other related services such as online booking of hotels and travel tickets in order to increase the use of crypto coins.

The platform can be further modified to provide a fix for issues that people usually face while traveling. Rewards can be offered for various kinds of activities of users and travelers.

There are some other crypto startups working on some really innovative ideas such as green energy, decentralized NGO services, global internet service, a decentralized marketplace for second-hand items and more that you can check out for your investments in 2024:

  1. Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Management: Create a blockchain platform that provides transparency and traceability for supply chains, helping companies and consumers track the origins and journey of products.
  2. Tokenized Real Estate: Develop a platform that allows investors to purchase tokens representing fractional ownership of real estate properties, making real estate investments more accessible.
  3. Green Energy Credits: Create a cryptocurrency that incentivizes the production and use of renewable energy by rewarding users with tokens for sustainable energy practices.
  4. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Protocol: Build a decentralized lending, borrowing, or trading platform that operates on blockchain, providing users with financial services without traditional intermediaries.
  5. Healthcare Data Management: Develop a secure and privacy-focused blockchain solution for storing and managing healthcare data, giving patients more control over their health information.
  6. Tokenized Art and Collectibles: Create a marketplace where users can buy and sell digital tokens representing ownership of art, collectibles, or other assets, making it easier to trade and invest in such assets.
  7. Blockchain for Voting: Design a secure and transparent blockchain-based voting system to enhance election integrity and reduce fraud.
  8. Tokenized Gaming Assets: Build a platform that allows gamers to buy, sell, and trade in-game assets and characters using blockchain tokens.
  9. Tokenized Intellectual Property: Develop a marketplace for creators to tokenize and sell their intellectual property rights, such as music, patents, or content.
  10. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs): Create a DAO platform that enables community governance and decision-making, allowing token holders to vote on project directions and initiatives.
  11. Blockchain-Based Identity Verification: Develop a secure and user-controlled identity verification system that reduces the need for repetitive identity checks in various online services.
  12. Blockchain in Agriculture: Create a platform that enhances transparency in the agricultural supply chain, helping consumers trace the origins and quality of food products.
  13. Tokenized Education Credentials: Build a system for issuing and verifying academic credentials and certifications on the blockchain to combat credential fraud.
  14. Blockchain for Non-Profit Fundraising: Develop a transparent and secure platform for non-profits to raise and manage funds using cryptocurrency.
  15. Tokenized Royalties: Enable artists, musicians, and content creators to receive royalties directly through blockchain-based smart contracts, ensuring fair compensation for their work.

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