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ByJason Fernandes

How Businesses Globally Are Leveraging from Corona Outbreak (And you can too!)

The coronavirus is spread all over the world now. The outbreak has affected every country and every industry.

From the travel industry to local businesses every sector is affected but some companies are turning this epidemic into a source of income.

These include the companies from deep cleaning products to advanced remote services making false claims that their products neutralize the virus effectively.

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Not only popular, the local businesses as well are coming up with bizarre ways to sell more and more products to the panic-stricken public.

Products like face masks may look helpful in the prevention of the virus but work only if they are used by the person already infected as a way to stop the infection from spreading further.

A lot of other weird products are being introduced in the market claiming the same. Let’s have a look at some of them:


Yes, robots. Robots are helpful if they are introduced in hospitals for helping the staff but the robot programmed to ask questions to the public about their health and symptoms of Corona will not be of any help but will create chaos between the public.

Air Purifiers

Some air purifier companies are claiming to provide purifiers that can eliminate the virus from your airstream.

The air purifiers help remove the dust and pollution but not the virus itself.

People should be familiar with these false claimers and should avoid falling into their traps.

Thermal Scanners

 A lot of companies are setting-up thermal scanners at various public places, some are even providing thermal scanners for your cars that can read your temperature anytime, but how is going to help in combating Corona is beyond me.

High-Tech Disinfectants

The spread of the virus has urged people to look for products or devices to disinfect their surrounding areas.

This includes high-tech electrostatic spray guns that contain charged particles that get sprayed properly on the whole surface.

How effective are these? Will they neutralize the virus completely? If we listen to the claims then it is that they are very effective but reality maybe something else.

Anti-Spitting Hats and Other Bizarre Products

Some companies are providing anti-spit hats that will save you from the spit and sneeze of other individuals that will in turn help to keep you safe from coronavirus.

Screens are being attached to various hats and visors to restrict the virus from getting in contact. Other products like safe containers, even cars that will keep the virus out.

As you can, the companies in the UK and around the world are using this troubled situation to increase the sale of their products or services. This has happened in the past and will continue in the future too. Apps like Netflix will provide entertainment in the home, disinfectant companies will provide products that will neutralize the virus, mask makers will provide masks to keep you safe. They will always try to increase the sale in any way possible.

Rather than selling useless products in these hard times, we should rather focus on building and selling products that are actually useful for preventing or limiting the effects of Coronavirus. These may include:

  • T- shirt & Stickers for spreading awareness about COVID-19, symptoms, treatments, etc.
  • Beer that helps limit or reduce the effects of this virus
  • Masks to prevent the spreading of virus and protecting people from infection
  • Gloves to avoid getting infected
  • Key-chain and Bracelets for awareness
  • Hand Wash to help protect from virus infection
  • Books for educating people and spreading awareness about COVID-19 virus

It is a good thing to use precautions against the virus but you should always look for and use the products that will actually help in combating the virus rather than going for the products introduced just to make profits out of the people in fear.

How can we help improve the situation

You as a businessman can leverage this opportunity by starting a business manufacturing and selling high-quality healthcare products such as masks, disinfectants, gloves, air-purifiers, etc. that are actually useful in these times and are high in demand. If you already run such a business, you can consider starting a website to sell your products globally and benefit as many people as you can.

For building or optimizing an e-commerce website for your business in the UK, you can hire professional e-commerce web developers with SAG IPL. We specialize in web development for online shopping businesses in healthcare and many other industries.

ByDavid Adamson

Impact of Artificial Intelligence in IT Industry

One of the most significant events in human history is the creation of Artificial Intelligence (AI). While 15 % of enterprises are already using AI, 31 % claim they will be using it within a year.

Not only AI transforms traditional computer methods but it also has an impact on various industries. The most affected industry, of course, is Information Technology. IT industry is all about systems and software, which makes Artificial Intelligence relatively more important in this sector.

Before discussing the “impact of AI

 in Information Technology, let’s first know what exactly Artificial Intelligence is?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the creation of intelligent machines that act and function like humans. In this technology, the machines based perform the cognitive functions of humans like problem-solving and learning.

There are three different classifications of Artificial Intelligence: analytical, human-inspired, and humanized Artificial Intelligence in everyday life.

Artificial Intelligence works on algorithms and computer-based training that help solve complicated problems develop stimulations by learning in machines. The goals of AI include:

In the IT industry, Artificial Intelligence is changing the way software, and programs are developed. The software thus created not only solves a problem but also learns from the experience for future applications.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Various Sectors of the IT Industry

Information Technology is using computer systems for storage, transmission, and processing of any data for any enterprise or organization. So Artificial Intelligence impacts the information technology industry in many ways.

Be it using voice recognition and virtual assistants or automating a work without human intervention, the Effects of Artificial Intelligence are everywhere in this industry.

Here are some of the major sectors of IT and the benefits of Artificial Intelligence on them:

Secure Systems

Confidential data is valuable to any organization and breach in this security system might cost a lot, especially to government organizations. Artificial Intelligence uses various algorithms to create layers of security within systems. AI defends not only the system of any potential threat but also repairs and learns from errors or vulnerabilities to protect the data from any future risk.


It is estimated that by the year 2025, AI and automation will replace 7 % of jobs in the US itself. Automation carries out any type or amount of work without human interference. Organizations are adopting automation at a fast rate as it is cost-effective. The AI algorithm based automation adjusts according to the company’s needs and also learns from past errors.


Coding for programmers is a tricky business and requires a lot of hit and runs. Artificial Intelligence provides suggestions to coders, ultimately increasing productivity and reduces the downtime

Processing Power

Computers have improved and advanced since the time they first came into action. Artificial Intelligence not only increases the processing speed but also handle data like a human brain.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is the use of accurate tools in the development of software. By using AI tools, the developers can fix issues and prepare them for future bugs or fixes. One such example of an AI tool is ‘Bugspots’ that is effective in removing viruses without the help of humans.


Artificial Intelligence is the recent critical development in the Information Technology Industry. It helps create more reliable software and programs which are cost-efficient and error-free. Developers have used AI in carrying out the most complex operations and expand their range of vision.

Both based on computer science, Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology; go hand in hand in making changes in the operation of various sectors including programming, planning, quality assurance, productivity, and automation. We can enhance machine and human capabilities using AI in Information Technology.

It’s the right time to start a career in “Artificial Intelligence Certification course

— SFJ Business Solutions provides Advanced Training with Python & Machine Learning.

ByDavid Adamson

Java: The Future Of Big Data And IoT

Java is the tech industry’s most prominent programming language for many years. Software developers are making use of it to design robust and feature loaded applications. Java usage is not expected to reduce with time. In fact, it will only expand. Amplified data generated through devices need huge investment. Again, the generated data takes too much of the time to process which makes data analysis a time-consuming process. 

Big Data is new to the technological world, and it is still evolving. So far people are interpreting its meaning in different ways but in reality, it is the data stored in a storage repository in the cloud. Data warehouses contain raw data in massive amounts that are used whenever needed. Big Data technologies tend to have an open source framework. For instance, Hadoop is an open source framework whose language is Java.

IoT is a warehouse of technologies designed to gather and manage a huge amount of data from different networks of electronic devices including sensors.  It then processes the collected data and shares with connected devices for real-time connections. One of the greatest examples of an intelligent networking system is the automatic security systems at banks.

IoT needs programs to help devices easily connect with other devices for maintaining connectivity across the systems. Java’s network programming capabilities help IoT integrate well with the latest technologies. 

Seeing Java’s compatibility with different software algorithms, we can say that it will be the future of Big data and IOT. How? Let’s take a deep dive to understand.

Role of Java in Big Data and IoT

IoT and Big Data have gained huge popularity in the tech world and with many innovative applications. Big Data consists of a large amount of high velocity structured and unstructured data from which valuable insights can be derived.

IoT is the inter-networking of different things including physical devices. Physical devices establish a network connection and exchange data with other devices. Devices or sensors like temperature sensor, GPS, pressure sensors, air quality sensors, moisture sensors, and light sensors can enable smart decisions when used together. 

Most people today are connected with the Worldwide Web and the Internet. Internet of Things is producing data in abundance, therefore, there is a need to have Big Data technologies to manage, store and mine the data efficiently. Java plays a crucial role in efficiently storing and analyzing Big Data produced by IoT sources.

Used by Developers Worldwide

Easy Language: Jave offers the developers as well as the end users a better experience in comparison to other software design languages. It provides a smooth and easy interface that allows developers to create feature-rich apps. As a software designing language, Java minimizes the use of C++ traditions which makes it easier for developers to design applications without hassle.


Java is a highly sophisticated language. Developers feel safe using this language because of the versatility it offers. It can be used anytime, anywhere and is suitable to run on any software or hardware platform.


Java’s stack provision system re-establishes the statics quickly. It automates memory distribution and trash gathering which is not done by other programming or web development languages. 


Java offers good network competence. It allows software developers to interact while writing networking programs, allowing designers to exchange information, and connect while sending or receiving files. Exchange of information enables developers to use information wherever needed to make devices more integrated.

Security and Stability

When industrial devices are operated, automated and managed from remote areas, stability is considered key. Java offers good security compliance due to which it is considered a secure programming language. It offers more security and stability when compared to other programming languages.  Java’s backward compatibility makes it the most preferred choice amongst Big Data Analytics Consulting Companies. It enables software developers to download any folder with unsolicited programmes which means any app can safely use the unsafe codes.

Big Data needs Apache Hadoop, Hadoop Needs Java

Hadoop is an open source software that uses a network of computers to solve problems related to the processing of large sets of data. Since the software for Big Data is Hadoop but Java is the language of Hadoop, therefore, software developers feel comfortable using it. Since the functioning of Big Data depends on Java, we can safely assume that Java is the future of Big Data.

Java, a programming language for the ages

Java as a programming language is easy to learn and is available everywhere including mobiles, desktops, PC, Mac, and health gears. It offers the best level of services in the Android app development services. Flexibility and versatility offered by Java to IoT programmers gravitate them towards it. More and more developers are learning this language because they know that this language will receive no set back even in the years to come. Developers with advanced knowledge in Java work on inventive IoT solutions to form a connected digital world. 

Easy to Migrate

One of the main reasons due to which IoT programmers are attracted towards Java is due to its virtual availability. It is easier for developers to migration from a different programming language to Java even within the existing framework. App developed using Java will be lesser prone to issues while migrating to a new platform and also the entire process will be lesser prone to errors.

Developer Friendly Interface

“Write once, run everywhere”, that is what Java aims at. It gives the developer’s platform independence so that even when an application is transferred to a different platform, the transition will be less error-prone and smooth.  In industrial IoT, Java finds a special spot because it gets zero affinity with its hardware devices.

Hardware specifications change from one device to the other, therefore, it is difficult to assign a specific programming language to hardware devices.  Java offers portability which is why it is considered a perfect choice for programming IoT.

Enhanced Product life-cycle

Java’s ability to upgrade itself as per the business requirements is immensely huge. It also has the capacity to manages itself without the errors. Developers can easily enhance product life-cycle using Java language. 


Internet of Things includes various technologies like M2M computing, big data, sensors, hardware devices and more, therefore, its compatibility with other devices becomes difficult. Java is an interoperable language which can bring diverse devices together, making it suitable for running an IoT application.

Concluding Thoughts

Though Java is old but is everywhere. Big Data, Machine Learning and IoT are new to the technology industry. To deploy technologies like the Internet of Things or Big Data, there is a need to have a programming language compatible with different platforms or devices. Undeniably Java offers this compatibility to the IoT developers. Therefore, it is apt to say Java is the future of Big Data and IoT. But along with this, the developers need to ramp up with other latest technologies including the Big Data, Cloud, machine learning and other similar technologies. Apart from integrating Java with the Big Data or IoT, developers can deploy Java development services in other areas which includes Android app development, iOS development, Blockchain, and Minecraft to desktop applications like Eclipse, Netbeans, IntelliJ, and more.

ByDavid Adamson

Top 10 Freelancer Business Ideas That USA Students You Can Start For Free in 2020

Starting out as a freelancer can be kind of overwhelming. It can be incredibly scary for USA students if they plan to start a freelance business alone but for some, it is entirely opposite in 2020.

Contrarily you get an added advantage of working as per your own schedule, interests, and more passionately, creatively and uniquely; as there is no work pressure, no deadlines to submit your work to your superior, and most importantly there is no 9 to 6 work cycle.

Sounds quite interesting, right?

True, if we consider today’s generation; they want a hustle free job, with a good work environment and most particularly they need the freedom to think, interpret, communicate, and work.

And that has only become possible due to freelancing works. In the past decade freelancing as a career path has shown quite a good and steep rise and is the most popular money-making business.

Because of this growth and popularity of freelancing, many times it becomes difficult for you to come up with the idea of how to get started in this business with no cost and gain maximum success when you are just a starter.

Relax! In this blog, we have briefly mentioned about the best 10 freelancing business ideas for students which you could start as free in 2020:


Every business needs to create demand of their products and services and hence all the business types i.e. social, entertainment, shopping, fashion, services, educational institutions, and beauty companies require people to write content for their brand from time to time.

And when you are interested in writing about any particular business sector and have the relevant skill of creative writing with perfect command over grammar and languages, you could easily start as a blogging freelancer.

To get the benefit of working as a freelancer, initially, start with your own blogs and see how easy it becomes for you to reach and work at a global level. You can either earn from your blog or start providing services to your audience, like Scribbify.

Blogging As A Freelancer Business For Students This Year

Graphic Design

If designs and graphics inspire you than working as a freelance graphic designer is the best idea for you.

Every start-up, small business owner or a small company looks tso stand out and so they hire graphic designers online for their logo designing, webpage starting graphics, infographics, memes, blog posts, cover photos, etc.

One can easily get a graphic assignment online and even get permanently hired by companies if they are perfect at their work. Isn’t it an easy way of money-making? Here are the 50 things every student should know when doing graphic designing work.

Graphic Design

Online Courses and Coaching

If you are an expert at something or you have something which you are skilled at and passionate about, and there is great number of audience willing to learn it from you online and also are ready to pay you  good amount to get perfect in their subjects, why not start as freelancer course creator or coaching teacher.

You could start offering your services as a tutor one and one online coaching teacher.

How To Create Online Courses and Coaching For Students

Social Media Marketing:

In this new era of internet and technology, social media has become a proven and important tool to handle any business.

It has become a major marketing tool for as the competition is increasing in every business field you can start as a freelance social media expert and help the companies to understand how to achieve their business targets by marketing their products or activities on the social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Google +, Shopping applications, etc. and get adapted to this dynamic marketing world.

Social Media Marketing:

Travel Consultant:

If you love to travel and find yourself randomly searching every search engines and travel website for best places, best hotels, and best airfare deals, why not carve out a niche for yourself as a private travel agent?

Start with recommending your family and friends who can easily trust and count on you for their travel trip or vacation trip.

Gradually create your own page and social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +and invite people who want to get updated about the top travel and latest deals.


If you own a camera and have a perfect eye for clicking good pictures, starting a freelance photography business could be a very natural way to turn your skills and passions into a profitable business idea.

Start with doing free shoots for friends and family to build up a strong online portfolio, get familiar with your gear and the editing process, then you’ll be able to get paid for photographing professional headshots and celebratory family moments as your business idea.


Language Translator:

With globalization, the business world is spreading at a global level with this fast-growing economy and as a result, demands translators for a variety of languages at a high rate.

If you can speak, write and have fluency in many languages like French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Greek or any other global language than being a Translator is easy for your career.

You can get works for translating advertisements, business documents, magazine articles, etc. and you can even charge your clients depending upon your skills, perfection and time required.

Podcast Production:

Considering the trending podcasting business it is easy to notice that podcasts are playing as a highly impressive tool for any business or brand organization. Podcasts are nothing but just a recording posted online to attract an audience.

If you have the perfect vocal to voice out, mind to write a script and software to adjust and edit sound controls you could easily start as a freelancing podcast producer and help people to overcome thief disability to voice their brand and business out.

Ghost Writing:

People working as a writing expert, sometimes have deadlines to meet but don’t have the required skills or enough time to complete their work. That’s where they hire ghostwriters to complete their job.

As a ghostwriter you are expected to write articles, blog posts, books, magazine articles, business articles, speeches, and other things just name it.

As a ghostwriter, your writing gets published under your client’s name and such business people and entrepreneurs do such hiring and posting all the time.

So if you have good command over grammar and languages and perfect knowledge of the niche’s subject matter you can easily work as a freelance ghostwriter.  


If you are fascinated with numbers and playing with it is just a game for you than working as a freelancer accountant would be perfect for you.

You could help people and businesses with their finances and if you have an added advantage of knowing the way through tax clauses than trust me you could earn at high rates just by even advising people with their tax dilemmas.

If you have any questions, or can think of any other recommendation for any more freelance business ideas for free, feel free to post them in the comments below.