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Quick Social Media Tips For Instagram

ByDavid Adamson

Quick Social Media Tips For Instagram

Post consistently to show your presence on Instagram.

Use upto 30 hashtags on each post that should be relevant for the particular post.

Put different types of stories regularly. For example polls, yes or no, like bar, etc.

Post at an exact time, I recommend posting at 9 to 10 am or 8to 10 pm.

Put the new post in the story.

Comment on your relevant people’s posts who are in your industry/niche.

How To Use An Alternative Text On Instagram For Better Engagement

Why ALT Text and How to find the option in Instagram:

A. It tells Instagram what your post is about.
B. After posting, go back to that post and click edit.
C. On the right, below the image, there will be ‘ALT TEXT’ option click on that
D. Write the word which describes the image. For example, if you post something about digital marketing, your alt text should be ‘digital marketing’

Do collaborations and lives with people in your niche.

Tag people with a big following who are in your niche.

Add location in your post

Always provide a lot of value to your followers so they can connect with you forever.

5 Awesome Tools To Rock On Instagram

  1. Canva: it is a free design tool that is easy to use and is meant for beginners who don’t know how to use photoshop and other design software.
  2. Inshot : Easy to use a video editing software for phones for beginners that has all the important functionality.
  3. : A tool that removes backgrounds of images for free and with a tap of a button.
  4. Mojo: Super awesome too for creating fancy stories.
  5. Crello: Alternative to the canvas in case it goes down.

How to become an Instagram Influencer?

These following methods help you to become an expert Instagram influencer:

  • Engaged Content
  • Post Consistently
  • Get a Niche
  • Be Approachable
  • User Quality Content
  • Focus on the target audience

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