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How To Earn Money On TikTok? – 7 Proven Strategies

ByDavid Adamson

How To Earn Money On TikTok? – 7 Proven Strategies

As in many countries, TikTok is more and more popular among teenagers and younger demographics. Nowadays, hundreds of thousands of social media platforms are growing to get wider people and attract enormous attention. 

TikTok is one platform that allows users to create short form videos in different styles. It is the best platform to promote your brand and business to potential audiences, increase social media presence and drive traffic to your brand. 

Once you’ve achieved a significant following on your profile, there is no doubt you can start to make money in a lot of ways. TikTok’s popularity increases day by day, so it’s easier for brands and content creators to make more profiles through your short video content.  

Do you wonder how to upload effective content and make money on TikTok? 

In this article, we’ll see 7 proven strategies that will help you to earn more money on the TikTok app. 

Let’s get detailed!

Before you start to publish your content on TikTok, you need to understand the platform’s features and functions. TikTok is a trending short form video app, and it enables users to create and upload videos for up to 15 to 60 seconds. But, the short form video content gains immense growth and popularity in a very short span. 

Videos on TikTok come in a wide variety range such as dancing, educational, memes, tutorial videos, and more. Hence, TikTok is one of the best social media channels to show your brand message to vast audiences. 

How To Make Money On TikTok: 

#1. Become A Influencer On TikTok 

TikTok influencer marketing is a more integrated approach to make money on the platform. Compared to other social media platforms, TikTok is easy to become yourself as a social media influencer. 

If you have a larger following with creative content ideas, you can attract many people and help to manage their campaigns. Nowadays, many brands are looking for potential influencers relevant to their brand to promote their products and services to larger audiences. 

TikTok brand sponsorship agencies usually charge over 1 to 2 cents per sponsored post. When you want to make huge money within a short span, the TikTok influencer campaign is the best strategy to go viral on the platform and increase social presence drastically. 

#2. Grow And Sell Your TikTok Account

Most people prefer to make money on TikTok by growing their TikTok account and selling to other users. It is more popular and beneficial for the eCommerce field. To do this, 

  1. First, you need to choose a niche that is effective and valuable
  2. Search and find more entertaining content that attracts ideal customers
  3. Find people who are looking to enhance their TikTok profile. 
  4. Then, sell your TikTok account to them for a certain amount. 

When your profile has massive TikTok followers, and your post receives huge likes for TikTok, you will get the opportunity to attract people who like to purchase your account. 

TikTok live is one more feature to increase your follower’s count and get real & active people to your profile. Once your account has considerable followers and a better engagement rate, you can find relevant people and sell them your account. 

#3. Embrace TikTok Creator Marketplace

TikTok creator marketplace is an excellent strategy where businesses can connect with popular creators. It will help brands create sponsored videos, which increases the chance to increase brand awareness and sales growth around the potential customers. 

With the TikTok creator marketplace, TikTok creators can collaborate with brands on a paid campaign basis. Creators can make effective videos relevant to the brand or business. 

Additionally, it will give the opportunity for small brands to access larger creators to find the best match for their products. 

#4. Be a Consultant 

It is really a great way to leverage your social presence and credibility from the TikTok platform and help users who want to be a creator on TikTok or boost their online strategy. 

Before providing tips to your customers, you need to have experience in that field. But, if you have good knowledge of that industry, huge people will be ready to pay for your consulting services. 

Moreover, if you help creators or brands to get hundreds of thousands of views to their profiles, you can quickly gain more profit in a small duration. 

#5. Obtain Donations

One easiest way to make money on TikTok is to use a live streaming feature and collect virtual gifts & donations. If you reach at least 1000 followers on your TikTok profile, you can have the opportunity to start earning money by collecting donations from your viewers and followers. 

Here are the tips on how to do this: 

  • Every user on TikTok who is aged between 18 and above can purchase gifts and coins. If you’re eligible, you can purchase the coins to your TikTok account. 
  • You can buy 1000 coins for 1.39 dollars. 
  • You can use these coins to purchase gifts on TikTok. 
  • Drama Queen is the most expensive gift, and it costs 5000 coins. 

During a live stream, TikTok users can offer these gifts to their creators. Then, creators can make these gifts into diamonds. However, creators can withdraw the collected diamonds in exchange for monetary compensation. 

#6. Use TikTok Advertising

Finally, TikTok has introduced its paid advertising, which helps brands to market their products to potential customers. One more happy news about TikTok advertising is it is the best source for making money rapidly. 

According to the data, you can earn approximately $0.01 to $0.02 for each view on TikTok sponsored posts. For example, if you have a video with 100k views, you can make 1000 dollars through sponsorships. 

Once you build a larger following on the TikTok app, you can reach out to brands who are relevant to your niche and offer your services to them. 

Here are the type of TikTok ads and their features; 

  1. In-feed native video ads – It allows users to promote ads for a duration of 9 to 15 seconds. It delivers the best prospect for marketers to target a younger audience. 
  1. TopView ads – TikTok top view ads are similar to brand takeovers. It allows users to promote ads up to 60 seconds of full screen video content with sound and auto play options. It is beneficial for increasing brand exposure and generating sales. 
  1.  Branded hashtag ads – These ads appear at the top of the TikTok discover page. It enables users to ask their fans and followers to participate in their challenges and engage them to create or recreate videos of themselves. Then upload it with relevant hashtags. TikTok braided hashtag challenge helps to grow users’ engagement and raise brand awareness. 
  1. Brand takeover ads – TikTok brand takeover is more powerful for getting mass awareness and showing your brand in front of the perfect audiences. It appears on the user’s For You page immediately when they open the app. For instance, a too-faced ad generated 1.3 million clicks and 7.6 million impressions. 
  1. Branded lenses or effects are an excellent way to invite users to engage with your brand and business. Branded effects allow creators and businesses to promote ads with their own effects and custom filters on the app. 

#7. Utilize Affiliate Marketing 

If you’re looking for the best ways to make money through TikTok, affiliate marketing is an incredible opportunity. As an affiliate, you can promote products and services on TikTok or other companies. 

When your fan or followers watch one of your affiliate links, they have a chance to make a purchase. In this way, you can earn a certain percentage of the amount the brands spent.  

Many people prefer TikTok affiliate marketing as a money making platform. Because you don’t need to create your own product or services. Otherwise, you only need to approach audiences to purchase the products you promoted on the app. 

With affiliate marketing, there are endless products and services you can promote and generate more revenue within a short span. However, when you reach a large enough following, you can get a large income through TikTok affiliate marketing. 

Adding promo codes with your content is one of the great ways of affiliate marketing. You can collaborate with the brand and have discussions to generate a unique promo code and just add it to your videos. It will offer your viewers a discount and easy to remember your brand, product, and services. 

Final Thoughts: Strategies To Make Money On TikTok 

TikTok is one of the unavoidable social media platforms for every brand and business. You have many opportunities to show your brand identity and uniqueness and get millions of people to your account. Earning money through TikTok videos is a great tactic on the platform, which helps to become a popular influencer or celebrity in the future.

Affiliate marketing, TikTok advertisement, creator marketplace are really excellent options to develop your online economy. The key to success on TikTok is to follow consistency and always provide valuable content to your followers that will amaze and engage with your video.

Thanks for reading the article!

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