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How To Escalate Your TikTok Followers Growth Organically – 12 Fantabulous Tricks

ByDavid Adamson

How To Escalate Your TikTok Followers Growth Organically – 12 Fantabulous Tricks

TikTok proves even short-form videos can reach a large audience. A TikTok video can range 15-60 seconds long, where short-duration videos are likely to be watched multiple times. Due to this covid pandemic, most employees reside home for jobs, where most entertainment lies on mobile phones than television. Usage of social apps grew over a short time ago. Nearly 100 million people use TikTok in states, where 50 million stay active on the app in a day. 

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Followers play a vital role on TikTok because it gives people the opportunity to become an influencer. As the audience are high on TikTok, use these following 12 hacks that can raise your followers:

Acknowledge Target Audience

Who is the audience, and why do you need them?

In TikTok, the significant terms used to calculate the engagement rate are contents. When producing content, post them among competitors, cross people who praise or appreciate the content, and they are called the audience. Most people who are active on TikTok tend to come across videos. Even some create their content to gain popularity. Sharing and liking are the general terms that credit your video, designed directly by the platform. 

How to find a new audience for a brand?

#1 Recognize the goals to acquire the audience

#2 Derive potential customers

#3 Interact with target customers

#4 Build content to focus on customer

#5 Post frequently to know target customers

#6 Track progress in improving campaign role

Generate Authentic Bio

An important start-up for content production is to set an original bio. An authentic profile is a starter because it decides the performance of all tasks. Bio is the first chance to introduce you or the brand in TikTok. A creative and real personality could better serve TikTok because a loyal introduction is a more compelling start. 

Five ways to make bio shine well and good:

  • Introduce followers to who and what you are doing here. 
  • Emojis in bio lightens up the brand personality
  • CTA can provide interaction where it takes them to other social sites
  • Try not to exceed the character limit
  • Make use of the TikTok link, which is available for videos. 

Upload UGC Videos

What is a UGC?

Any content developed by contributors of TikTok is called UGC. Organic content is the only way to gain a new audience to a website. Users create looping videos to increase video views on TikTok, normalizing the concept of retention. The primary purpose of TikTok is to allow users to show their creativity among a bunch of people. UGC will enable users of the brand to share their experience with the public that engages more new audiences. 

UGC helps users by providing information regarding marketing where the brand utilizes social proof to connect audiences. Some necessarily are not paid because they only appreciate the product’s effectiveness for fame. Mostly, people love this UGC marketing tool as they make use of the recommendations like them. Also, ROI for UGC content is high where they encourage brand ambassadors to share experiences online. 

Use Duet Option

A duet option on TikTok helps record a video of its own, following another one’s videos. The original is placed on the right, with a recorded one on the left when posting the first duet. Before progressing, don’t forget to enable the duets option on TikTok. By optimizing accounts, choose the options that allow anyone, no one, or just friends to duet. 

How to duet on TikTok?

Open the TikTok app and navigate to the video which you wish to duet. Select the share button on the right side of the screen and press the duet button. And, hit the red button and record video first, add filters, and tap next. Add captions to it, which is like tagging the person and give other details. Yes, the video is ready to deliver. 

Make a note of Post Timing

TikTok consistently provides the needed content as they are the essential key factor in a video. Also, know when people are available on TikTok solely for interaction and post-timing. Time limitations provide how long content twirls around the platform. Global audiences can specify how and what content is to produce. Even the time of the post is determined. 

First, make a list of surveys where your followers reside on TikTok. A pro account has the updated feature of checking the analytics. Analytics indicate how many followers, which gender followers, and where they come from. Spot the target audience timing that notifies the time zones. Assess the peak hours and post on timings. It will increase content visibility. 

Design Trendy Content

Are they seeking exposure with a bit of time limit? Choose a trending video concept. Consider leveraging trends as they show personality, take advantage of the fun content that increases exposure. A trend is a most looping theme on TikTok because people use it with their spin. Although it’s copying the content of other people’s videos, it records versions of the video on TikTok. 

TikTok is not about showing only brands and business deals in the form of advertising. Here, the behind-the-scenes processing is more to be considered as people love them more for their realness. Behind-the-scenes are nothing but offline activities which can add fun to content. It might include the workspace, employees, or even the essentials used in the workspace. 

How to find trends on TikTok?

#1 Check the discover page

#2 Look at trends of current events

#3 Recognize the upcoming trend

#4 Create the first video on the TikTok trend

Use Video Editing Apps

To make videos even brighter, a specific amount of filter effects could give the video more views. The same filter effect can be inspiring for others which tempts them to use it on their video. You need not be a professional one to edit video. Choose some of the editing apps to highlight the TikTok video. Some of the editing apps TikTok provide are:


  • Zoomerang
  • InShot
  • Funimate
  • Lomotif
  • Magisto
  • FileMaker
  • Quik
  • Beirut

However, TikTok does not provide users with editing after the video is posted. Also, don’t repost the same content when you have no idea. Come up with new concepts to attract people among the whole community.  

Involvement In Hashtag Challenges

A branded hashtag challenge is where brands need specific people to tag them using the particular hashtags. Challenges in TikTok are more captivating where it drives vast exposure among the audience, so use challenges. The following list provides how to do hashtag challenges:

  • Research: When planning to make a hashtag challenge, find an aspiring idea to work well on TikTok
  • Create Hashtag: Create or explore the hashtag that suits the content, which widely gives exposure to a specific hashtag. 
  • Focus On Brand or Product: One way of brand exposure is to add the brand name in the hashtag.
  • Memorable one: Come across past experiences to let you know which challenge remains the signature one. 
  • Audio: Viral hashtag challenge is the one to hold on to the music. Add audio to TikTok video. 
  • Promote Challenge: Don’t forget the final process, which shows promoting challenges is important. Share them via other social platforms for familiarity. 

Contribute On Advertising

Advertising is an essential thing on TikTok, as they generate user-generated content and even provide brand awareness. Here, advertising is done through influencer marketing, where they collaborate with the TikTok creators to promote the brand. Promotion helps your brands have a potential reach across other platforms also. 

How much do the ads cost on TikTok?

This rapidly growing platform can be helpful for businesses as they reach audiences quicker. TikTok advertising is more expensive compared with Facebook and Instagram. Ads start from $10 CPM, which is a cost per thousand views. You are required to pay a minimum of $500 on a campaign. Types of ads and their pricing are listed below:

  • Hashtag challenge – Ranges $150,000/week 
  • Brand Takeover – $50,000/day 
  • In-Feed Ads – $10/impression

Pick Right Hashtags

Why hashtags?

Just like other social platforms, TikTok can make use of hashtags for their product’s existence. Hashtags are the fundamental factor for fame. Here, know why a hashtag is vital for your content. If anyone is looking for content, they directly discover the content on the discovery page. When unable to find the same hashtag, use video-specific hashtags on TikTok. Here, reach people on their interests and extend reach beyond the followers. 

Hashtags help identify the competitors in your niche. Regular usage of industry hashtags leads to the following relevant hashtags. Searching competitors using hashtags helps find people you didn’t know before. Mainly checking out other content could help develop better content as an idea. Hashtags even get more followers as a result of content reach on TikTok. This enables them to gain followers by providing an opportunity to win the audience. Finally, succeed by furnishing quality content. 

Insert Popular Music 

A single piece of music can bind up the session of a TikTok video. Music helps the content to shine bright in terms of connectivity with the audience. When words fail, music speaks as the statement proves even a blank content with worthier music runs well on TikTok. 

Choose the trending videos and analyze the crucial factors that made them shine. Maximum trend videos are because of the backgrounds, which adds captivation to the video. 

Track Analytics

Tracking analytics is the best way for creators and businesses to know how they perform around TikTok. They measure the number of video viewers, followers, and other important data necessary for a profile. They require three main elements:

  1. Profile Overview – Profile overview lets you know about video views, profile views, and follower count.
  2. Content Insights – Tool which helps creators and other businesses to track metrics around content. Also, they allow insights to data as followers, profile view, and video analytics.
  3. Followers insights – Followers insights help track video with overall account followers on TikTok. 

Final Note:

Followers decide the visibility of content. So, it is important to have followers on TikTok for marketing purposes. The perspective of a person on TikTok is to gain a big exposure among the wide users. Use these 12 normalities, which could increase the followers range on TikTok. 

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