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ByDavid Adamson

Is Facebook Important For Business?

As a business owner, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with the new technology that is used to properly market and communicate with your audience.

For example, many business owners were so used to marketing their products through direct mail marketing and various other print mediums.

While these marketing channels are still important, the marketing focus has shifted to online marketing.

Technology continues to advance into methods such as email marketing, SMS marketing, and finally, to social media marketing.

Facebook is important for your business? If you have not yet set up a Facebook page for your business, now is the time to do so.

Why Is Facebook Important For Business?

One of the biggest questions you may be asking yourself is why your business needs a Facebook page.

Although many social media frenzies come and go, such as Myspace or Livejournal, Facebook isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Despite whether or not you feel you’re technically inclined, social media has a major influence on how people spend their time, money, and what has a positive effect on their interests.

Studies have shown that 60% of consumers between the ages of 18 and 29 engage with Facebook ads before making a purchase from a small business.

If the numbers aren’t convincing enough, the reasons can be spelled out much clearer.

Aside from the three major reasons, this article can help provide you with some insight on why a business Facebook is so important.

Facebook Is The King of Communication

As of September 2020, there were 2.6 billion active users on Facebook. This shows us that the opportunity to continually catch the attention of new customers is present.

Social media sites such as Facebook also allow you to communicate and connect with your audience on a more personal level.

facebook communication

These sites can offer you the option of direct messaging, hashtagging, and even holding conversations with customers who have questions or want to know more about your business’ product or services.

Facebook is also a great way to learn more about your customers in the ways that they communicate amongst themselves.

You can see some of their likes, dislikes, and what problems they are having – and how your business can provide solutions.

Brand Awareness and Loyalty

brand behavior

Even if you already have an abundant group of loyal customers, building your brand’s reputation and awareness will allow your business to keep growing.

Facebook is a great place for your customers to share their interests and the reasons why they love your brand. This opens the doors to new customers on their following and so on.

Creating brand awareness can be difficult and expensive.

While your brand continues to increase its reputation and followers, Facebook will give you the opportunity to advertise your company’s new products to both current and potential customers.

Customer Service

The most important part of owning a business is customer service. Poor customer service can be what makes or breaks a customer’s decision to return.

A business Facebook page can essentially help build your customer service as well as allow you to listen to what your audience is saying about your business and what needs improvement.

A Facebook page will allow you to answer questions, respond to upset customers, and even show satisfied customers’ appreciation.

Be sure to respond to positive and negative comments.

This will humanize your company and let your customers connect with your business on a personal level.

Your response to their concerns will show your clients that you care about their needs, not just their money.

Contact Coin Ideology Digital

If your business doesn’t have a Facebook page yet or you have a Facebook but are having trouble finding new customers, contact Coin Ideology Digital online or at [email protected].

Running a successful social media page can be difficult no matter regardless of business or industry.

After a free consultation, we can help you decide what kinds of changes need to be made for your business to succeed on Facebook and any other social media pages that may require improvement.

ByDavid Adamson

How To Create A 3D Photo Post on Facebook Via Desktop Computer?

Digital marketer always to do unique and new things to impress clients and attract customers.

If you want to create a 3D photo post on Facebook via desktop then you will need to publish it with a depth image file. 

Here is a step by step guide to create 3D photo and share on Facebook thru your desktop:

  1. Step – Save the file in .png or .jpeg format on your desktop that you want to share on Facebook in 3D formate. 
  2. Create a depth map using the tool:
  3. Save the depth map file with _depth file name. For example, if the main file is image.png then the depth map file name should be image_depth.png
  4. Create a photo/video post on Facebook.
  5. Select both files and drag and drop on Facebook post status.
  6. Facebook will merge and create a 3D image using both files automatically. 
  7. Write a beautiful status content and publish the post.

This is not a trick it is a process also available on Facebook. Hope you like the guide. Please comment us if you have any questions. 

ByDavid Adamson

Quick Social Media Tips For Instagram

Post consistently to show your presence on Instagram.

Use upto 30 hashtags on each post that should be relevant for the particular post.

Put different types of stories regularly. For example polls, yes or no, like bar, etc.

Post at an exact time, I recommend posting at 9 to 10 am or 8to 10 pm.

Put the new post in the story.

Comment on your relevant people’s posts who are in your industry/niche.

How To Use An Alternative Text On Instagram For Better Engagement

Why ALT Text and How to find the option in Instagram:

A. It tells Instagram what your post is about.
B. After posting, go back to that post and click edit.
C. On the right, below the image, there will be ‘ALT TEXT’ option click on that
D. Write the word which describes the image. For example, if you post something about digital marketing, your alt text should be ‘digital marketing’

Do collaborations and lives with people in your niche.

Tag people with a big following who are in your niche.

Add location in your post

Always provide a lot of value to your followers so they can connect with you forever.

5 Awesome Tools To Rock On Instagram

  1. Canva: it is a free design tool that is easy to use and is meant for beginners who don’t know how to use photoshop and other design software.
  2. Inshot : Easy to use a video editing software for phones for beginners that has all the important functionality.
  3. : A tool that removes backgrounds of images for free and with a tap of a button.
  4. Mojo: Super awesome too for creating fancy stories.
  5. Crello: Alternative to the canvas in case it goes down.

How to become an Instagram Influencer?

These following methods help you to become an expert Instagram influencer:

  • Engaged Content
  • Post Consistently
  • Get a Niche
  • Be Approachable
  • User Quality Content
  • Focus on the target audience
ByDavid Adamson

IoT Trends of 2022: Securing the Power of Connectivity

The Internet of Things is becoming the unity of the core technologies, something you can catch by the end of 2022.

In reality, IOT has been strong in determining its value to the global public as a product. The global public has completely included IOT, where the technology will display for us in the future.

Starting from the common men to global organizations’ top executives, and simply automating the window blinds at home to the thousand-mile-long of the operating system.

IoT has changed every sector, from retail to smart Healthcare appliances. It is estimated that by the end of 2021, there will be 30 billion items connected with IoT devices. But security concerns with IoT devices will increase some people’s use of it.

What is IoT?

We are in the era of technology and there is something new coming every day. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with their internal states or the external environment.

The increasing advancement in the field of electronic devices has led to the development of IoT devices. Many devices like Smart phones, watches, TVs, PCs, Baby cams etc fall under this category.

IoT or Internet of Things is a concept that refers to the interconnection between devices, objects and apps through the internet. IoT is an extension of the current Internet paradigm and has a great impact on businesses, government bodies and consumers. IoT devices can be anything that is connected to the internet such as a smart watch, every day appliances, smartphones, digital cameras, etc.

Do not worry about where you fall on the IoT choice curve. Knowing about different technologies commending IoT and its integration into existing systems is worth understanding about emerging trends in IOT 2021.

1. IoT at Core of Enterprise IT Operations

Today, a majority of companies use the IoT ecosystem which connects smart devices to drive their digital business. To automate certain functions and enhance overall productivity, this integration of IoT into core system operations would increase and understand the microlevel. With the help of IoT, Appliances such as vehicles and HVAC systems can be connected. We can also say that data is the fuel that allows the IoT app developments & the organization to collect or derive from it, which will be useful for their long-term success.

2. IoT in Retail, Healthcare & Supply Chain

IoT will improve in a change of fields, but most prominently, retail, health care, and supply chain growth are accepted. With the help of IoT, we can manage the hospital system efficiently. IoT also lets us link victims with doctors and nurses in remote areas.

In retail and supply, IoT chain sector helps to increase customer base and loyalty, offer a personalized experience, boost profits, and enhance record management.

The IoT app has allowed the store managers to build a new customer connection and has completed the short & direct journey that will improve the product maintenance process and build a long-lasting bond with first-time shoppers.

3. Connectivity options

With the aid of Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN), we will be able to connect various IoT devices. We also know that IoT devices are performed with the connected sensors/devices. Hence, connectivity is required mostly while using the cloud environment. Most IoT technology companies use the cloud for data processing or to use the user interface to communicate with the sensor or computer and pass data over the external network.

With the support of changes such as Narrowband IoT can hit even low-cost communication areas at a more extensive audience. Therefore, more people can take advantage of IoT at low prices, and it can also reach places where connectivity to the Internet is low. A security camera is one of the best examples of that. A streaming video takes a lot of data, but a vast majority of the footage can be an empty hallway.

4. Addressing Security Concerns

The major problem is security in the IoT controlled power system. The IoT regulates connectivity and generates fragmentation, the higher possibilities of compromising system protection. In 2020, more reliable systems will appear which addresses complex network security challenges. New Year will be observing the emergence of a secure connected multiple smart device ecosystem. The move toward IoT would overcome automated device problems and reduce associated risks.

5. IoT & Blockchain

All the transactions that a person makes are transparent, with the help of Blockchain. Also, block chain helps in improving security concerns for all devices connected via IoT. The way we think about protection Blockchain can change.

The blockchain can be maintained and care can be taken of the duly decentralized advanced record for all transactions that took place in the network. It also allows many of the IoT apps’ compliance & requirements without the need to rely on the centralized model.

6. Iot and AI

AI is the period while people typically do things through their knowledge or memory on the screen or device. With the help of artificial intelligence, the user can set a lot of IoT things to act automatically. If these two innovations can be merged, the organization will make a significant digital transformation. By connecting these, you need not only massive investment but also new expertise and skills. These innovative technologies will give the business the maximum profit and will function more efficiently.

7. Big Data

Big data, without mention of big data, no list of future trends is complete. The trend of Big Data is here to drive the development of iOS applications by 2020. Big data integration helps developers build stable, powerful, and scalable iOS apps that fuel user growth and industry.

In 2020, big data tools will be more utilized that can collect the most significant data as and if required from a large pool. A new shape will be derived from Big Data in 2020.

8. Augmented Reality

No wonder Augmented and Virtual Reality are two of the next iOS developments of 2020. For a long time now, they have been going and are meeting software developers and businessmen who are looking to extend their diaspora. The obsession with AR games such as Pokémon Go and Dino Trek has increased over the past few years.

Apps like IKEA use AR’s power to provide customers with an unparalleled experience. AR technologies are expected to be a standard for their marketing, healthcare, and other major industries in the coming years.

9. Apple Pay

The development of online banking standards and the rapid growth of ecommerce have led in large part to the excellent creation today of electronic payment solutions for all customers. The use of the mobile wallet is still high across the globe, so many people regard it as an option to pay by default. We are not prepared to pay in cash or type in our wallet for their transactions.

The Apple developers have made the transfer of payment faster and simpler with the innovation of integrating payment passports with Apple’s pay – Mobile Wallet system. Apple Pay is highly secure and removes app saved data criteria. Data reveals that the Apple Payment Gateway is expected to increase by 200 percent. Apple has begun to support its customers’ peer to page portal network.

10. iBeacon

It is one of Apple’s best innovations. And marketing is growing more and more popular. So, what’s Apple’s iBeacon? Beacons are wireless transmitters that send Bluetooth-based signals. Once the connection is established, the iPhone of the user will display a push notification with a set message.

When a potential buyer enters the clothing store, when customers enter the shop, sensors inside the shop connect to the smartphone and send their personal information about the customer’s regular discounts, deals, and any details the shop owner needs to see.

Digging deep in IOT, Is it worth investing?

For last ten years, the Internet of Things topic has been trending amongst industrialists. Not only the business owners but it has been discussed among the college students as well. Over the past ten years, many companies have invested in the start-ups that develop Internet of Things products. But very few of these start-ups are actually profitable and most of these start-ups are loss making companies.

In this situation, we are going to be discussing, is it worth investing in an Internet of Things product? Or should you not consider investing in such business or product?

But before starting let’s talk about how an IOT product works and at what’s the development cost of these Internet of Things products. We have covered both of these concepts in detail in this article. Read this interesting article and do share your view regarding the same. Do not forget to share your view on the same as well.

How an Internet of Things product work?

An Internet of Things product talk to the server from some kind of connectivity either with the help of internet or local area network. An IOT machine is nothing but an electronic system that contains a software and the circuits. This software is directly connected with the machine. It sends and receives direct messages from the machine. When a user enters any value in the text value, the server converts text in binary number and once the conversion is completed the server converts that number into text and shows that to the users.

For text to binary conversion you can have a look here,

What’s the manufacturing cost of an IOT product?

The price of an IOT product differs from feature to feature. The more advanced features you select for your product; the price get higher. But a typical IOT product starts from $1000 and this price gets as high as $100K. If you are a developer, then the products might cost 15 to 20% lesser.

What’s the job scope?

Quite frankly, you need to learn a lot of things to get a full-time job and learn about this concept easily. The most common programming language that you need to learn to get a full-time job is Python programming language. It has a lot of in-built packages that can be useful to learn about IOT. The best part of learning Python programming language is that you can use this programming language for IOT purposes along with machine learning, deep learning and Artificial intelligence.

Should you buy such product?

Now, this is the main question and the answer will be yes you should definitely buy such a product if you are a technology enthusiast. This product is not an essential for our life. Most people use these IOT products for fun and after using it for a few days, they forget it just like most of the toys. So the bottom line is that you can buy one such product if you really are a tech-geek and want to know more about IOT products. Otherwise you should avoid buying such a product.

Should you invest in such product?

Investing in an IOT product can be tricky because more of these companies are loss-making and to get a good return in this business you have to have a faith in the product and invest for longer period of time. Before investing in one such product, you must check the balance sheet of such a company otherwise you might end up making loss.

So, this is my view regarding an IOT product and whether you should invest in such products or not. Kindly share you point of view regarding IOT products as well. It will be beneficial for our other readers.

Final Thoughts

In all areas of business, IoT is constantly reaching. IoT has made its presence felt particularly in health, retail, supply chain, and intelligent home. With all IoT devices connected to the Internet, the security problem has thus evolved.

Various solutions are given, such as robust encryption algorithms and Block chains to solve this problem. When more people link to the IoT devices, vast quantities of data are generated and used extensively by businesses to control the data.

ByDavid Adamson

Cool Tricks to Increase Engagement on Your Instagram Account

Want to learn how to increase engagement on Instagram account in 2021?

The year is 2021, and the importance of Instagram as a social media tool has increased even more. There are tons of social media platforms, but Instagram is a holy grail for most social media marketers because of its reach, and because it is a visual medium.

The popularity of Instagram amongst users is given due to its visual and appealing nature. It provides a platform for all users to connect with their favorite brands and talk to them one on one about their products or services. It also gives them a platform where they can share their views about a brand or find local brands with exemplary services.

How To Increase Engagement on Instagram Account 2021 Using Facts and Statistics

But what makes Instagram so appealing for social media marketers? The following facts may share some light on it:

  • The current monthly users on IG are 1 billion and every day 500 million people log onto this platform.
  • An approximate number of 200 million users on IG visit a business profile on it
  • The 1/3rd part of most-viewed Instagram stories on IG is from businesses.
  • 62% of users have admitted that they have checked out a brand more after seeing their Instagram stories.
  • 130 million users on this platform tap on or swipe up on stories that lead them to shop.
Top 10 Instagram Stats for 2020
Top 10 Instagram Stats for 2020


These are only some facts but aren’t these enough for a social media marketer to start planning or work on a better strategy for Instagram.

Now, creating an account on Instagram is easy, but getting people to engage with your content is not. Posting good visuals and getting free Instagram likes or buying likes is not enough anymore.

With IG changing its algorithm and updating it every few months, it is now more important to make sure you have a strategy that engages people to your content. You want something that hooks them your brand and ensures that they keep coming back.

Not Sure What Strategies to Use? Well, Here are Our Best Picks.

Make Sure Your Content is Savable

In the year 2021, Instagram has come up with algorithms that are hiding likes on posts in various countries and regions. It means that now you cannot say that a post has engagement by seeing the number of likes.

Now the engagement will be measured by how many comments a post gets, and whether people save your content or not. Thus, it’s time to create content that pushes your audience to click on the Save button.

Savable content is nothing but posts that you are sure your readers would like to read later prompting them to save it.

A checklist design post is a savable content, and so is a small travel blog in the carousel form. Keep in mind the needs of your audience and create content according to that. Also, make sure to add a call-to-action button in your post.

Make Sure You Are Using Every Feature of Instagram

The continuous updates on Instagram mean one thing- that the app is getting smarter. It now gives more screen time to accounts that use every feature of Instagram instead of using only a few. So, this means what?

Well, for starters, create a business account as this gives you access to a lot of tools like analytics, tools that make your account look more aesthetic, and so on. It gives you a chance to work on ads, include links and contact button your stories and so on.

Another thing to remember is that Instagram is a visual medium, but visual content is not limited to images. You can churn out different content like videos, GIFs, boomerangs, stories, live videos, infographics, and so on.

Use other new features like polls or adding hashtags in stories, and so on. All this will help you get better engagement, and IG too will give your post more screen time.

Keep Experimenting with Types of Content

It feels good when what we are posting on Instagram resonates with our readers. But we cannot settle just because we are getting good engagement now. It can stop any day, and the best to avoid this is by making sure that you keep trying with different types of content.

With trial and error, you may find out a new form of a post that works with your audience. It also gives you an upper hand as the audience may get bored with one type of content, and this way you can engage more people.

Here’s how:

  • Keep trying with new types of content like memes, quotes, selfie-style video, user-generated content, and so on.
  • If you are uploading videos on IG, try uploading a video with bigger length and see how people are reacting to it.
  • Also, in IG stories, use different filters like polls or so on, to see how it goes for you.
  • Furthermore, it is crucial to know if they are working for you or not by using an analytics tool.

Instagram Stories is a Big Asset- Use Them Daily

The current IG algorithm doesn’t show your post at the top of the user’s feed like before. The reasons for this are manifold, including being inactive. It is a plaque that is making every marketer on Instagram worried.

But there is one thing that you can do, and that is posting Instagram stories daily. It will keep you on top of the user’s feed, and most users check all stories, so they will see yours too.

Stories are only up for 24 hours and give you a chance to do something different and put out a different type of content. Hence, one story a day is a must; if you can post more stories, it’s better. But make sure you don’t overwhelm your users.

Also, make use of different filters on stories to engage the audience more with your content. Even stickers are great for increasing engagement like:

  • Question stickers: Ask me anything sticker is quite popular with users. It lets you answer questions about your brand. It in a way popularizes your brand, and that is the need of the hour.
  • Quiz sticker: It lets you ask quizzes trivia style. You can even track the number of votes an answer got amongst other things. It is a great way to ask people about your products.
  • Countdown sticker: The countdown sticker will help you pique the interest of your users, especially if you have a new product launch or sale coming up.

Start Scheduling Your Post for Instagram

The good news is that Instagram has made minute changes, which means that you can now schedule the time when you want to post to upload on IG, and it will on its own.

You don’t have to be available to click on upload now to do that anymore. With the help of some tools like HubSpot, and buffer you can achieve this.

Now the question is, whether scheduling your post is important or not? It is quite crucial to upload a post at a peak time when most of your users are online.

The best time for your account depends on the type of business you have. It is something that you will have to find out by trial and error. But once you do, make sure to post at least one story and one post at that time.

Interact with Your Users, and Find New Ways to do That

We know all the traditional ways to connect with our audience-through comments and DMs. But it is time to find new ways to connect with your users and make sure that you interact with them regularly.

Here are some of your options:

  • Influencer market: If you cannot afford paid advertisement, it is best to invest in some influencing markets. Find some influencers in your niche which can promote your brand. It connects you with your audience and more in a creative way.
  • Tutorials: Another way that can help you connect with your audience is through posting tutorial videos. It lets you show the users the expertise of your brand by showing them how to use a certain product or service. It instils trust in your brands which is important for long-term success.
  • Takeovers: Give your employee or partner access to your Instagram account for the day. Give them full freedom to show behind the scenes or post things according to your will, and so on.

All this will give you more chances to connect with your followers and engage them.

Make Your Instagram Fun

Making your Instagram stories more engaging or successful for your business will take time and the right amount of planning. But you can add a little fun in your stories or post. Adding humor in your posts can make them more appealing for your users. So, add filers or memes or GIFs, and so on.

Add Large Captions

One of the algorithms says that how much time a user spends on your posts counts towards engagement. One of the best ways to increase user engagement is to write large captions.

As people spend more time reading it, your engagement level increases too. But make sure it is worth reading, so make it descriptive and tell a story.

The limit for a caption is 2200 characters, using 500 characters in some captions can work in your favor.

Instagram is a competitive platform, and to ensure that you rise to the top, don’t forget to incorporate these tips in your strategy.

Actionable Checklist for Instagram Marketing

If you are new on Instagram, I found an actionable checklist for you.

Create and optimize your Instagram profileQuarterly60 min
Create and leverage content types that your audience will loveDaily20 min
Publishing your content to maximize engagementDaily2 min
Remix, reuse and repost your top-performing content Weekly10 min
Keep a close eye on your analytics for what’s workingWeekly5 min
Post content consistentlyDaily10 min
Blue Tick VerificationOne time20 min
Analyze Influencer contentMonthly20 min
Determine your audience & objectivesQuarterly30 min
Use hashtag generatorMonthly5 min
Increase enagement by tagging peopleDaily10 min
Put hashtag in comments to get more impressionsDaily20 min
Come up with an interactive branded hashtagOne time15 min
Share your locations in hashtags2 min
Setup the following tool: InstashotOne time30 min
Setup the following tool: CommenbotOne time30 min
Setup the following tool: GosoOne time30 min
Get featured on big accountsMonthly60 min
Create a vertical video30 min
Create instagram stories30 min
Create instagram shopping30 min
Go live with Instagramlive2 min
Use interactive content10 min
Use stickers2 min
Use AR2 min
Use gifs2 min
Optimize your Instagram profile with keywordsMonthly30 min
Include your primary keywords in your display nameOnce10 min
Use your secondary keywords in the bioOnce10 min
Treat your hashtags as keywords5 min
Go to Ubersuggest and use the “keyword ideas” tab to find lucrative keywordsOnce10 min 
Make a list of all the relevant keywords to your siteOnce20 min
Use secondary keywords in your image captionsOnce AND Quarterly10 min
Take advantage of Instagram alt textMonthly5 min
Track your results overtime and improveQuarterly20 min
Promote your Instagram Cross ChannelMonthly60 min
ByAnkit Dhadwal

How To Customize Your Youtube Channel in 2022

Youtube has been a growing platform since the day it was launched.

“Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim(All were Ex-Paypal Employees)—created the service in February 2005. Google bought the site in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion; YouTube now operates as one of Google’s subsidiaries” – wikipedia

For many Youtube has become their bread and butter giving them an opportunity to work fulltime and in return get paid for that. More and more youtubers are creating great content and entertaining as well as enlightening their audience.

Talk about anything: How To’s, Tutorials, Art Work, Music, Kids Channels, Educational Hub, Funny Videos, Short Documentaries, Originals Web Series, Short Films, you name it and its available on Youtube. It is growing like anything and it one of the top 10 most visited platforms everyday all around the world. So keeping these things in mind, it’s very important for you to have a proper channel which not only looks good but has quality content. For this you need to customize your Youtube Channel effectively in 2021. So let’s get started to a comprehensive guide on How To Customize Your Youtube Channel In 2022.

How to Start A Youtube Channel in 2021

As we all know that the website is growing at an amazing rate and everyday tens and thousands of channels are created and millions of videos are posted each day. So you must be thinking that people watch this much videos on this platform. See that’s the catch audience here are quite choosy and only watch the content that pleases them. So what you must do to create the viral content that everyone loves to watch.

So let’s get right to the process. Firstly before creating the channel you must choose the content which must be trending or of your passion. In order to get views and grow your youtube channel in 2022 you must work hard and smart as well. There is a lot of competition out there when it comes to YouTube, so creating the content that is eye catching and different.

Below are the steps to create your very own youtube channel:

1. Go to and sign in with your google account.

2. After signing in click on your account icon on the top right corner of the page and after the drop down menu opens click on the create new channel.

3. After clicking, a menu will appear and will ask you to Get started, click on it and the new menu will open asking you to choose a name for your channel. There will be two options provided for you to either choose your google account name or create a customized name.

(Quick Tip: If you’re creating a gaming, funny or viral channel then use a customized name that is catchy but in case of vlogging you can use you original name listed on google)

4. Now after clicking the customized choice name the page will redirect you to the channel’s name page. Enter your channel name, check acceptance box policy and click on the create button to finalise the channel creation.

5. After you’re done, you’ll be redirected to the welcome page asking you to upload your profile picture, give a description of your channel and also asking you to upload your website(if any), your social media pages and other links.

If you are done, you can click save and continue. Incase you don’t want to share anything at the moment you can simply click on “Setup later“ option.

6. After all this is done you will be redirected to your channel where you’ll upload your video content later. In cases of any changes in the future, you can do them any time by clicking on “Customize Channel” option on the top right corner of your channel.

There is also YouTube Studio which will help you to edit your videos before uploading them on the channel.

How To Customize a Youtube Channel in 2022 in Your Niche

To customize your YouTube Channel click on the button “Customize Channel” and then follow these steps:

1. After doing so you’ll be redirected to your channel’s editing dashboard.

2. Here you can put up your profile picture and cover art.

If you’re creating a page for your products then we suggest you put up your logo and design a cover art that is related to your brand and is simple yet attractive. Also you have to keep in mind that every social media has got a separate set of audience. So you should develop a content which will provide value and proper information to your viewers about your product or services. It should be simple yet attractive so that in return you get the desired engagement that you always wanted and are looking for.

If you are confused with the banner design we would suggest that you can create a flat background with your company name written on it and hire a designer in future to make it more attractive. Here is an example of our YouTube channel in case you’re wondering how does it look if you’ve a flat background click on the link below to check it out:

The customization will also provide you with the option to create different sections to create your videos and upload your content in a more organised manner. You can add more channels of yours by clicking on the “Add Channel” in the bottom right section of the dashboard.

How To Enable Custom Youtube channel name/get custom link and custom Id

Below are the steps to enable a custom link along with custom name and ID on your youtube channel:

1. From your youtube customization page, click on the account option on the top left corner.

2. After that click on the setting icon on the drop down menu and you’ll be guided to the next page.

3. On the same page, click on the “Advance options” on the bottom of the left hand menu and a new section will appear.

4. On this menu you can change the user and channel ID but in case of custom link you need to satisfy the requirements i.e custom URLs can be obtained only when

1. You’ve reached a 100 subscribers mark

2. Have a 30 day old channel

3. Have uploaded a channel icon

4. Have uploaded cover art to your channel

These steps are new guidelines of YouTube for custom links.

In case you find any trouble, please comment down below and we’ll try to resolve your queries.

How To Grow and Optimize Your Youtube Channel in 2022 – A Step by Step Guide

Now that you’ve designed your channel created videos on your particular niche you’re ready to get those viewers rolling but this isn’t such a simple task. Even if you’ve some viral content, you need to promote your channel in order to grow it. Especially when the market is growing a lot and newbies are coming. There are people who are creating Youtube Channel to earn money online.

Below are the steps that you need to follow in order to grow your Youtube channel exponentially in 2022:

1. Thumbnails: It’s said that what you show to your audience first helps you get the required attention. Thumbnails are the first thing that a viewer sees before clicking and thumbnail must be catchy and informative. Your thumbnail must provide an insight into your content. So be o0sure to design amazing and creative thumbnails that are relevant to your content. By Default youtube generates thumbnails when video is being processed, but you can choose the custom thumbnail option and then upload it from your computer or laptop.

Youtube statistics says, 90% of most viewed videos use customized thumbnail.

2. Ask for Subscription: It’s one of the best and most creative ways to get some extra subs to your account as if you keep asking for the subscriptions on your channel someone will eventually subscribe to it along with viewing your content. As you must have seen a lot of YouTubers also say lines such as “Be Sure to Like, Share and Subscribe” why they are saying is because they are reminding that you can watch such interesting videos more if you subscribe to them. So be sure to put the subscription request on either starting or ending of the video.

Note: Don’t send your Youtube Channel Link via messenger on Facebook. It will be considered as spam and the user will not be redirected to your channel.

Tip: Use third party URL shorteners to avoid this. Bitly, Pretty Links, Tiny Url etc. works perfectly. We are using Bitly and results were outstanding.

3. Be regular: The most important thing is consistency i.e if you’re making a YouTube Channel then you have to stick to uploading videos on it. Never miss your regular routine and if possible try to make it a daily habit as most of the channels out there upload daily. The reason why consistency is important is because it shows your efforts to your audience. Regularity helps you to connect with the audience as they feel that you’re making efforts to provide them with such content.

If you cannot upload on daily basis then make sure at least 2 videos are uploaded in a week so that you have enough content for your audience to watch. This way you’ll be having 8 videos in a month. Later on when you get habitual, uploading videos on daily videos will be easy for you.

4. Show Yourself: While creating amazing videos be sure to interact yourself with audiences. Audience tends to get more active on channels where the interactions are done by the channel’s owner. The reason why it works is because a person interaction helps in establishing a bond of trust with the audience. Do it once or twice a week if you’ve a product based channel. The interaction can be done by using a live session or a normal informative video.

5. Promotion: Last but not least, be sure to share your subscribe request to you’re channel on social media platforms. If possible and you’re looking to stick to your channel professionally then you can get paid promotions on social media for yourself. Social media is a platform that is totally different and have got a large set of audience. If promoted properly a huge amount of traffic can be derived to your YouTube channel. So properly promote your channel over the Social media to grow and optimize your channel.

Final thoughts

YouTube have become quite popular and part of our daily life so while creating a Youtube channel always keep in mind that you’re going to be a part of larger community where there is a challenge at every step. So be sure to work hard on your content and provide content that actually help the community which is growing at a decent pace. There will be other steps that might be prominent in the year 2022 but the steps we’ve listed to grow the channel will definitely come in handy to get more subscribers roll in to your channel.

ByDavid Adamson


As the statistics say Instagram has more than 100+ millions of active users who are exploring this platform for their interests or business promotions.

The platform has offered a great chance to business people to publicize their products globally.

Since its establishment in 2010, brands utilize this stage as a sort of “brand photograph collection” and attempt to contact their customers’ hearts through photographs which let us buy active Instagram followers.

Be that as it may, there are two inquiries you have to reply:

The first: “Is Instagram valuable for my online business?” If you have an “administration based” business or a “business without photographs”, it’s anything but a smart thought to get an Instagram account. Try not to drive yourself to be dynamic in any sort of web-based life tools, simply think about the conditions and pick the most reasonable stage for your business.

What’s more, the second inquiry is: “Do I have sufficient energy to deal with an Instagram account”? Instagram expects you to invest more energy than different stages, for example, Facebook and Twitter since overseeing photographs expertly is a diligent work really.

For the start, download Instagram to your advanced mobile phone; here are the connections for IOS gadgets and Android gadgets. In the wake of making an account here, you can utilize it by means of on your PC.

If it’s not too much trouble fill in the “bio” part with precise data to be increasingly accessible for your clients. After this progression, compose your site address by evolving the “account settings” in your profile. Keep in mind that the more alluring your profile is the more clients tail it.

Assemble Your Followers and Engagement 

Unmistakably the way to being renowned online is to turn into a genuine influencer. This implies you need a lot of individuals needing to tail you. Be that as it may, all the more critically, you need followers who will collaborate with you and connect with your posts and statuses. There is no reason for having immaterial followers, just to help your numbers. 

We have recently secured how to progress toward becoming Instagram acclaimed. Despite the fact that this spotlights on taking advantage of Instagram’s realistic nature, you can, in any case, utilize a considerable lot of those tips to assemble your influencer status on another stage first. 

A basic prerequisite is to characterize your specialty. While it may appear that you would acquire supporters by attempting to speak to everyone, you are probably not going to expand your engagement that way. This is one territory where the well-known axiom, “Handyman, and ace of none” applies. You have to develop acknowledgment for your mastery in your favored theme region. 

For example, Zoe Sugg first fabricated her online notoriety with her own magnificence and way of life blog – Zoella. She started her web-based life existence with a YouTube channel, where she built up a notoriety for being a style and magnificence master. That channel presently has in excess of 12 million devoted followers

For the more views, you can Associate your Instagram to other platforms

This guarantees you that any individual not tailing you on Instagram can see the photographs you shared on Instagram. A significant number of brands accomplish to increase new followers by utilizing this strategy. They, for the most part, associate their Instagram accounts to their Pinterest accounts to stick an Instagram photo to a Pinterest board and keep their records dynamic in a simple way.

Moreover, add your Instagram account to your site as a gadget and present your most recent 5-10 photographs to your guests to take their thoughtfulness regarding your account. Cross-Promote Your Social Media Accounts One way you can assemble your following on Instagram, or some other system is to advance the majority of your informal organization accounts.

That way, your Instagram followers may tail you on YouTube, your Twitter supporters may join to your Facebook page and an attempt to buy facebook page likes, your Facebook adherents may go along with you on Instagram, and so forth. By building up notoriety over a scope of destinations, you appear to be as a rule a greater amount of a web superstar and bound to be viewed as someone deserving of Instagram confirmation. 

You need your whole online nearness to seem to be a solitary outlet for you (or your brand’s) character. Hence you need your blog, YouTube page, and the majority of your web-based life destinations to connect together flawlessly. Consolidated, they speak to you. In the event that you want to be an influencer, you need a wide-extending and changed online stage. Instagram ought to be only one piece of your in general online social stage.

Dodge spam posts on Instagram 

As spamming is a genuine danger for business notoriety. Clients attempt to avoid this sort of spam accounts and just unfollow them after connecting with a spam post. What’s more, sharing a great many photographs in a steady progression doesn’t mean being dynamic on Instagram. It the most widely recognized mix-up of online business Instagram accounts, which results in an abatement of adherents. Try not to share any sort of photographs, share “worth sharing” photographs. 

Sort out exercises on Instagram 

Exercises on Instagram accumulate numerous clients in a single spot and get them to see your image. You can arrange photograph challenges in which clients need to share these photographs with hashtags on Instagram.

Toward the finish of challenges, you can pick the most prevalent photograph and grant that client by a rebate or coupon for your items. Sharp exercises help you to achieve more clients who will tail you for your future battles.

Sort out exercises on Instagram “Sharing” is the catchphrase in internet-based life devices and “increment in rush hour gridlock and hence salary” for web-based business organizations.

Instagram, in view of the rule of sharing photographs, help you to acquaint your items with potential clients and raise brand mindfulness among different clients. This is the standard: new followers on Instagram are new clients of things to come.