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Keyword Research for Blockchain Projects

ByDavid Adamson

Keyword Research for Blockchain Projects

Keyword research is a key of any successful project on internet. It help to plan what type of information industry target audience are searching on the search engine.

In this post, I will share with you a proven keyword research strategies that will help all industry to find unique, relevant and most searchable keywords.

So without any delay, lets get started.

How To Find Keywords for Blockchain Projects

There are many paid and free tool that help you find your project related keywords but in this post, I will only share free technique to find keywords for your blockchain projects. I will not stretch the post so I come to the point and share the method with some screenshots:

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

Wikipedia Table of Contents

Wikipedia Table of Contents

Google’s “Searches Related To”

Google's "Searches Related To"

Reddit and Forums

Reddit and Forums

Google Suggest

YouTube Suggest

Quora Question

Click here to download the keyword research template.

List of Keywords for Blockchain Projects

I researched 10000+ Google search results for crypto related projects and found the list, If they are not relevant for your project just replace the word blockchain and your will get an amazing result, checkout the keyword list of blockchain :

What is a Blockchain?

ICO vs Blockchain

Blockchain in 2022

Blockchain vs Bitcoin Review

Simple Blockchain Project

Blockchain Project Cost

Blockchain Services

Blockchain Project List

Blockchain Project Development Strategies

Blockchain Project Management

Blockchain Project Ideas

Blockchain Project Solution

Local Blockchain Project

Blockchain Project Generator

Blockchain Development Checklist

Blockchain Project Pricing

Blockchain Development Job

Blockchain Project Cost Calculator

Blockchain Project Portfolio

Benefits of Blockchain

Blockchain Statistics

Blockchain Company

Top/Best Blockchain Project

History of Blockchain

Blockchain Security

Cheap Blockchain Developer

Why Blockchain Important

Pros of Blockchain

How to learn Blockchain

Blockchain Marketing

Blockchain Apps

Blockchain Package

Blockchain Explained

Find Blockchain Developer

Different Between Blockchain and Bitcoin

Different Type of Blockchain Projects

Facts about Blockchain

Blockchain Trends

Blockchain Innovation

Blockchain Tool/Equipment

Blockchain Tips

How often Blockchain

Hiring Blockchain Developer

Blockchain Guide

Blockchain Maintenance

Blockchain Hacks

Blockchain Tricks

What does Blockchain do

What is a Blockchain know for

Blockchain industry

Types of Blockchain

Is Blockchain safe

How much to pay for Blockchain

Why choose a Blockchain

What does Blockchain meaning

Blockchain Certification

How to develop Blockchain (Without Tools)

How to improve the quality of Blockchain

Secrets of Blockchain

Reason to invest in Blockchain

Questions to ask about Blockchain

FAQs about Blockchain

Advantages and disadvantages of Blockchain

Blockchain for industry

Best practices in Blockchain

Blockchain Templates

Blockchain Factors

Blockchain Study

Introduction of Blockchain

Blockchain List

Blockchain Video

Blockchain Infographics

Blockchain Podcast

Blockchain Factors

Blockchain Tutorial

Blockchain Technique

Blockchain Users

Blockchain Stats

Blockchain This Year

Blockchain 2.0

Blockchain for B2b


I hope you like the keyword research report. If the above mentioned keywords are not fulfilling your requirement, copy all keywords in google doc file and just replace blockchain with your project main keyword. You will be surprised to see the result. I make this post very short for your so your get all information without spending your precious time in the net of word-count. Please don’t forget to share your thought on this post.

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