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Top 10 Best Paraphrasing Tools for Academic Researchers

ByDavid Adamson

Top 10 Best Paraphrasing Tools for Academic Researchers

The paraphrasing technique is the only way to make another writer’s work without using the quotation method. Academic researchers have to take appropriate measures to keep plagiarism percentage to the minimum.

Every educational institute defines the plagiarism criteria for a research paper or thesis. Students and researchers follow various techniques like referencing and in-text citations to maintain the word count and plagiarism in their work.

However, paraphrasing is the most effective method, which does not require any reference to the source.

A researcher can directly portray the primary author’s idea in their own words to make it more readable and easier to transmit.

But performing paraphrasing on your own can take hours of reading, understanding, and writing. If not performed correctly, paraphrasing can become more like duplication, which won’t benefit your research paper. Therefore, we can rely on a paraphrasing tool to save time and effort.

Paraphrasing tools bring a reliable solution to plagiarized research papers with just one click of a button. These tools help students meet deadlines and add value to the information featured in the research paper.

In the case of academic writing, a more formal or descriptive piece of information is required. A range of options makes it easier for users to select the appropriate writing style.

These tools are highly efficient, reliable, and responsive with multiple platform support. Now let’s look at the top paraphrasing tools of the year that can assist academic researchers in producing unique and valuable written material.



With the AI-based NLP technology, is a reliable platform that provides paraphrasing services on web-based and mobile applications.

Equipped with the NLP paraphrasing algorithm, this tool offers human-level paraphrasing with extensive 500-word count support.

This tool has different options to select paraphrasing styles for writing. Academic writers can choose the relevant paraphrasing style depending on the nature of their research topic.

The tool also supports multiple languages and gives results in seconds. The changed synonyms or phrases are highlighted in the output box for easy comparison.

The NLP technology helps to maintain the original meaning in the text. Content structure is a crucial requirement in academic writing, as we have to follow a particular format to portray the information in our research work.

2.    WordAI


Another production of AI technology is the WordAI tool, defined by its name. Students widely use this tool, researchers, academic writers, and SEO professionals. The built-in AI technology makes it a credible option for various kinds of users.

Powered by Artificial intelligence technology and NLP features, this tool efficiently rephrases articles and blogs with one click of a button.

The algorithm first deciphers the original text document to understand the passage’s structure. This tool gives authentic and error-free results within seconds.

But the downside of this tool is that it’s only available under a paid subscription. We can avail of a three-day trial version, but after that, the users have to satisfy a subscription plan if they want to use the services.


Make your essays and articles unique with the paraphrasing tool by Empowered by AI-based technology, this tool brings the most relevant and accurate words to paraphrase the content.

It follows the technique to change the sentences and synonyms to make content plagiarism-free.

With this paraphrasing tool, you’ll find three different paraphrasing options. You can enter the relevant word in the input box to exclude specific words like a brand name or institute name. The structure of paragraphs and sentences is maintained well to make it more readable.

The result highlights the paraphrased text, making the comparison much more straightforward. You can also check plagiarism in real-time or download the paraphrased text in the form of a document.

The best thing about this tool is that it’s genuinely free to use. There is no limit on word count or usage, which makes this platform genuinely unlimited for everyone.

4.    SEO Wagon

SEO Wagon

SEO wagon is a complete toolkit for content writers and bloggers. This platform provides a full set of solutions for content writers, SEO writers and academic writers. The paraphrasing service of this tool creates unique content with accurate relevancy to the structure of the original passage.

This tool provides SEO ready content for your website within seconds. The algorithm will scan your text to extract the essential pieces of information according to your preference.

It also provides suggestions for relevant synonyms and phrases that suitably fit your content. Unlike some of its other services, the paraphrasing service won’t charge you anything.


If you’re looking for a paraphrasing tool that can help to boost your writing career, then can become your helping hand. You can write engaging content for your website and compelling copies of research papers with this tool.

Academic writers can use this tool by choosing various writing styles and languages to make their research work plagiarism-free. This tool helps create clear copies of well-structured tests that are more readable by evaluators.

With this paraphrasing tool, there is no limit on per day checks. You can paraphrase up to 1000 words at a time, which is a suitable length for an essay.

6.    SpinnerChief


SpinnerChief is efficient at spinning your article with a very simple and easy to use interface. This tool is adequate to handle a bulk amount of content.

So, if you’re looking to launch a website and need content for different web pages, SpinnerChief can be your writing companion.

As for academic researchers, SpinnerChief can be helpful to deliver extensive research works in one go. This tool works seamlessly as a web application and desktop application. Besides desktop, it is also available on IOS and Android for instant access.

Offering excellent article services, this tool does not come cheap. So, you’ll have to avail a paid plan for its service under a monthly or yearly based subscription package.

7.    Wordtune


If you’re looking for a tool that understands written text, whether humanly written messages or formal writing, the Wordtune can be your righteous toolkit.

This tool can understand any writing and make it readable for your audience the way you want. Wordtune is very easy to use and access as it is available as a chrome extension.

The free usage allows 20 rewrites from one address. However, if you find the tool worth your requirements, you can start by paying a small amount of 9.99 US Dollars a month.


It’s a pretty simple solution to recreate an authentic and original piece of writing to minimize plagiarism in your work.

An article spinner has a pretty straightforward interface, and it brings results within seconds. The usage is free and unlimited, so it has become a recommended choice for many.

But this tool has some limitations when it comes to features. It has no paraphrasing style selection. It changes the words and phrases by default into a formal sense. Such a feature is not ideal if you’re looking to include a specific set of words in your sentences.

9.    CleverSpinner


If you want to develop content that is easy to understand by your targeted audience? Then CleverSpinner would be a clever choice. This tool changes the word’s meanings and sentence order to make it easy to read by an online audience.

This tool provides good quality paraphrased content, and that is why it might cost you some money after the free trial completes. You can use this tool for a three-day trial, but you’ll have to avail yourself of the monthly plan.

10.  Spinbot


Spinbot is yet another famous paraphrasing tool that can enhance your paraphrased text’s clarity. This tool reduces the unwanted text and makes comprehensive sentences by pinpointing the idea in the passage. It is an ideal option for academic writers and researchers to write plagiarism-free content.

Spinbot can be used under free usage, but features are limited to use as a guest. Therefore, if you want to expand the range of options, you can avail a paid plan by logging in the credentials.

How to Choose the Right Paraphrasing Tool?

Here are some features that you should look for in a paraphrasing tool to see if it is worth using or not.

●      Easy to Operate

A paraphrasing tool must include all the user-friendly options to upload and download text. The interface itself should be clear to understand with divided sections of original and paraphrased text.

●      Support Large Word Count

An ideal paraphrasing tool supports a large word count in one go. Since research papers include a lot of material, the word count is supposed to be extensive.

Researchers can complete their work time to meet the submission deadlines with considerable word count support.

●      Maintain Structure

Paraphrasing a text does not mean we should mess with the paragraph order and ruin the text’s overall structure. An ideal paraphrasing tool should maintain the word count and the content structure to keep it readable.

●      Multiple Paraphrasing Styles

Each kind of writing requires a specific tone and structure. A paraphrasing tool should have options to paraphrase text in different styles.


Paraphrasing is an essential skill every writer should learn to make unique copies of their research. But mastering this skill may require months of practice if you want to produce plagiarism-free content.

With the online paraphrasing tools, this job becomes a lot easier. You have to put in the text, and within seconds, you’ll get a unique copy of that information. These tools can be supportive if you want to meet the deadlines on time.

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