What Is The Best ICO To Invest In 2020?

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What Is The Best ICO To Invest In 2020?

An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a public sale campaign run by a new cryptocurrency startup that wants to raise funds to continue the project.

It is similar to an IPO (Initial Public Offering) where a company offers a part of its shares to early investors. However, there are many differences between the two. If you are looking for the right ICO to invest in 2020, you can find some tips here.

Whether you are investing in an ICO, an IPO or in the stock market, you actually invest in the company’s trust and reputation and not in its shares. So, research about the company first before making any investment.

Features Of A Great ICO

Here are some things to look for while investing in an ICO

Backed by a team of highly experienced, qualified and somewhat famous people and businessmen.

  • A bitcointalk.org profile with regular updates and communication.
  • A clear project timeline with focus on each stage and the availability of proper documentation, including a white paper, presentation, video, etc.
  • Existence in media and on famous bitcoin communities.
  • A definite purpose and range of applications of the token
  • Limit on the number of coins
  • A healthy distribution and development timeline for the token
  • Evaluate the White Paper
  • Check the quality of the code

The Best ICO to invest in 2020

When it comes to the top ICOs in 2020, KahnChat ICO is far ahead in the race. Continue reading to find out more about best ico to invest in 2020;

The social networking part of the app works more or less like other popular social media apps such as Facebook and Google Plus, where you can share images, text, etc, on your user profile, send messages text, photos, audio/video, and audio/video/text chat with other users. Not only that, the integration of a digital wallet also makes it possible for users to perform tasks like pay bills, make payments and send money.

The company will launch a crypto token, called KCH token, backed by its powerful app. The people who invest in the token/ICO will actually be investing in the app, and the revenue generating from the app will help strengthen the coin value and increase the returns for investors.

Why invest in ICO in 2019?

Here are some other reasons why KahnChat ICO is the best ICO to invest in 2019.

Imagine a social networking app where you can not only chat and socialize with people but also you can send money, make transfers and even pay for your purchases, and not just with Fiat currency but also with cryptocurrency. How cool is that!

The KahnChat social networking and mobile payment app has all the features mentioned above and then some more. There is a separate digital wallet where users can manage their KCH tokens and use them for trading on stock exchanges and to buy things online/offline.

Strong Revenue Model

The company plans to generate its revenue from mobile payments. Mobile payments is a rapidly growing industry, especially in the UK and the US. Both online and card-based mobile payments amount to billions in revenue for the industry leaders. Those, who are already involved in this sector, are earning huge sum from their mobile investments.

The KahnChat’s mobile payment target is 1% of the market share which is more than sufficient to produce a huge return to each of the ICO investors.

So, the reason you should consider investing in the KahnChat ICO is that it is based on a practical and futuristic concept and will surely grow up.

Furthermore, the company is also giving attractive bonuses (up to 50%) to their early sale buyers. The earlier and the more you buy in the sale, the higher will be your profits.

The key to choosing a great ICO for your next investment is – gather as much information as possible about the company and the project, write down the important aspects, compare the positive and negative, and make a thoughtful decision.

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