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ByDavid Adamson

Is E-Commerce Mobile App Development The Real Money Maker Ideas In 2021

Ever since the development of the first mobile app, the role of technology in the online e-commerce industry is immense.

The boom started when users start spending $946 and more on mobile commerce each year.

Mobile apps not only have the potential to turn the boulders smooth that came across the path of brick-and-mortar e-commerce sales but also give a windfall opportunity to stand out in the competitive league by delivering the best shopping experience.

An interactive and feature-rich mobile app will breed loyal customers, accommodate the needs of users, and extend services to digital natives and boomers alike.

All you need to do is to hire the right mobile application development company California who can guide you throughout the app development process while turning your idea into an innovation.

The best mobile app developers help you choose relevant features that suit both your business and branding objectives.

Benefits of Mobile App for Your E-Commerce Business

ecommerce marketing

Your retail business will never accomplish new milestones with a website alone.

If you take a quick rundown of the most promising technology trends of 2020, you will see m-commerce is gaining maximum popularity.

Here’s why e-commerce app development can be the real money maker for your business:

Mobile Commerce Offering On-The-Go Experience

1.	Mobile Commerce Offering On-The-Go Experience

Today, the total percentage of users that are using mobile devices constitutes half of all the internet traffic.

So, it’s the right time to observe what devices customers are using the most for shopping.

According to a recent report by Statista, 67% of all eCommerce sales across the globe are done via mobile devices.

It seems most of them are using smartphones or tablets for browsing and purchasing online because it enables them to shop anytime, anywhere.

Mobile devices are always an arm’s stretch, so shoppers can look for something in your free time, coffee breaks, and even enjoying a walk.

Within the coming years, it is estimated that mobile apps will dominate 73% of e-commerce sales across the globe that makes it essential for you to hire an app developer to achieve your goals and accelerate business growth.

As per the recent statistics, the expected Mobile App Statistics revenue that will be noted by the end of 2020 is around $582 billion which is 48% more than the past few years.

And, e-commerce mobile apps will rise at a growth rate of 54% this year. That’s the highest peak compared to any other app category.

Mobile Apps over Responsive Websites

mobile app development company

Speed and convenience are the top reasons users are inclining towards mobile apps.

If you are running in a race without a mobile app, then you might lose great opportunities.

With a wide number of e-commerce options available online, users might never turn back or lack interest if they get an atrocious experience.

Using the inbuilt features of mobile like camera, GPS, bar code scanner, etc. you can boost interaction with your brand.

Experienced iOS and Android app developers choose the best features, including push notifications, one-click checkouts, e-wallets integration, and single sign-on for loyalty points to trigger interest and engagement on the mobile app.

However, it doesn’t mean you don’t require a mobile-friendly website. It is a first step towards generating e-commerce sales through mobile.

You should know Omni-Channel is the New Normal.

According to Google, 85% of users begin their shopping journeys from one device and continue on another.

Following an omnichannel approach, you never leave a customer at a loose end that increases the chances of making purchases rather abandoning carts.

Thus, make the right move by aligning with a trusted e-commerce digital solution provider and deliver an optimal experience to your customers.

Changes the Performance Trajectory

Presently, e-commerce website development without a mobile app is a disadvantage.

It will help you build essential customer traffic but won’t help to get quality customers over time.

If a customer is perplexed between your mobile site and competitor’s website, then the app will give them a reason to lean towards your services.

Also, being an early bird to develop an e-commerce app gives you an extra advantage and helps you improve your performance.

But here the question arises, how much it costs to create an e-commerce mobile app?

An average cost of e-commerce app development ranges from $30,000 to $1,70,000.

To calculate the approximate cost, you can also use the accurate app cost calculator tool offered by many e-commerce app development companies.

E-commerce is a vast industry. You are already competing with big gun competitors like Amazon and Walmart.

And if somehow you are not able to meet those standards, customers won’t have a reason to buy from you.

Greater Conversion Rates

Let’s talk numbers.

  • By 2021, mobile ecommerce sales are expected to account for 54% of total ecommerce sales. (Source: BigCommerce)
  • Forrester found, after a poor site experience, 79% of online shoppers state they are less likely to support a site again.
  • Mobile influences over 40% of revenue for leading B2B organizations. (Source: Statista)

The mobile app is the clear winner. Products viewed per session and add-to-cart rates are awesome when seen on mobile apps.

Mobile apps convert visitors into loyal customers at a 130% higher rate than mobile websites.

When you hire e-commerce website developers or app developers, discuss the future developments in e-commerce so that you can keep your platform up-to-date and latest trends.


Right from digital innovations to upsurging globalization, e-commerce is witnessing drastic changes for adoption.

The more your retail business will evolve, the more deeply customers can connect with your brand and make successful purchases.

Following the best road to success, start with MVP app development that helps you figure out the best features for your mobile app. 

Now when you ready to invest, either you choose Android or iOS app development, all you need is a reliable e-commerce solution provider to achieve outstanding business outcomes.

The company can guide you from a strategic standpoint and evaluate your business needs at its best.

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ByVitaly Kuprenko

TikTok App Development: Features, Technologies, and Expenses Revealed

TikTok is a newcomer to the world of entertainment application. It has managed to gather more than 800 million monthly active users for its short period of existence.. These users spend hours while creating and watching content. 

Entrepreneurs, fascinated with a rapid rise of TikTok’s popularity, wonder how to make a TikTok-like app and how much it costs.

In this post, we’ve covered basic and advanced features, tech-stack, and ready-made estimation.

TikTok’s Concept   

TikTok is a video sharing app that allows users to both create and consume the content. It lets users record videos no longer than 60 seconds applying various sounds and music. Besides, users can apply masks, filters, editing effects, and so on.

Users decide what content to create on their own. While some of them make short educational videos that try to cover some topics within a minute, others show their creativity and create short videos that can be converted to a live wallpaper. 

TikTok Algorithms

Recently, TikTok disclosed some information about its suggestion system. So, let’s try to figure things out. 

If you’re familiar with TikTok, you should know that the For You page is the heart of TikTok, where you can find new videos. But how does TikTok suggest the content?

The system analyzes a set of factors that indicate your level of involvement in the content. Here are the main factors:

  • User interactions: videos that users like, ignore, share, accounts that they follow, the number of comments, and the type of content users create. 
  • Video information: analyzing captions, hashtags, and sounds that users use to create content.
  • Device and account information: analyzing users’ language, country of location, and device type. 

Each of these factors is assessed by TikTok individually for every user. Some of the factors have more weight, while others have less.

Thus, if you’ve watched a minute-long video to the end, TikTok assigns a strong indicator of interest to similar videos.

This indicator is more powerful than minor factors, like viewers’ and creators’ country of origin. 

On top of that, during the first launch, TikTok offers users to choose the categories of their interest and match videos with their preferences.

If the user skips this step, TikTok shows them the most popular videos. 

Features and Technologies of a TikTok-like App

If you’re planning on building an app like TikTok, you should think about essential features beforehand. A TikTok clone with identical features is an expensive and labor-intensive project.

That’s why entrepreneurs use a minimum viable project (a project that demonstrates the app’s basic concept) to test the idea and reduce time-to-market. If the idea appears to be successful, you can integrate advanced features.

Basic features of TikTok

TikTok Basic Features 

Log in / sign up

Users should have a personal account to post the content. Even though TikTok doesn’t oblige viewers to register on the platform, a personal account can improve suggestions and overall user experience. Take care of several options for sign up like email, social networks, and a phone number.

Profile management

Viewers will know more about content creators if you provide a customizable profile. Thus, let users change their profile picture, username, add a bio, and so on. 

Upload videos

The key to success lies in a fast and simple video upload. Any users that decided to post a video should sort out the process with ease. 

Filters and effects

What makes TikTok so successful? Users can apply effects and filters to set the overall mood of the video. Retouching filters for traveling videos or funny masks for comical videos. Your app should have all of them. However, it’s impossible to satisfy every user. In the future, offer your users to add effects by themselves. Thus, they’ll get the exact effects they need for the video, and your design team will have less work to do. 


Video without the soundtrack seems half empty. A peaceful soundtrack is a perfect match for an attractive nature edit. So, let your users add custom sounds that last no longer than a minute. However, take care of copyrights. If you use a song without the agreement with a music label, you’ll probably face copyright strikes or even large fines.

Likes and comments

As any social network and video sharing service, TikTok has likes and comments. Comments allow users to communicate with a content creator, while likes help to adjust the suggestion system.


Viewers always want to share quality content with their friends. TikTok allows users to share posts via social media and messengers like Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Twitter, and more.  

Push notifications

Notifications help to keep users posted about the latest updates of their favorite content creators. Content creators, in their turn, should be notified about the comments, likes, and shares of their videos. 

Admin panel

With the help of the admin panel, admins monitor the content, comments, and manage users. 

TikTok Advanced Features

TikTok App Development


Geolocation allows you to detect users’ positions and offer the content posted by users from the same region. 

Live video streaming

With video streaming, content creators will be able to communicate with their audience and gather feedback about their work.

AR filters

AR filters can change the appearance of surroundings, like hair color, or add objects above the users’ heads, and so on. Apart from being useful, this technology simply brings the fun. So, it’s a good idea to add AR filters into your app. 

Tech Stack for TikTok App Development

To build a TikTok-like app, you have to understand the requirements for your project clearly. Technologies vary depending on the features and final expectations for your project. That’s why the following tech stack is approximate. 

First, you have to decide on the platform. The majority of modern apps can be built with Swift (iOS) or Kotlin (Android). However, if you’re going for a project for both platforms, it’s worth considering a cross-platform framework.  Flutter is one of the best frameworks for now that can significantly shorten the development time and deliver high performance. 

As for the back-end development, programmers use Node.js programming language and MongoDB or MySQL for databases. Amazon S3 is the most popular cloud storage for mobile apps. Services like Google Cloud Messaging and Apple Push Notifications will help developers to customize notifications for specific needs. Finally, ML Kit and ARCore are the frameworks used for AR masks and filters. 

TikTok App Development Price

While estimating the cost to build a TikTok-like app, you have to consider several factors that affect the price. In this section, we’ll single out each of them and figure out how strong their impact is.


It’s obvious that you need to develop an app for both platforms to cover more audience. However, if you’re on a budget, you should choose between iOS and Android, taking your target audience into account.  As for the second platform, you can cover it later.

Native development for both platforms doubles the price compared to the project for a single platform. If you’re going for a cross-platform development, a project for both platforms takes 20% more time than native development for iOS or Android. However, cross-platform apps are often limited in terms of design, performance, and custom features.


The design is an integral part of the whale project. Without the design, developers won’t have a basis to work on. Depending on your requirements, the design may take up to 30% of the overall development time. 

Development Team

Before searching for a tech partner, you have to know the possible hiring options. The most popular of them are outsourcing companies and in-house teams. Each option has its own benefits and drawbacks. 

In-house teams are much more expensive since developers’ rates in the US and Europe are quite high. Plus, equipment and office rent increases the overall cost of your project. And as for the benefits, in-house teams grant you a high level of control over the development process and superb level of communication with developers. 

In their turn, outsourcing app development companies are popular among startups and large companies. Vendors from different regions provide different hourly rates that are often significantly lower than hiring in-house teams. However, low prices don’t affect product quality. For example, with 192,100 developers, Ukraine has one of the biggest talent pools in Eastern Europe. Still, to hire a dedicated development team, you need to conduct research and check client feedback about companies. 

Wrapping Up

As you can see, TikTok-like app development is a complicated and time-consuming process. It requires you to clearly define the project requirements, make a feature list, and cooperate with developers. As for your engineers, they should have deep expertise with various technologies and understand the niche. However, nothing is impossible when you choose a reliable tech partner.

ByAaron Starc

6 Surefire Strategies to Convince People to Use Your App and Convert

In this fierce mobile market, marketers and app developers are striving hard to keep their audience stick to their app and increase the user retention rate.

They put their best efforts, time, and energy to meet users’ needs and desires. But unfortunately, it is not simple enough.

Keeping your users engaged and preventing them from uninstalling your app is a daunting task.  

According to the data published by Localytics, more than 23% of apps are only used once and never opened again.

If people are engaging with your business, and customers are placing orders through your app, chances are your business will generate more revenue and profits.

But the problem is how companies can continuously capitalize on these benefits by keeping users engaged in your business app.

Social media giants such as Facebook Messenger, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter are real-life examples that are keeping a large number of engaged users.

Marketers and mobile app developers must figure out what factors can prevent people from using your app and how they can get more and more engaged users.

Here are some useful tips for businesses to improve user retention rates and keep their audience engaged.

Create an Out-of-the-box Onboarding Experience

Your onboarding process can make or break your app’s success. Believe it or not, the onboarding experience is the first thing your users will notice.

You can make the most out of your onboarding process by providing a lot of benefits of your app.

Instead of using the onboarding process to guide users on how to use the app, try some interesting and useful tricks to engage your audience.

During the onboarding phase, tell users how your app can help them solve their pain points or in how many ways your app can be used.

In short, you can use the onboarding experience to show the real value of your app by giving more emphasis on features.

Showing more visual content and less text content is another effective way to engage your app users.

Remember, users’ time is precious, so create a quick and engaging onboarding experience that gets users to go with your app.  

Use Push Notifications Wisely

Notifications, if use right, can serve as a helpful reminder to encourage users to open your app.

Keep in mind that bombarding your users with too many push notifications can make your users irritated and lead your app towards failure.

Furthermore, if you send push notifications too often, chances are they will uninstall your app. It can also have a negative impact on your user retention rate and get users to download your competitor’s app.

For best results, you can customize your push notifications according to the target audience, location, and platforms.

Make sure you implement push notifications wisely in your user engagement strategy.  

mobile app development company

Focus on App Performance and Speed

In order to provide your users with an amazing app experience, your mobile app development team should invest their time and effort in creating neatly-written threads of code to ensure perfect app speed.

App performance and speed are the most important factors that developers need to carefully consider, especially if your target audience is smart enough and doesn’t think for a second to uninstall your app for poor performance.

Therefore, mobile app developers are strongly advised to work on the performance and speed of the app and carefully monitor the crash reports.

Therefore, mobile app developers are strongly advised to work on the performance and speed of the app and carefully monitor the crash reports.

Being aware of users’ feedback can help you figure out what problems they are facing. It will help you improve your app performance and prevent users from uninstalling your app.

To put in a nutshell, offering a fast and functional app is the key to increase the app engagement rate.  

Make Sure it Takes Less Internal Storage and Drain Less Battery

If your app is consuming more battery or taking a lot of space, it is more likely that users will download your competitor’s app that offers the same features, take less space and drain less battery.

A survey suggests that more than 50% of users tend to uninstall the app that takes larger internal space and prefer to download the app that saves space.

You can increase your number of downloads and user retention rate by simply considering these factors in mind.

Regularly Check User Behavior Analytics Tool

Another important tactic that app development companies can use to boost user engagement is to get users’ insights, analyze them, and improve the performance of your app.

When you know well what features people are using the most, what paths they follow to navigate the app, where they click, you will be better able to understand what your users like most and make necessary tweaks to improve user engagement.

Furthermore, using the user behavior analytics tool is an effective way to make sure your app is performing well.

Learn from User Feedback

One of the biggest mistakes many app developers make is ignoring app reviews and not trying to solve the problems users are experiencing with the app.

User feedback should be an essential part of your app store optimization strategy and pay close attention to what people are saying about your app.

Listening to users’ problems and ideas and trying to solve those issues and implementing their ideas is the key to the long-term success of your mobile app.

Trust me; there is no better way to engage your users and improve your app performance than learning from user feedback.  

Keeping all the above-cited tips and strategies will definitely help mobile app developers to come up with a better version of your app that will definitely keep your users engaged and coming back.

ByVitaly Kuprenko

How To Create a Netflix-Like Streaming Service

It’s hard to beat Netflix in terms of popularity. However, it is not the only content streaming service around.

Hulu, Amazon, Disney+, and others have found their niches. Does it mean you can repeat their success? Well, why not, if you choose the right strategy.

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Streaming Service Like Netflix

Let’s review the main stages you’ll have to go through and try to figure out the total cost of the project.

How Does Netflix Work?

While we are speaking not only about Netflix, we’ll take it as an example, as it illustrates the functioning of streaming services well.

It provides on-demand video to its subscribers for a monthly fee. Once paying this fee, a user gets unlimited access to content from almost any device.

A lot of extra features let customize the app and add convenience.

How Does Netflix Work?

How to Make an App like Netflix

Developing a streaming service from scratch is a complicated process.

No matter whether you are looking for how to make live streaming app or a website like Netflix, Here are six main steps you’ll have to go through.

How to Make an App like Netflix
  1. Select a niche. Of course, you may try to seize the unseizable by pleasing all types of viewers. But this goal seems too ambitious and hard to achieve. After all, you’ll hardly ever be the second Netflix. That is why it’s important to focus on certain types of content and try to become the best of the best in your narrow niche.
  2. Make a content plan. At this stage, you need to decide how and under what terms you will provide content. For example, decide how often you are going to add new content, whether you are going to provide something for free or not. 
  3. Get a license to comply with the law. You may rent content directly from the content owner (copyright holder) or an official distributor. This is one of the main expense item, so double check what, why, and under what terms you are renting.
  4. Choose design. At this stage, you’ll need to decide between a ready-made template and developing a unique style from scratch. The latter option is preferable, though developing unique design is, definitely, pricier.
  5. Think of compatibility with different platforms. If you want to stay competitive, you should consider creating both web and mobile apps. Also, don’t forget about adaptive or responsive design. 
  6. Attract your target audience. Once you’ve determined your target audience, use various promotion tools to let them know about your product and its benefits. Popular promotion channels are YouTube, social media, and email marketing.

Developing an app like Netflix is half the battle. On the next stage, you will have to think about a business model to make the most of your product.

Choosing a Business Model

Needless to explain, the mere fact of creating an app like Netflix won’t make you a millionaire overnight.

You’ll have to work hard to make your product profitable. In particular, you’ll need to develop a business model thoroughly.

Here are the main things to consider.


The main model of monetization for video streaming platforms is the subscription model where users pay a monthly (quarterly, yearly) fee according to their subscription plans.

Other possible models are video purchasing an advertisement.

The chart below displays the most popular monetization models depending on the type of the content streaming platform.


Customer Lifetime Value

It’s important to understand the concept of the customer lifetime value (CLV) and be able to calculate it for your customers.

In a nutshell, this concept says that you shouldn’t be afraid of losing money on your customers in a short-term perspective if these customers will bring you profit in a long-term perspective. 

Increasing the CLV

There is one simple rule: to make customers buy more services you should keep them active.

Track each client, study his/her behavior, and offer new activities regularly.

This method is widely used by Netflix, which reduced the outflow of its customers by 4%.

Marketing Model

Marketing is important but don’t go overboard with it. A well-thought marketing campaign is the key to success.

You need to understand that clients come from various channels, and your goal is to estimate the lifetime value of each group to decide how much you can spend on each channel.

The Tech Stack for Developing a Content Streaming Platform

The tech stack includes programmer tools (programming languages, frameworks, templates, and software) used to create the desired product.

In the chart below, you can see an approximate set of programming languages used to build some popular platforms.

The Tech Stack for Developing a Content Streaming Platform

Developing a website like Netflix takes long.

To speed up the process developers often use special third-party services.

Some examples are in the following chart.

Developing a website like Netflix takes long

While these third-party services are really useful, they often don’t come free of charge.

Here are approximate prices for using some popular tools.

Here are approximate prices for using some popular tools.

An MVP for an App like Netflix

To launch a streaming platform you should create an MVP (minimal viable product) first.

Its cost largely depends on the development time, which, in turn, is determined by the feature set and the number of platforms.

In the chart below, you can see average prices based on an hourly rate of $50.

An MVP for an App like Netflix

As for the number of platforms, of course, best of all is to make your service compatible with all existing platforms.

However, when it comes to developing an MVP, you may start with a single OS – Android or iOS.

Choose the one that is more popular in your target region. 

Basic features for a minimal viable product include the following ones.

  • User registration is a feature that your service can’t exist without.
User registration is a feature that your service can’t exist without.
  • Payment gateway. Customers will need to make payments without hassle.
Payment gateway. Customers will need to make payments without hassle.
  • User profile. This feature helps users save searches, add “favorites”, and manage content in other ways.
User profile. This feature helps users save searches, add “favorites”, and manage content in other ways.
  • Search filters. For the sake of convenience, it is recommended to add several search options: by genre, by actors, by ranking, by user reviews, etc.
Search filters. For the sake of convenience, it is recommended to add several search options: by genre, by actors, by ranking, by user reviews, etc.
  • Comments and user chats. They help customers exchange opinions.
  • Push notifications. Let users know about the new series or episode availability.
  • Settings. This is a mandatory feature, which lets customize a user profile – change the language, adjust volume, etc.
Settings. This is a mandatory feature, which lets customize a user profile – change the language, adjust volume, etc.
  • Screenshot blocking. This feature is available for Android OS and protects the copyright.
  • Administration panel. You need it to manage both content and users.

If an MVP version of your project met or exceeded your expectations, you may want to develop a full-featured service with an expanded feature set.

An approximate price of such a platform development is displayed in the chart below.

An approximate price of such a platform development is displayed in the chart below.

Additional features can include the following ones:

  • signing up via a social media account;
  • adding reviews and stars;
  • live broadcasting;
  • recommendations of content;
  • geo-restriction;
  • the possibility of downloading;
  • video quality.
Additional Features of Netflix App

These features are not mandatory, but you may add them if you wish.

Important Requirements to Consider

Once your streaming app is created, make sure it complies with basic requirements to platforms of this type:

  • a reliable content storage (e.g. cloud-based);
  • stable connectivity;
  • enough bandwidth;
  • high security;
  • the right video streaming protocol.

To Sum It Up

Developing a good content streaming service from scratch is an ambitious and complicated task with many things to consider.

The total development cost depends on two key factors: the number of hours required and the hourly rate of a developer team.

For an MVP version, an approximate development time varies from 1000 to 1500 hours.

Developing a full-featured product takes from 1500 to 3000 hours. Thus, with an hourly rate of $50, the cost of an MVP version can reach $50 000 – $70 000.

A service with an expanded feature set costs $115 000 – $134 000.

ByJason Fernandes

The Ultimate Mobile App Development Company Strategy

Whether you’re a mobile app developer looking to get better skills or a business looking to develop a top-notch mobile app to grow your company, finding and hiring the right mobile app development company is the first and most important thing.

The trick is always to find a mobile development company that has the best resources (human and technical) for the job as well as the expertise to develop a mobile app as and how you need it.

However, with so many brilliant mobile app development companies with so much expertise and experience out there, it can be challenging to find the right IT partner for your business.

Well, worry not. We here have all you’ll ever need to make the right selection of a mobile app development company for your business.

Things you should know about a Mobile App Development Firm

Before hiring a mobile company, you should know or investigate a few things about them.

These include the company’s expertise and experience in the field, the team, the work quality, previous clients’ and projects, client testimonials, customer support, among other things.

Ask questions related to all these things to see if that company is good enough to develop an app according to your unique needs.

Most IT companies nowadays prefer to use React Native for app development because the framework can be used for developing both iOS and Android apps and is also suitable for developing cross-platform apps.

So, you need to know about that as well before hiring a company.

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Discuss your project’s scope & requirements

Before you get in touch with a prospect company, it is important that you know about and understand the scope of the project.

This will include everything you want in the project, including the features & functionalities, interface design, compatibility, target market/audience and other things.

Once you’ve got that covered, you’re ready to discuss the same with a mobile app development company.

Being professionals, these guys can better understand your requirements and may offer a suitable strategy for development.

Just be ready on your part, with a set of questions that you need to ask your prospects.

Review the Company’s Previous Work

To know more about a company and its expertise in the field, one of the best ideas is to check their previous works.

Ask the company for their past projects in the mobile app development field, preferably in the same industry as yours.

It will give you a deep insight into the company’s expertise in particular fields of app development, including UI, user experience, graphics, API integration, coding, among other things.

Further, consult with them your requirements and ask your questions, post analysis of one or more of their existing apps.

If possible, get in touch with one or more clients of the company to further know their opinions and reviews about that mobile app development service provider.

Enquire about communication and level of engagement

One of the most important things to know before hiring a development firm is the kind of involvement and communication level they offer.

As the primary owner, it is important that you remain a constant part of the app development process.

Make sure that the company will keep you apprised of the project’s status and send you updates on a regular basis, along with a daily/weekly project report.

Moreover, you should have the direct contact info of the project manager or team members and should be allowed to get in touch with them whenever you want to give a suggestion or feedback in relation to your project.

App Development Packages

If you are hiring services from a professional app development company, chances are that they will ask you to choose from their packages. These app development packages or pricing are decided with different kinds of clients (with different requirements) in mind.

The best idea is to choose a package that best fits your project requirements and covers all the services that you need. If you are looking for multiple services, such as app development, app updation & maintenance, app marketing, etc., look out for packages that combine multiple services to avail more benefits at less cost.


Consider the above points while choosing an app development company to end up with the best there is. If budget is an issue, try searching for companies that fit your budget while still giving you the best quality app development services.

ByJason Fernandes

Why Does Your Taxi Business Need To Invest In Taxi App Development?

As per reports, Some Taxi business managed to double the rides this year. And the same happened last year too. So brands in this business are growing at double speed and it was expected. A solution to a problem and the reach of smartphones made this possible. One more thing is common between these brands “Branded Taxi Apps”. From UI to features, these apps have everything a cab rider ever wants. And that’s why Taxi businesses need to invest in Branded Taxi App development.

Finding, booking, and riding a cab has never been easy for a while, but thanks to the taxi app development, now it has become a very simple task. Just some tap on the screen and you are ready to go. Thus Taxi app provides ease, comfort, to the riders and that’s why this business is growing at supersonic speed.

If you still need more reasons why your taxi business requires a mobile taxi app, then just stay with us go through the complete article.

Increased Visibility

Any Business needs visibility, It brings more new visitors and increases their reach, that’s why Investment in Branded Taxi App Development is need of the hour. Almost every people use smartphones and they carry it everywhere, thus they feel comfortable to book a cab using the app. Additionally, tourists who are unfamiliar with the city rely on taxi booking application. Thus a taxi app for your taxi business not only provides better visibility and reach but it also provides a better and easy taxi booking service to the riders.

Valuable Customer Feedback

Taxi App will also help you to connect with your customers and know their views about your services and taxi drivers. The user’s response will help you to know which area of your business is performing well and which areas need improvement. App stores, as well as the taxi app, enable customers to give feedback about the services, and people will point out what they did not like in your service. So when you work on the customer’s concerns and views, you have a better chance to bring more customers to your business.

Real-time location Tracking: a money-saving Formula

There are many advantages of a taxi app one of them is Real-time location tracking, with this feature a driver and indirectly you can save some money. If you have a question like “how does this benefit your taxi business?” Then just keep reading, you will get your answer.

When a customer/ user books a ride, the driver gets the real-time location of rider and also the shortest path to reach the rider, so here this piece of technology is saving time as well as fuel even before the ride. When the ride starts you get the shortest path to reach the destination, which saves time and fuel, which means more ride in a day. When you dropped the rider at the destination, you don’t have to wander here and there in search of a new ride, the driver stays at the nearby palace and then get next ride detail in the same area it saves time, fuel and money. All these will help to reduce the cost of the operation, and it increases customer satisfaction when they get a ride on-time. Additionally, it reduces cases of cancellation of rides hence loss of revenue will be eliminated from the business.

The Real Auto-Pilot

Not a long time ago, taxi owners had to wander here and there for customers and then customers inspect the cab before hiring it. Even for the agency, a person attends the call and then verify which cab and driver are free then they inform the drivers about the ride and then booking was done when someone agreed to the offered price.

But now there is a different story, Apps, also, cloud servers, GPS and internet provided wings to this business. Now there is no need for negotiation, inspection, and verification. Everything happens automatically, Rider books a cab, the average cost was shown to the rider, and the ride is allotted to the nearby driver, and payment can be done online. Modern technology has the power to run this business in auto-pilot mode. You will still need a few employees but they will just take care of everything. It saves lots of time and effort, thus Investment in Taxi App Development Services can be very beneficial for your taxi business.

Monitoring performance of drivers

The Taxi business is completely based on Driver’s performance. With a taxi app, there is no way you can monitor the driver’s performance in an ethical way. The Taxi app enables a user to share their experiences about the driver and ride and also enable you or a responsible person to monitor the performance of the driver and in a transparent way.

This feature enables you to find out bad and irresponsible driver. Additionally, It also makes you aware of any possible harm in your business model. An App can help you to monitor a driver’s performance, driver’s behaviour, Driving quality, and riding experience. These apps also have safety tips for drivers to reduce accidents and improve the overall performance of the driver.

Get Customer Information

Taxi app development for your taxi business will help you in collecting information about customers, and it is a vital technique to boost the growth of a business. It helps you to connect and communicate with them. Most taxi apps collect location, device data, contact information, and call details between users and drivers. All this information can help you to create personalized offers and to the customers. With the same, you can send push notification and in-app notification which attracts users to use the app and book the ride.

Make a brand

Just for motivation and an example, Uber is managing the taxi business in over 670 cities in 83 countries. And it reached this milestone due to high brand awareness and by the use of taxi mobile app. To develop a successful taxi app they Invested in Branded Taxi App Development which helped them to reach this milestone, grow their business, and enabled them to manage their taxi business operations globally.

A Smartphone app can provide ample opportunity for your business without any limitation. The app also gets into app stores and search engines so people start to recognize your business and it becomes a Brand.

Profit Increment

If your business model has its app then you don’t have to rely on another taxi/ rideshare apps. In this way, you don’t have to pay commission and also can make your own rulebook. You can set your commission from the driver and the most important thing is that you are creating your own customer database. So investing in branded taxi app development will increase profit in your business.


The taxi app can support your taxi business in many possible ways. From adding customers to monitoring driver’s performance, from collecting information to automate the business Investing in taxi app development for your taxi business model is a beneficial and necessary step in the present day.

Even after all the benefits If you don’t have a branded taxi app for your taxi business, then you are losing a lot of revenue each hour, and Do you know who are receiving all the benefits and revenue? of course “Your Competitors”. So take your decision quickly because your competitors can run bulldozer on your dreams.


How Travel Mobile Application Can Help To Grow Your Business?

Did you know that there is an average of close to 3 billion smart phones across the world?

Now if you think this is no big deal, know that majority of them are packed with various mobile applications which guide its users in making their day to day activities exceptionally smooth, from banking and bill payment to the right selection of restaurants, hotels, and what’s more; even clothing purchase, grocery shopping etc.

As these convenient apps have dominated almost all domains of our life, both small and large businesses now make the most of the potentials of this powerful business tool to give business a competitive edge or the much needed boost.

And businesses in the travel and hospitality industry are not an exception. After all, more than 80% of travelers worldwide now largely rely on mobile apps to pre-book their accommodation and plan their tours as well as activities ahead.

If you’re still skeptical, this post will give you more genuine reasons on how mobile applications help to fuel the growth of your travel startup.

Boost the Accessibility and Reachability of Your Brand

Travelers, especially business travelers, greatly depend on their smart devices to stay connected to the world. And with your mobile app already installed in their phone or device, this makes your brand logo or iconeasily visible on their mobile.

So even if they don’t remember your web address or physical location details, this allows them to easily make the bookings with a few simple taps.

That said, it’s extremely vital to ensure that your app is filled with stand-out yet easy to use features, so that they would retain it on their screen and return over and again for all their travel bookings.

The added perk is that they would recommend it to others too, thus boosting the brand recognition and traffic.

Travel Planning Made Hassle-Free

One of the greatest benefits of a brilliant app is that it provides all travel information under one roof. From visa, accommodation, dining and airport transfers to MICE arrangements and tour bookings, this makes it super convenient for a traveler to easily compare, compile and customize their business / leisure travel needs anytime on the go.

Moreover, with Google map added to your apps, it even allows users to have a look at the real images and videos of their interested destination. This results in increased customer satisfaction, taking your business a step ahead that of your competitors.

Simplified Travel

A mobile travel app is not just about finding everything in one place; it also makes the whole travel procedures smoother and stress-free. As most apps come with the feature to save all bills and travel copies on phones, it allows its users to travel paper free.

So it really doesn’t matter if a traveler forgets to carry the copy of flight tickets, hotel reservation details etc. But to make this possible, make sure that your app offers an intuitive design with all features easily accessible.

Acts as an Effective Marketing Channel

A travel app also functions as a powerful advertisement tool. With the use of push buttons, it allows business owners to keep its users abreast of the latest travel promotions and discounts.

This is apparently one of the most effective ways not only to make your customers aware of your recent product / service launch, but also to push and motivate them to purchase it.

Enhanced Customer Service and Engagement

Your brand is already in the palm or pocket of your customer means this makes it easy for you to interact with them constantly. This proves to be effective than any other channels including websites.

Just integrate a consistent message feature in your app, where your attentive team is always willing to listen to your customers’ queries / concerns and quickly resolve them.

This further allows you to remind your customers about your travel offers or inform them about your new products or services. So what better way to systematically build your client base and improve customer engagementby attaining their trust?

Generate more Revenue

An intuitively designed mobile app is undeniably a reliable source to boost your travel business’ revenue and profit. In other words, a good travel app not only grows the audience base but also tremendously enhances the customer experience which directly reflects its earnings and business growth.

Additional income also comes by way of the monetization of apps through diverse strategies such as in-app subscriptions, in-app purchases, in-app ads, rewarded content, paid app, freemium model, premium /lights apps etc.

Precisely, investing in mobile apps will definitely unlock a more innovative income stream to your business.

Works as an Efficient Analytical Tool

Beyond a reliable sales channel, it also serves as a major touchpoint to know the pulse of your clients. In other words, it gives you an idea of what your customers want or looking for by just keeping a check on what they purchase or search the most in your travel app.

So it goes without saying that this would open up more avenues to improve the mileage of your business.

Helps for Brand Loyalty

Most of all, a mobile app is an amazing way to reward and give back to your customers where they get to digitalize their loyalty program points and further benefit from discounts, bonuses etc with every point they collect.

This not only adds value to your customer interaction, but also results in referrals, downloads of your app, and of course more customers and revenue to your business.


It’s evident from above that investing in a mobile app is not anymore a fad but an inevitable component to ensure the success of your travel business. So it’s now up to you to decide whether you should just stick on to conventional channels or instead multiply the customer base and boost the business productivity and efficiency with an effective travel mobile app.

ByIrfan Ak

8 Reasons Why Enterprises Choose Flutter For App Development

When companies like Google release a new product or service, it gets a lot of media attention. Users start setting high expectations even before they experience that service or use that product.

This is exactly what happened with Google Flutter when Google pulled the curtain on 4th December 2018.

Developed with a goal of transforming mobile application development in mind, Flutter is an open source user interface framework that lets you create cross platform mobile apps.

Since then, many top brands have created their mobile application using this framework. In a short span of time, it has successfully convinced businesses and enterprises to use this framework for mobile app development. Why do most enterprises adopt flutter? Here are some of the reasons why?

In this article, you will learn about eight reasons why most enterprises choose Flutter for mobile app development.

Cross Platform Support

Every mobile operating system is different and has different requirements. Fulfilling all these requirements can be difficult. That is why businesses have to develop android and iOS apps separately. This increases the resources, time and workload of app developers. To add insult to the injury, they can not reuse code because of compatibility issues. This means that they have to start from scratch.

Flutter has put all these issues to rest by offering app developers a framework that let them create cross platform mobile applications. Moreover, it also allows developers to reuse code which further decreases the effort, time and resources required to create a mobile app. App developers can write the code once and reuse that code as many times as they want, thanks to Flutter.

Rapid Development

Another challenge mobile app developer’s face when writing code for apps is that they cannot visualize the output until they are done writing the code. Flutter is here to change that with its hot reload feature.

Hot reload feature lets developers visualize changes they make in real time. This makes it easier for developers to identify and fix bugs as well as add new features without wasting much time.

App developers won’t have to wait till the end and compile the code to see the output anymore.

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Clients and stakeholders want visibility into the progress and want to see a minimum viable product before investing in a mobile app.

Google Flutter makes prototyping easier and more effective by enabling developers to display the app features and how the app might work on different platforms.

When clients and stakeholders see the prototype, they get a better idea about how the app will look and feel. This way, they set the right expectations. On the other hand, it saves app developers from the costly rework.

Free and Open Source

 Unlike other mobile app development frameworks, Google Flutter is free and open sources. This means that businesses and enterprises using it won’t have to pay any fees for using it.

In addition to this, it also means that you can customize it and tweak according to your business needs thanks to its feature-rich SDK.

The lower software cost combined with ability to customize Flutter according to your heart’s content makes it an ideal choice for businesses who don’t want to pay for expensive license fees for using an app development framework.

You don’t have to worry about license management either as it has a hassle free license management process unlike proprietary software.

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Blazing Fast Performance

When you combine Flutter with Dart programming, you have to write less code as it does not require javascript to work properly. The more code you write the longer it will take to compile and execute hence slowing down the performance of the app.

Similarly, the number of lines of code your mobile app has can directly impact the cost of the project. By eliminating javascript code, you can not only reduce the cost but also enhance the performance and user experience of your mobile application.

With Flutter, you need to write less code to achieve the same functionality as you would do with other mobile app development frameworks.

Huge Library of Plugins

Mobile app developers and mobile app development companies love plugins because it makes it easy for them to add new features to the mobile app and simplifies the mobile app development process. That is why app development company chooses a framework that offers a wide range of plugins.

Google Flutter fits the bill perfectly by letting app developers choose from its massive library of plugins, widgets and other tools to extend the functionality of their apps. What’s more, app developers can also customize these widgets and make it work as they want it to.

Strong Community Support

Just because it is a new mobile app development framework does not mean that you won’t get great support. In fact, it has a strong and active community behind its back.

This means that you will see faster updates and innovation being brought to the framework. Even if you bump into some issues with Flutter, you can easily find a solution to your problems on community forums.

Unlike other mobile app development frameworks that have a steep learning curve and might take months for developers to get their head around them, Flutter is easy to learn and master.

As a result, mobile app developers can get started developing fully functional mobile apps in no time.

Less Time To Market

Mobile app development industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. New apps are released with new features every day.

Companies want to gain a competitive advantage by pushing their apps to the market first and that is exactly what Flutter can help you with. Thanks to its cross platform support, hot reload feature and less code, you can create apps faster and deliver it to the market first to gain an upper hand over your competitor.

Which mobile app development framework do you use and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

ByJigar Shah

How to Monetize Your Mobile App in 2021

In this post, we will share with you how you should monetize your mobile application in 2021. Let’s get started.

Since the launch of mobile devices, the app market has been reaching out to a wider range of audiences than anyone could have predicted.

As per the Statista report, there are 2.57 million apps available in the Google Play Store and you will find 1.84 million apps for iOS. Even, app publishers are expected to earn $189 billion in 2020.

But have you ever wondered how these free apps help you generate money or revenue? I am sure many of you might be having this question, as we are downloading any apps from the stores without any cost, then how can the app developers make money out of it? Well, that’s why we have come here to make you understand by clearing your doubts.

This insightful article will surely help entrepreneurs who wish to start their journey by developing mobile apps and make money by publishing free apps in the app stores.

Here, you download the app from the app store then in return, app developers who offer free apps expect payment or profit as well. So, if you are planning to develop an app and are not aware of the tactics to generate revenue, the following article will clear your mind.

App Monetization Strategies

There are 90% of the millions of free apps available in the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store to download and use. That’s why with the free apps, the app developers generate the $1.73 billion revenue.

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In 2015, the global app revenues reached more than $70 billion whereas, by 2021, it is expected to reach $190 billion.



As per the Statista data, in 2019, the most effective monetization method was the use of rewarded video ads. This has opened the door of opportunity for both the app developers and customers, as, after the completion of advertisement, users receive points and app bonuses.


Well, this is the data that you should look upon to gain interest in developing mobile apps. Now, let us take you to strategies that might help you make money.

1) In-App Advertising

You know – you can generate good revenue if you place ads in your app. Because, nowadays, most of the games make their money through advertising. When users use your app on a regular basis or for a long period of time, then these ads might help you boost your revenue. Users generally watch the ads if it’s helpful or valuable to them. However, if it’s a free app, you must be careful not to put too many ads as this may annoy them, as some video and full-screen ads are very disruptive and should be used sparingly.

So, let’s have a look at different methods of in-app advertisements.

a) Banner Ads

Banner Ads

The banner ads are displayed at the top or bottom of an app. It’s an effective way to display your ad as it covers the screen and destructs you from what you are doing at the moment. However, it covers a very small amount of your display so the users can freely interact with the top and stay on the existing apps.

Apart from that, as per the user’s demographics and past behavior, app developers can target them to display the ads. Still, they have a very low engagement rate which is 0.1% CTR (Click-through Rate) only.

By far, the Flappy Bird app got succeed by utilizing this tactic and generated $50K revenue per day.

b) Video Ads

Video Ads

Video ads are one of the most essential and effective tactics in recent times. This allows users to run or play a video within the app when there are natural pauses. It provides a direct link to customers to follow and download the app. It lasts for 10 to 30 seconds.

In this video ad, the customer gets a reward once he/she watches the video until the end. An average CPM rate for mobile video ads ranges from $0.05 to $5.00.

For example, The user can get extra game-currency or life after watching the full video.

c) Native Ads

Native Ads

The Native ads are seamlessly integrated into the app. The added elements can be sponsored content or video that is aimed to promote a particular brand or product. This covers the same part of the mobile screen which looks like another post in the timeline.

This is the reason, users find this ad more interesting and less annoying. Hence, they have become more popular among users and generated great revenue.

For example, With the New York Times’ T Brand Studio association, Airbnb company had created a campaign for Ellis Island. This caught everyone’s attention and played the most important role in app history.

d) Interstitial Ads

Interstitial Ads

Interstitial ads are displayed on the full-screen of mobile devices. This is a pop-ad and displayed within an app for a specific time. This ad is in the form of display or video and asks users to watch the ad for some time. After some time, they can skip the ad and resume to the existing app. During this time, users can get two options – either close the ad or check out the promoted content.

For example, interstitial ads were utilized by Emirate Airlines and after that, they got over 5000 clicks to the website and 170,000 video views. This ad was promoted on the Emirate website as they launched a new flying destination place, New York – Dubai. This full-screen ad was shown to travelers in the New York airport once they got connected to WiFi.

e) Reward Ads

Reward Ads

I guess everyone likes to be rewarded. So why not by watching the video? Reward ads are widely popular in Game apps. The users are offered a reward to engage with content. Many of the users will surely watch your video and get the benefits if you are implementing this tactic. This can increase app loyalty and generate revenue.

For example, if you watch a 30-second advert, you may get a reward of extra life in the game.

2) In-App Purchases

As per Forbes, In-app purchases have generated the highest revenue within the app industry. In fact, to be precise, 47% of the total revenue is generated from in-app purchases. So, if you are planning to create a free app, then including the in-app marketplace is one of the best ways to generate revenue. This is completely managed by the app store and app owners get a commission from every trade.

For example, The Clash of Clans game earned $1m per day on purchase and Pokemon Go users bought in-app purchases for $1.5m daily.

3) Affiliate Programs

Google, Microsoft, and Apple are providing affiliate programs to app developers.

With affiliate programs, you will be able to choose promotions from a wide range of apps. Find the latest or hottest apps from the app store and promote them in your app to earn easy commissions.

You can also check for other businesses that have affiliate programs. You can earn more commissions from the businesses that offer paid memberships.

4) Sponsorships

Many of the app developers are looking for investors to build their app and turn it into a successful business. As an app developer, you can offer them free marketing within your product. It’s a profitable model that helps to make money from a free app.

Integrating this sponsorship model with a huge user app, you can gain many benefits with a specific market niche. Hence, you have to get in touch with those persons who belong to the same industry. You can put their sponsorship ads with your brand and information in the app.

It consists of two ways:

> Share the equal profit that is generated from the app.

> Make a payment for a monthly sponsorship fee.

For example, these ads have been utilized by the Weather Channel app in many ways. There’s an animated background for Home Depot in the app. Also, you will find a retailer in the field of construction and household goods.

5) Crowdfunding

This is an interesting way to monetize apps for free. With this crowdfunding model, start-ups and large companies raise funds for development and marketing needs by exchanging and sharing their ideas.

Platforms such as Kickstart, IndieGogo, GoFoundMe, Patreon, Fundable, and AppsFunder can help you monetize your mobile app for this model.

6) Email Marketing

Another way to monetize your app is by implementing email marketing. It’s one of the oldest but effective methods to hit the customers or subscribers’ interest in a product or service by collecting user data – emails and sending them emails regarding their interest. It’s one of the useful strategies when you ask user email during sign-in.

Since most of the people check their emails on a daily basis, this ensures that users will surely read out your email or the information that you have provided in the email and will engage with the content. Therefore, you must add a creative and most engaging subject line. You should include the question or some funny and relevant statement regarding the product or service.

There are three ways to collect the email addresses of users.

> Ask to enter the email address with a pop-up message by offering some reward in return.

> Collect email id from Facebook SDK after signing up from the user.

> Third-party tools to fetch emails.

For example, the biggies like The New Yorker, The New York Times, and The Washington Post engage with their customers by delivering the content they want. Once you become a paid member, then only you can receive the other information.

So, How Much Money Do Free Apps Make?

A report suggests that over $5000 per month revenue is generated from the top 16% of Android developers and 25% of iOS developers with their free apps. This can set a benchmark in the industry. So we can believe that around 20% of apps from the app stores bring great profit, 30% of apps are perfect and half of the apps are actually useless.

So, if you are good at coding and have detailed industry knowledge then there are high chances to become rich. If you want your app to be listed on the top list of an app store then you should know how to develop an app and what types of strategies should be implemented to monetize from a free app.

If you follow the above techniques and implement them in your given app, then you can easily monetize from a free app and can see yourself in the top list.

Wrapping Up!

Till here, by far so now, we have covered major six tactics that you could implement to monetize your app. Since every coin has two sides, there are peaks and drawbacks too for every strategy you implement. So, as you can see, there are a lot of major factors behind gaining a profit with a free app. Just because it’s free, that doesn’t mean you can not gain a profit and monetize an app.

In fact, offering a free app might help you increase a bank balance than offering it for a solid price. So, remember, if you want to hit the marketplace with the right income, a powerful marketing campaign is required. Without one, the app will not hit the users nor will it generate profit for you.

ByDavid Adamson

Why should you have your own Mobile App for your Business in 2020?

According to a survey, smartphone users are 2.53 billion, which will reach 2.87 billion in 2020.

Today every 2nd person is using a smartphone because he wants all the things in one touch on his fingers (i. e. an online shopping site) where we can buy 24/7 everything which is wanting for our necessities similarly every sector take on his business wants on virtual platform (i.e. Medical Industry, Grocery Store, Education Sector, Entertainment, Sports, Cooking and many more).

The following dynamic mobile app development features can help to dive into details while making an advanced mobile application for your business:

Simplicity (User-Friendly)

Top-notch application making is exceptionally vital. The application should be informative, innovative and simple to explore. It should focus on interaction and simplicity, be not complicated and incorporate the things that are expected.

Review and Commenting Options

Review or comment providing is critical to accumulate a reputation. Let users report bugs, suggestions or complaints, then give them review about the further changes or improvements and fixes by using an open forum. It will be valued that their recommendations are heard and approved. It helps in enhance trust and reliability.

Push Notifications

Notification is the most essential feature for direct interaction with your customers or users by pushed notification on their device. It is used for writing on new features, sending promotional deals that drive commitment and monetization opportunities.


By optimizing content, responsive, framework functionality, the experience can be according to meet user’s needs. Things can be moved around an interface to preference user’s taste, interesting themes can be chosen and colors, text styles, different elements identified with the visual design can be changed.

Augmented Reality

A creative and dynamic feature that permits “to try before purchase” model. This model empowers to take a stab at new things or products dependent on users’ characteristics to build their ability before settling on a choice to buy. AR feature goes past the domains of the real world and furnishes with something energizing and amazingly interactive.

Social Integration

Social integration is a key feature for customers connecting and brand awareness within the app environment. Integrating with social channels simplifies the signing up process by retrieving data from the channel, enables sharing creative post about various events to left users engaged with the application.

Google Maps

It is a generally new feature that allows navigating inside indoor areas (shopping centers, libraries, sports venues or community hall). Indoor-maps include is helpful for finding the shortest way to a specific store inside a shopping center, or navigating a large community hall, finding the nearest restaurants, or cafés etc.

Hopefully, this mobile app post helps you with your business growth. Stay tuned for more updates!