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Instagram Facts 2024 That Would Impress You

ByDavid Adamson

Instagram Facts 2024 That Would Impress You

Want to maximize your free Instagram followers? Here are five Instagram facts that would make you jump into the cream of Instagram influencers instantly.

Knowing the people that I allow myself to hang around with, you guys are so zealous about making it big all the time. So, here’s from know-it-all to all my wanting to-know-it-all friends. Let’s get started!

1. Only 20% of Instagram users are from the US.

Shocking right? For all of us who believed that Instagram was majorly used by the elite class rich brats staying in the US, this fact is a blow on our face.

This simply means that the remaining 80% of Instagram users are from vivid social, geographical, and cultural backgrounds.

So, what are you waiting for? If it is a product you want to sell, or be a virtual comedian or an influencer even, wanting to amuse the viewers with your funny, relatable reels.

If it is the fear of acceptance that has halted that aspiration of ours, take a pen and paper, list down your target customers, and plan your entire roadmap for the coming three months to start with.

A not-so-popular hand-crafted artwork, to the most common biz nowadays biz being selling home-cooked special authentic cuisines from your home. Opportunities are limitless, and so is your mind that can weave an entire attire with just your skill and imagination to feed it.

Make the most of this 80% viewer lot that we have and outweigh the cons over the pros.

2. Females are more likely to use Instagram than men.

The ratio of female to male users is 4:2. That is, for every two male users of Instagram, four female users are juxtaposing it. Doesn’t this give rise to countless ideas in your mind? Females are known to be the most avid buyers.

You would be lucky if it’s a spendthrift, you can sell almost anything to her. Although, if you manage to capture her trust and loyalty, which should be the case for most of your clients, she would be an equally good influencer.

Such networking could always be beneficial for both parties, and what better platform than Instagram, right?

3. The most used hashtags are #love #me #follow #instagood #cute and #food

This sums the essence, presence, and absence of every human being. The options spoil you for choice, don’t they? Whether you are looking to make Instagram one of your selling platforms or not, enrapturing these hashtags would instantly get you into the millions of posts frequently viewed on Instagram.

On the contrary, you can turn this statistic for your benefit, and maybe, the next month or year, we can see new hashtag drives driven by you like the most used hashtags. Exciting, isn’t it?

4. In 2024, the most Instagrammed location was Disneyland, California.

The pandemic sure did tinkle the child in us! Wanting to visit adventure parks and reliving some cherishable, heartfelt childhood memories of ours.

The mundane daily ritual of work from home and the anxiety and depression that followed being locked inside your own house for months together was devastating for most. However, humans are hopelessly faithful in such circumstances.

As the youth of today, we can make the most of this pandemic by organizing relief camps, collaborating with multinational companies, and making the excursion of kids and their parents along with senior citizens as one of their ESR activities. Possibilities are endless, and the world is our canvas. Paint what you want!

5. Product tagging is the newest feature added by Instagram.

“For brands, this means a new way to reach an engaged audience who are actively looking to their favorite creators for inspiration and make it easier to shop a brand’s products.”

Quoted by the famous entrepreneurial influencer, Elon Musk. Not only can you tag and make a whole new tag list for your product, but even attract customers to you like honey attracting a bee.

Think out of the box, add some glitter in its veins, and Boom! You are the founder of an entirely new product on social media as well as reality.

A quick minor suggestion- avoid using crutch words in your hashtags and product description. This instantly lessens the chances of a viewer or reader scrolling through the bottom of the article.

For a less mainstream fact- 87.5% of photos on Instagram were posted with zero filters in 2020. Doesn’t this call for a wow moment?

We, youngsters, are slowly shifting our focus and ideals from the plastic romantic image that we would usually like to maintain on our social media to being realistic and unapologetic-ally us.

We are realizing what the quintessence soul is made of and making it custom to preach it with the content and parts of us that we put out there. Gen Z is surely leading here!

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