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11 Ways To Get a Quality Link For Your Ecommerce Website

ByDavid Adamson

11 Ways To Get a Quality Link For Your Ecommerce Website

Backlinks are very essential for SEO and SERP ratings. Search engines understand that it takes significant effort to influence the content of another website. This is why search engines include backlinks as a criteria for ranking search results. Ranking high in search engine results increase the chances getting more traffic.

Online stores or eCommerce websites need traffic. The more the traffic, the higher the chances of making sales. Therefore, eCommerce stores need quality backlinks to increase chances of making sales. Here are 11 ways to get quality links for your eCommerce website.

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Join Online Forums and Show Your Expertise

Online forums offer a good opportunity to showcase your expertise. Register at online forums and show your expertise. You can enlighten members of the forum are discussing about eCommerce plugin, you can contribute by emphasizing the importance of the Multistep Checkout with Phone Number Login plugins for website.

Forums offer baclinking opportunities if they allow members to drop links as part of their comments. If they do, you can drop links to related webpages after contributing to discussions. In cases where forums do not allow members include links in comments, you can include the link to your website as part of your profile.

Link The Website To Official Social Media Pages

Social media is the website with the second highest amount of traffic. It provides a great avenue for getting quality backlinks to your website. To do this, create a business social media handle or page. After creating the social media handle, link your website directly to that handle. The linking should be done such that you can share the contents of your website to your social media pages in one click. With that done, proceed to share contents from your website to social media on a regular basis.

Develop Quality Content

No matter how good your backlinking efforts are, they will fail if your contents are not of good quality. The first step to getting quality links is by developing quality web content. With quality web contents, all other backlinking efforts will work seamlessly. Your contents should delight your target audience.

Do not write too many words unless where necessary. Avoid clogging up content and allow for whitespaces. Use related images and. to emphasize the idea you are selling. Images should not distract your target audience from your message.

Pitch Your Content to Other Websites

Pitch your content to other websites that are related to your niche. After developing quality content, reach out to other websites and inform them that you would like to post your content on their website. When pitching content, emphasize what the website you are pitching your content to stands to gain. Make them understand that they stand to benefit from the relationship as well.

There are also numerous platforms that allow for guest posting and guest blogging. Research to find out such platforms that are related to your eCommerce website. You can guest blog on those platforms and insert links to your websites in the posts you share.

Undertake Novel Research

Discovering new facts is a good way to boost your eCommerce website. Undertake research on sectors related to your niche. Gather, analyze and interpret information. After concluding your research, put out your novel findings for all to see. To get more links, create infographics showing the details of your findings.

In the infographic, add a watermark that references your eCommerce website. Also add links to the infographics you create. Images tend to travel further than written content. Your next backlink may just come from an image instead of a phrase of text.

Use Internal Backlinks

Instead of waiting till when you get external backlinks, you can create internal backlinks to your website. An eCommerce store sells products. Some of these products are sold in bundles. You can insert the links to individual products when listing out the products in a bundle. Instead of having to search for a single product from a bundle, web users can simply click on the anchor text.

Create a Content Based Platform

Content based platforms are great avenues for getting backlinks. The platforms where you pitch or share contents are content based platforms. You can either use external content-based platforms like medium or you can create your own blog or news section. If you are creating an external platform, ensure to link it to your website.

After creating a content based platform, post quality and relevant contents on a regular basis. If you want to promote the WooCommerce Whatsapp Order plugin, you can develop content on “The best plugins for eCommerce website”. In the content, insert links to the plugin using the name as the anchor text.

Employ User Generated Content

People trust what other people say about a brand than what the brand says about itself. You can use it to get backlinks to your eCommerce website. You can partner with third party review websites. Encourage your customers to give their opinion about your products or services after each purchase.

Instead of just sharing the content on your website, you can partner with third party review websites to showcase the opinion of users. Of course, it will include links to your website. This approach improves your NPS and also gives your eCommerce website credibility.

Repair Broken Links

Broken links may just be the reason why you are not getting enough backlinks to your website. If you had to do a overhaul of your website, it is essential to crosscheck the status of your backlinks. Some of these links may be broken as a result of website changes. Change the URL where necessary and fix all broken links.

Broken Linking Fixing

Register At Online Directories

Search engines offer local search results. They provide web users results of related website located closest to them. Besides the SEO benefit, local search also offer an opportunity to get quality backlinks for your eCommerce website.

Register at online directories and give the details of what you are selling on your eCommerce website. Also include the link to your website as well. If you are an SEO company, search engines will place your business as a result in its online directories. Besides search engine online directories, there are also many other online directories. Registering at these directories and including your website is another means of getting quality links.

Start An Interactive Forum

Interactive forums are a good means of getting backlinks. However, third party interactive forums can be limited in what they allow members to do. You can create your own interactive forum where customers and potential customers can contribute. You can either use social media or allow for comments on your blog.

To get backlinks from the forum you created, add links to your website as part of your profile or description. You should also respond to comments on the forum. After responding to comments, do not hesitate to include the necessary related links that will assist the people whose comments you are trying to resolve.

Getting links is one thing, but getting quality links is a totally different thing. It is even more difficult for an eCommerce website that is mostly about selling products or services.

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