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ByDavid Adamson

7 Best Crypto Exchanges to Buy/Sell Crypto Coin Like Bitcoin in 2022

There are many digital payment currency, which has been created to provide a faster and more secure means for making payments globally. The coin can be used by anyone for sending/receiving digital money worldwide.

Bitcoin is based on blockchain technology which uses consensus for the processing of transactions.

People who are also interested in the trading coins can do so at any of the exchanges where the coin is listed. For this purpose,

Here are the top 7 Exchanges where you can buy/sell crypto coins now.

1. P2PB2B

P2pb2b‌ is one of the most used and probably the best crypto trading platforms, for many reasons. It is highly secure and keeps most of the coins in cold wallets for added protection. P2pb2b‌ also works aggressively for the promotion of new and startups that have good potential. So, if you are looking to invest in a new coin, P2pb2b‌ is probably the best exchange for the purpose. The platform is available in multiple languages and all the services are completely legal, so you can be assured that your money is in safe hands.

2. Mercatox

Mercatox exchange is another great place to trade coins. The tagline “One platform. So many possibilities.” says a lot about the quality and features of the exchange, and it is not far from the truth. With Mercatox, you can trade many digital and crypto-currencies. It supports multiple e-wallets, payment methods, margin trading, lending, peer-to-peer currency exchange and many other things that you’ll not find with any other exchange.

3. NovaExchange (

Nova Exchange is one of the popular crypto exchange platforms. It supports over 300 digital assets which can be traded for each other. BTC, DOGE, LTC, are some of the most popular coins being traded via the exchange.

Many cryptocurrencies have been listed on the Nova Exchange to get exposure to a wide number of cryptocurrencies from all over the world, enabling investors to trade their coins for other, more profitable digital assets. Since Nova Exchange supports only high-potential coins, irrespective of value,

4. SouthXchange (

SouthXchange is one of the best platforms for trading for bitcoin and several other top cryptocurrencies. The exchange is known for features like fast and secure trading, low trading/withdrawal fee, real-time data updates, etc.

Another interesting thing is that SouthXchange is a mobile-friendly exchange, which means you can also trade coin using your smartphone device on the go.


Enmanet is a modern digital asset exchange platform which was developed for global markets. Besides a simple yet streamlined listing approach, the exchange offers many features like instant trade execution, secure and multi-tier digital asset wallets, high-grade security mechanisms, and more.

With the mission to increase the worldwide adoption of cryptocurrencies, Enmanet platform excessively supports the listing of new, high-potential coins such as Bitcoin.

6. Crex24 (

Crex24 is a rather new trading platform which is slowly rising to popularity. The best thing about this exchange is that you can trade both top currencies (like Bitcoin, ETH, LTC and more) as well as rare yet important coins like Bitcoin here.

Some of the outstanding features of the Crex24 exchange platform include a simple and easy-to-use interface, real-time price updates, high-level data security, etc.

7. CoinExchange ( is a leading exchange platform for altcoins. The platform supports a large variety of cryptocurrencies. It is particularly beneficial for smaller and less popular currencies which are yet to make big in the market. Coin Exchange platform aims to provide a stable price market for beginners and expert crypto traders alike.

Apart from cryptocurrencies, the exchange is also likely to support multiple other digital assets.

Besides the ones mentioned above, you can also trade Bitcoin on various other platforms including ESCODEX, P2PB2B, Mercatox and many more.

ByDavid Adamson

Cryptocurrency Wallet App Development – Is It The Future of Blockchain Technology?

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.

The law of evolution stated by Charles Darwin a couple of decades back still holds true in the case of businesses that are fighting in the blood-thirsty competition to survive, grow, and prosper. This is why, increasingly, the businesses are gravitating towards the adoption of innovative technologies to stay and thrive in the game.

With unprecedented innovations and amazing use cases of mobile, wearable, AR, VR, AI, IoT, and pretty more, if you think technology evolution has reached a saturation level. You are absolutely wrong. The not-so-old kid on the tech block- blockchain technology is ready to take the world by storm.   

Let’s understand what blockchain is:

Blockchain technology is actually a decentralized ledger that’s made up of blocks (or nodes) that are securely linked with each other through the cryptographic link to form a chain. In a distributed ledger, each block on the chain is distributed but not copied, and immutable in nature, but can be shared with no central authority. 

The ingenious invention that’s transforming the universe is originally brought to the world by the pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto which is underlying technology behind cryptocurrency (Bitcoin). Later, the tech has evolved into something bigger and now, it has become a backbone of the several cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash and Ripple, etc.

What are cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that’s used to execute the financial transactions securely due to cryptography. Security, no central authority, immunity to changes, no bank or government regulation or control, and no third-party involvement are the biggest allures of the cryptocurrency. That’s the reason it’s emerged as a great alternative form of payment to cash, credit cards, and checks.

The payment through cryptocurrency has certainly gained an upper hand in the world economy, but still not reliable and convenient in the age of mobile wallet app development. This need led the creation of cryptocurrency wallet app development which is a highly secure, convenient, and reliable option for the financial transactions.

Take a quick glance at the Cryptocurrency Wallet Application Development:

The cryptocurrency wallet app shares a resemblance with the digital mobile wallets that enable transferring funds, making transactions, peer-to-peer sharing, and pretty more. This type of wallet use cryptocurrency like bitcoin as a digital currency to enable quick, easy, and secure financial transaction without having intermediaries in between. The smart contract securely validates the transaction between different parties based on the pre-defined set of conditions.

There are different types of cryptocurrency wallets such as mobile wallet, web wallet, a desktop wallet, and hardware wallet that works on the same concept but have different accessibility and utilities. These wallets are carving a distinctive niche in the market due to the easy access it provides to the users access the funds in the form of wallet app.

The role of Blockchain Technology In it:

The cryptocurrency wallet app is an independent part of the blockchain’s public network where the information regarding every transaction is recorded, and reviewed and tracked by the user at any point of time. The app allows the user to turn the cryptocurrency into real paper money through QR code scanning that can be used for money transfer or shopping (Just in a few countries).

The wallet app can be created, locked, blocked, or deleted anytime without requiring any kind of user registration through a financial institution, or government. The cryptocurrencies can be sold through banks in a few nations. The peer-to-peer mechanism is also available that facilitates transparent and secure transactions. 

Most of the cryptocurrencies have their own apps while some prefer the users to use third-party apps to send and receive cryptocurrency in a secured fashion. It indicates the wallet apps allow the users to interact with different blockchains while conducting a transaction in digital currency.   

Benefits of Cryptocurrency Wallet Application Development

  • The transaction becomes cheaper and faster

Either opening a bank account or creating a wallet app and conducting transactions require the users to visit the bank or financial institutions where the users are required to wait for some time and additional fees or charges is the part and parcel of the game. This is not the case with cryptocurrency as the user can create, setup and start using the wallet app in a matter of minutes with no additional questions to answer or fee to pay.

Additionally, there are some countries like Europe that allow users to buy anything using paper cryptocurrency with minimal charges involved. Therefore, with no broker or third-party involvement, the transaction becomes easy, inexpensive, and quick.  

  • No centralized regulation

The cryptocurrency doesn’t play by rules because it’s not supported by national banks and not obliged to meet any nation’s regulation. Besides, maintaining and making transactions through cryptocurrency is not restricted by any of the state and bank presets, just the way they are imposed on national currency (bank monitors every transaction, impose high commission charges, restrict cash out on bank deposit or cash circulation, and more).

No government or bank has control over the cryptocurrency transactions that are done through wallets, which makes it decentralized.

  • Global acceptance

It’s an international currency whose value remains same in every corner of the world, which means no matter where the users are, they can make transactions having one wallet with no issues of the current exchange rate. Moreover, trading or sending cryptocurrency abroad is as easier and faster as going to the neighborhood because there is no restriction on the transaction amount, no excessive commission for international transaction, and transactions can be accomplished in a couple of clicks.

  • Unmatched safety level

The cryptocurrency wallet has gone the extra mile to keep the transactions secure. With cryptography linking, public and private keys to conduct transactions and record immutability, the wallet gets protected against different ways of scamming. The wallets also allow the users to store data offline through cold keeping that makes it impossible to hack the data through the internet. The users can keep all the cryptocurrencies cold and just transfer the amount to address that needs an internet connection, which makes the wallet robust secure to use.

  • The great degree of anonymity

Cryptocurrency wallets are owned by the user who has created the account and no third-party has control over them. They are absolutely anonymous and transparent as the user can make endless transactions without revealing the name, phone number, or other details. The users can track only the last transactions and stay unaware of what the receiver did with the cryptocurrency. 

Future implications of cryptocurrency wallet

The several advantages and enormous potential of the cryptocurrency wallet clear up the air that soon people stop looking at this wallet as exotic and unusual. Simplicity, speed, and convenience are the key factors due to which wallet is gaining major attention and wider adoption across the globe. It’s expected to continue in the years to come.

In the developed nations, the hardware-powered cryptocurrency wallets, ATMs for cryptocurrencies, and POS terminals for cryptocurrency in the shop are already getting used and leading players are also joining the race. Moreover, the investors, billionaires, and even some governments supporting the cryptocurrency wallet initiative.

It’s a sign, the great hype created around cryptocurrency wallet and blockchain will not burst like a balloon, it’s here to stay as a powerful digital financial transaction tool.  

ByDavid Adamson

Blockchain Technology – Development And Use Cases

The crypto stores initially pursued the task of creating a cryptocurrency that would not depend on a third party and possess the properties of cash currency in the electronic world: an instantaneous exchange of funds for a product or service. It is for this purpose that the blockchain technology was developed, which allowed rethinking the approach to solving problems in other areas.

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Use cases of blockchain technology


The use of cryptocurrency as a payment instrument was the first use of blockchain technology and became widespread in the black and unregulated markets. The goal of the creators of the first digital currencies was achieved, but for the average consumer, this is not the preferred method. Blockchain is by its nature much more convenient for sellers than for buyers:

• The inability to cancel the transaction and get back the money for a defective product or service;

• The only thing that provides security and access to an electronic wallet is a private key, in case of loss of which funds are lost forever.

Smart contracts

The blockchain technology allows you to create distributed applications on a basis, the code of which is executed on the machines of the network participants. The principle of operation of contracts is very simple.

This allows you to draw up contracts in the form of executable code that will be executed in any case: it is protected from human factors and violations of the rules. Errors in the development of an interpreter of smart contracts can be avoided using open source software.

Data storage

Since the blockchain is essentially a distributed database, you can store any information in it, not just transaction records. This approach will ensure the reliability and availability of information for all network participants at any time. However, in systems of distributed data storage on the blockchain, data is encrypted and distributed between network nodes, which makes the process of changing data very slow and unreliable.


The principle of eliminating the control device between remote subscribers allows implementing a fair voting model based on the blockchain, where it is impossible to juggle the results.

The resulting distributed application can be used to manage the assets of not only the Ether currency but also any others.

Applicability of blockchain technology

It is important to understand when the blockchain is really necessary and not to try to use it absolutely in all areas. Although this desire is understandable – the technology itself is incredibly curious and carries great opportunities.

Many critics of the blockchain say that in 10 years of its existence, no one has come up with a killer app; an application that would conquer the market and become universally used. Perhaps such a system using only blockchain will never appear, but its own niche and narrow scope of application will definitely be found. You should meet with blockchain development companies to hire blockchain developers.

Development and support by companies


Many companies are interested in studying and developing blockchain technology. For example, in VMware, an entire research department was created that studies the impact of the blockchain on the field of financial technologies in general. They formed their unique vision, which is based on five points:

• Private distributed storage systems without using proof of work (PoW);

• High-speed data replication;

• The world of many blockchains; not a single network;

• Transaction support with cross-transaction capability;

• Built-in membership management;

We strongly recommend that you read the publications of VMware researchers to anyone who wants to learn more about the work of the blockchain and the future of this technology.

In addition, BlockChain on vSphere is a ready-made solution for users of VMware services which allows you to create your network in a few simple steps.


In 2015, the Linux Foundation group founded an umbrella open source software project for the blockchain and related tools – HyperLedger, which is designed to support the joint development of distributed registry technologies based on the blockchain.

The HyperLedger project also has its own research center, which accumulates the experience of many companies: from the consulting and financial sector to the IT giants.


NEO is an open blockchain for smart economy. The creators aim to develop an ecosystem of smart contracts based on their network.

At the core of NEO is a proof-of-ownership model which makes it possible to achieve up to 10,000 operations per second. NeoGPS cryptocurrency is used as a deposit, and NeoGas is used to pay transaction fees, which is created when new units are received and distributed among Neo owners.


NEO Developer Contest was held with a prize pool of $490,000 in partnership with Microsoft. Participants were invited to submit a prototype of the application using the capabilities of smart contracts NEO.

Separately, it is worth noting the presence of support for several programming languages (Java, Python, C#) which permits using blockchain capabilities in existing systems and not waste time learning a new language.

Based on Neo, private blockchain can be implemented. The creator of the network immediately gets 100 million Neo at his/her disposal and can use them as a currency for applications or other purposes. For maintenance and initial launch of the network, a minimum of 4 machines are required, which can be created in one private cloud.

These are some of the applications and the development that takes place on the blockchain technology. Businesses from different fields are integrating this technology into their daily activities to ease processes. You can hire a blockchain developer by contacting blockchain development companies.

ByDavid Adamson

Step By Step Guide To Starting Your First ICO Project

Starting an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) token sale might feel like a troublesome task to those who are just beginning in the crypto industry. But if you know just the right approach, you can save yourself a lot of money and time and make things quite smooth while starting and running an ICO.

With that purpose, we are today going to share a brief yet complete guide to starting the first ICO project.

But, first things first.

What is an ICO?

ICO, or Initial Coin Offering, is a new kind of fundraising method in which the issuing company sells a new cryptocurrency (token) in exchange for investors’ money, usually as a way to raise funds for a new project.

How to start your own ICO

Here’s a step-by-step guide to starting and running a successful ICO token sale.

Step 1: About the Project

Start by telling people about your project. You simply cannot expect anyone to invest in your ICO unless you tell them everything about the project and convince how investing in it will profit them.

For this, you must have a very good idea of the project concept and the problem it is trying to solve. Then, you need to find a USP (Unique Selling Point) that makes your ICO better or different from the existing ICOs. Then, start telling about it by writing on your ICO website, writing in the whitepaper and sharing on social media and other places.

The more people know about your project, the more likely they are to become a part of it.

For instance, DAVX coin, which is a digital payment currency, is all about providing an alternative to bitcoin by making digital payments convenient and secure. By spreading the message all over the internet, social media, forums, etc. they are making sure that the investors know about the coin before investing in the ICO.

Step 2: Project (ICO) Calendar or Roadmap

The project roadmap is also an important thing to include on your ICO website/whitepaper in order to give investors a clear idea of how the project will proceed, when and how you are planning to hold the ICO sale and what happens after that. So, make sure to craft a good and achievable roadmap for your project and convey the same to your targeted audiences.

Step 3: Technical Specifications (Whitepaper)

While most of the novice investors may not ask for the technical specifications of the project before buying your tokens, a professional/experienced investor always will.

Technical specifications include the technical details of the project, including the blockchain type, implementation mechanism, token details, smart contract, mining process (if there is the mining of coins), etc. Make sure to explain everything in detail in your ICO whitepaper.

Step 4. Smart Contract

Smart Contract is a blockchain application that is created mainly for the purpose to work as a digital contract for the users of a blockchain network. Smart contracts are written in computer code and can be customized to validate any kind of digital transactions such as payments, contracts, ownership transfer, etc.

Every ICO which is powered by blockchain technology must have a smart contract to digitally and fairly process the investors’ money. The smart contract must be available to investors on request.

Step 5. Explain How The Project Makes (or will make) Money

One of the major concerns of the investors of any new ICO is whether the project is even capable of giving a return on the investments. No investor will ever want to put their money in a project which does not have a proper revenue mechanism.

For instance, a digital currency will be used for payments as well as for trading on exchanges. So, the investors can earn profits by using or trading/holding the coin.

Similarly, the issuers of new ICOs must also have a clear and proper mechanism for revenue generation for the platform as well as for the project investors. Do explain the same in your project whitepaper.

Step 6. Lending Program

If there is a lending program associated with the project, make sure to specify it in detail in the whitepaper. A lending program is where the issuing company allows token-holders to lend/borrow money in exchange for cryptocurrencies.

Other than the lending program, you may run other user-exclusive programs such as crypto exchange, in-wallet transfer, etc.

Step 7. Affiliate Program

Also commonly known as Airdrop program, this involves paying a commission (usually in the form of tokens) to the people who bring investors to your ICO. An Airdrop program may also involve paying free tokens to those who help promote the ICO via several means such as social media, communities, etc.

If you are running an affiliate/airdrop program with your ICO, make sure to convey it properly with the potential audiences.

Step 8. Listing on Top ICO sites

In order to get your ICO more popular and increase its reach to more and more people, you must mandatorily list it to various ICO listing sites such as ICOBench, CoinHills, ICOHolder, FoundICO, ICOBazaar, etc.

The ICO listing process on these sites is quite simple. You’ll have to provide the details of your ICO along with an option for potential investors to connect. Then, you can sit back and wait for investors to start pouring (depending on how good your project actually is).

Step 9. News Section

Adding a news/blog section to your ICO website is another very promising way of creating engagement and converting traffic into sales. Keep your website’s news section up to date with the latest updates about the project, investment tips, ICO tips, etc. Add a comment section to your blog and always reply to user comments to further create engagement on your posts.

Step 10. Future of the Project

Last but not least, you should have a clear vision for the future of your ICO project. Any investor who wants to invest in your token/coin would first like to know about your future plans. You should be able to convince them in a genuine way that the project will succeed in the future and have great potential for the same. The thing that I like the most about ICOs is that anyone can start them. But that is also the thing that makes them dangerous, as anyone (even a fraud person/company having no intent to develop anything actually) can start an ICO. Investors are, therefore, becoming very careful when investing in a new token or ICO. Make sure that you deliver a good ICO experience with all the things mentioned here.

ByDavid Adamson

Diem Coin – A New Digital Currency Developed by FACEBOOK

Diem is a cryptocurrency developed on blockchain technology. It is launched by the most popular social media giant Facebook. The main motto behind shaping Diem is to empower millions of unbanked and under banked people by giving them equal financial opportunities and to bring everyone on to a single financial platform.

Diem, will help you in faster and quicker transactions, one can experience the lightning transaction with minimal or no charges. You can sit in your home and transfer money to another person who is in the other part of the world. And to this, all you need is a mobile with data connectivity.

Diem is developed on Blockchain technology, it is a decentralized programmable database that helps in backing the more stable currency, that will have the capability to become the medium of exchange for transacting money to millions of people around the world.

Diem is an independent association, it is a non-profit organization running with a vision to provide basic financial infrastructure and global currency to emancipate millions of people. Libra Association is formed by the compilation of validator nodes, mostly they are academic entities, international corporations, and social impact partners.

The Diem Blockchain is an assigned system that supervises exchange and ownership of Libra. In the process of transacting Libra, there is a slight chance of attacks on the system and here Blockchain helps in defending attacks using LibraBFT.

A perfectly developed and secured software is a must to protect the Diem Blockchain. A new programming language called MOVE is used in Diem. It is a safe and reliable programming language for Libra Blockchain. It is a sensible bytecode language used to implement smart transactions and smart contracts.

Diem is definitely a game changer in the field of cryptocurrency as it is backed by a stable reserve, there is no need of worrying about the fluctuations in the value of the Diem.

Libra Coin – A New Digital Currency Developed by FACEBOOK comes with an interesting infographic on Diem Cryptocurrency, checkout the following infographic and lets us know your feedback on it.

Note: Facebook changed its cryptocurrency project name from Libra Coin to Diem Association. Diem (formerly known as Libra) is digital currency by the American social media company Facebook, Inc. – Wikipedia

ByDavid Adamson

Taiwan – An Upcoming Blockchain Leader

With an area of 13,826 square miles and a population of 23 million, Taiwan is one of the smallest countries in Asia. But despite its size, this tiny East Asian island is serious about innovation and is set to become the next crypto capital of the world.

The island has made major efforts to advance the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. These advancements have made the Asian nation-state an attractive destination for tech start-ups focussing on Blockchain.

Taiwan’s journey to becoming the next crypto capital of the world is fuelled, in part, by the efforts of one parliamentary congressman by the name Jason Hsu. Nicknamed the ‘Crypto Congressman’ by Ethereum cofounder Vitalik Buterin, Jason Hsu is on a mission to integrate blockchain technology on a national scale and promote the use of the technology on applications beyond cryptocurrencies. The goal is to make Taiwan a haven for people and organizations working on different applications of blockchain technology.

Who’s Jason Hsu?

So, who is Jason Hsu? How exactly does he hope to make the island ripe for blockchain development and integrate the tech in the public sector? Jason Hsu became an official legislator and a member of the parliament in 2016.

Before becoming a parliamentary congressman, Hsu was a Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur. He is a vocal proponent of blockchain and crypto in terms of Self-Regulatory Organizations (SROs). In his role as a congressman, Hsu has made it clear that Taiwan is open to blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation.

Before joining politics, Jason Hsu worked as an advisor to the prime minister focusing on developing information and technology-related policy. Since then, Hsu has been involved in the drafting of several legislations relating to virtual currency, autonomous vehicles, cybersecurity, and other technologies. Jason Hsu is very passionate about turning Taiwan to a blockchain island.

But how does the former Silicon Valley techpreneur plan to achieve that? By using his legislative powers to bridge the gap between technology and public policy and remove legal barriers to technology innovation in Taiwan.

Walking the Talk 

Since becoming a legislator, Jason Hsu has done a great job at introducing legislation aimed at helping Taiwan become a blockchain island. In an interview with Jason Hsu, one of our writers asked the learned exactly how the Taiwanese ‘crypto congressman’ plans to turn his dream of a blockchain island to reality.

In December 2017, Jason Hsu facilitated the creation of Taiwan’s fintech regulatory sandbox. The sandbox allowed selected start-ups to launch new products and services with some immunity from existing regulation for up to one year.

The Financial Technology Experimentation and Innovation Act, popularly known as Regulatory Sandbox Bill, is a historical regulatory overhaul that will usher in a new era for the island’s fintech. Creating the sandbox was a response for the Chinese government decision to block websites offering Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) for new cryptocurrencies in mainland China two months earlier.

Ready and willing to walk the talk, Jason Hsu approaches his goal of helping Taiwan become a blockchain island with an entrepreneurial mindset.

What About Taiwan That Makes It Ripe for Blockchain And Technology Development?

With the help of Congressman Jason Hsu, authorities in Taiwan are making huge strides toward turning the nation-state to a blockchain island. The ‘blockchain congressman’ has helped create a bipartisan alliance designed to help support the blockchain industry.

The parliamentary coalition is currently working on implementing a number of crypto and blockchain legislations that nurture and cultivate blockchain and fintech and attract more start-ups to the island.

Jason Hsu is a former Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur. He’s the leading effort in transforming Taiwan into a blockchain island. The East Asian island has passed — or is in the process of passing — legislation designed to attract blockchain start-ups. Jason Hsu believes that the island is in a unique position to implement and develop blockchain technology.

According to the congressman, Taiwan’s large pool of talent has the potential to pilot and pioneer projects that can build actual applications for the blockchain and build Taiwan as a blockchain island.

ByDavid Adamson

What are the Challenges and Risks that are possessed by IoT & Blockchain

Blockchain is essentially a database that is home to constantly growing data records. It has got a distributive nature which means there is no parent computer that manages the entire chain of blockchain technology.

There are numerous nodes that participate in the system and have a copy of the chain. Nature is ever growing because silos of data keep adding to the database.

So, when a person adds a transaction to the chain, all the participating nodes in the link will validate that transaction. This is done by applying the algorithm to the transaction which verifies the validity.

The validity will differ from system to system and each valid transaction will be defined for a particular blockchain system. The majority of the participants will have to agree to validate the transaction.

A bundle of validated transactions are made into a block and then sent to all the nodes in the link. They also have to validate the new block created. Each successive block contains a hash, which is a unique fingerprint, of the previous block.

What are the challenges in Blockchain in IoT?

Coin Ideology Digital that is a blockchain marketing company is sharing with you challenges in Blockchain with IOT.

Scalability issues: The scalability problem vis-a-vis the size of Blockchain ledger may effectuate into centralization. The progress over the time entailed some sort of record management which raises questions of eclipsing the future of Blockchain technology. 

Processing power and time: The Blockchain based IoT ecosystem is comprised of diverse devices that function on different computing capabilities. This means performing encryption algorithms will not be easy for the objects that are a part of Blockchain.

All these varied objects will not get along in running the same encryption algorithms at a particular speed as needed.

Storage will be a big problem: Blockchain does not need a central server for storing transactions and device Ids. The ledger has to be stored on the nodes themselves, and the ledger will definitely augment its size over a period of time.

This will go on to become something that is beyond the capabilities of different smart devices such as sensors, which do not have high storage capacity.

What are the risks of using Blockchain in IoT?

Since Blockchain is a relatively new technology and is in a very nascent stage, there may be numerous problems swept under the rug and have not been detected. The new technology will obviously come with new risks.

Therefore, it is imperative that an organization is prepared with its umbrella of mitigation plans before the hurricane of problems arrive. You must be ready with analysis, assessment, and reduction of the risks anticipated with the introduction of this technology.

Vendor Risks:

The present-day trend is that most of the organizations looking to induct blockchain-based applications deploy the system completely in-house. They do not have the required skills and expertise to develop such a blockchain based system and also suffer from the inability to enforce smart contracts. The organizations refrain from reaching out for vendors for designing of blockchain applications.

The credibility of the vendors says a lot about the value of these blockchain applications. Since Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) is in its incubation stage, business organizations should consider banking on vendors or blockchain development company that can cull out robust applications capable of mitigating the concomitant risks of the blockchain technology.

Credential Security: Blockchain is a very safe technology and the security is beefed up by its high-security levels. However, a blockchain based system’s security is dependent on the system’s access point. In present times, these systems do not provide multi-factor authentication.

This means that in a public blockchain system any individual having the private key of any user will be able to sign transactions on the public ledger. Another problem is that when an account’s private keys are lost, it will eventually lead to loss of data, funds, and other information managed by the account.

Legal and Compliance: There is no jurisprudence in the domain of blockchain technology which means there is a lack of a framework that determines right and their infringements. In the absence of any legal precedents to follow, there is a great risk posed on the IoT manufacturers and IoT development service providers.

This is a big challenge and is likely to become a bottleneck for businesses planning to switch over to Blockchain technology.

What is an ideal secure IoT Model?

A secure model of IoT is to be introduced with stringent validity checks, data encryption at all the levels, data verification, and authentication. In order to create an ideal secure model, the most important thing is to build in security in the very foundation of the IoT system.

In the absence of a secure and solid structure, the system will become very prone to threats and risks. The addition of different devices to the IoT will up the ante even more. The need of the hour is to design privacy protected IoT system.

ByDavid Adamson

How To Get Traffic By Instagram For Cryptocurrency Project

Cryptocurrency is an encoded, computerized, and decentralized cash that utilizes blockchain innovation. The blockchain innovation is amazingly secure and it’s really difficult to hack. It’s decentralized and individual units of cash are constrained by the general population that possesses it.

As an expression of digital money “cryptocurrency “ is humming with a new project and ICOs are launching nearly on regular routine, it’s essential to use every single imaginable channel, including social organizations. An Instagram standout amongst all other social networks to promote any type of ICOs and other cryptocurrency projects.

You can utilize the advantages of this kind of cash. This is something that isn’t associated with banks or any association. Resource tokenization is the new pattern of 2018. It’s presently quickly turning into a boundless instrument everywhere throughout the blockchain world. Today we can see the increasing number of individuals that are participating in creating and utilizing this innovation. The tokenization has turned into a perfect instrument for computerized resources and new quickly developing markets.

On the sixth of February, BANKEX’s MediaToken proposed a project that will empower the tokenization of Instagram accounts to gain profit from future advertising on the record. Turismospain was the first Instagram account to utilize this imaginative device – its tokens have just been issued and they are being exchanged on the trade.


Instagram was picked by MediaToken as the primary internet-based life stage for record tokenization because of a reason that in this digital world it is one of the quickest developing informal social media platforms. Instagram multiplied its supporters in 2017 contrasted with 2016 and made about $4 billion because of its new highlights like Stories and new channels. Additionally, the publicizing income is relied upon to reach $ 10 billion of every 2019.

Instagram can be an amazingly incredible channel with regards for displaying your images, videos, and items. However, a lot of advertisers aren’t utilizing the platform to its fullest potential with regards to redirect the audience to their sites. Buy real Instagram video views with your attractive content and earn money.

Instagram says you can’t connects your site directly in the posts so because of that your chances to drive direct traffic from Instagram are limited, which makes it hard for organizations who are hoping to manage their gatherings of people to their website. On the splendid side, Instagram has dependably enabled clients to have one outer connection in their profile, which makes it a prime area to urge guests to navigate to your site.

But instead of simply embedding your site’s landing page URL, you ought to tackle this connect to help further your business objectives. When you begin pondering utilizing your Instagram profile to drive traffic, you’ll open up such a large number of chances to develop your business – and the primary spot to begin is with improving your profile interface and try to optimize your bio link.

Here are three interesting points that will help you while strategizing on the most proficient method to utilize your connection in Instagram bio:

1. Distinguish Your Business Goals

Since in Instagram you’re just permitted one connection in your profile so you need to ensure that it will change over, and help you in achieving your business objectives.

Would you like to improve your deals? looking to develop your pamphlet supporters? Then, in that case, the initial step to buy Instagram video views for your post is to connect Instagram bio to have a consideration on what you need to accomplish when individuals visit your profile.

When you have your objective at the top of the priority list, you can recognize which connection will work best – for instance, in case you’re hoping to develop your bulletin endorsers, you should interface legitimately to a point of arrival where Instagram followers can join your mailing list. You can have an idea by looking at how some the account is utilizing it and managing their activities in the social profile. This is a powerful method to drive followers to where they need them to go and enable them to get their sign up for the business goals.

Try not to risk losing your group of people by sending them to your site and asking they discover your site to find sign up form.You should have more focus on connecting the right targeted URL which is more beneficial for your business.

Additionally, twofold watch that each connection you use in your profile works, and goes legitimately to were you targeted. Never, irritate your followers with your minor mistakes. Nothing’s more baffling to a client than a broken connection which can let you chance of losing deals as well as Instagram followers too.

2. Improve Your Instagram Link in Bio

While your Instagram bio connects is just a little piece of what makes up your profile, it tends to be powerful in the event that you streamline it.

Today, there are instruments like by Later which empower you to include connections or label items in Instagram presents on transforming your feed into an interactive, improved point of arrival.

That implies that with, every one of your Instagram posts can lead your group of onlookers to explicit pages on your site. By structure this association among Instagram and your marked site, you can push your group of followers to rapidly and effectively discover the items or data they’re searching for while looking through your Instagram feed.

When it’s set up, you should simply remind and control your supporters to tap the connection in your profile – a straightforward suggestion to take action from your posts’ inscriptions and Instagram Stories regularly functions admirably.

Way of life and news distribution Well + Good has actualized an Instagram procedure to advance numerous articles every day from their profile. By enhancing the connection in their Instagram bio with, their Instagram traffic expanded 179% year over year.

Instagram is, obviously, building up its own devices for advancing things inside pictures, and even recordings, with its Shopping Tags as of late extended to Instagram Storie’s substance, and it’s coming Checkout choice to encourage in-stream purchasing.

These capacities are still some time far from being taken off to all clients, be that as it may, so elective methods like may give a suitable option in contrast to numerous organizations.

3. Concentrate on Your Instagram Bio and Post Content

Despite what your objective is, ensure your profile duplicate is endeavoring to drive your followers to click that interface.

Investing some energy exploring your profile duplicate will truly satisfy – one thing to consider when composing your profile that should have embedded strong call to action in your lines. This content will help you in gathering your followers to click directly on your link and hence increases the profit for your business.

We all know social networks strategists are improving their creativity so that the can grow attention for their link. Some of the popular ways to drive traffic for your sites are emojis, images, videos, quotes, etc. To make their bio stand out Huff Post makes use of special characters, icons, attractive fonts.

So, whenever you plan to post something in the future, always try to embed call to action in your post captions, stories and make your followers directly to your bio to find out more links. This is something that always works to gather more traffic to your business goal. Be consistent and active to gain more profit.

Driving traffic to your website, an Instagram bio can play an important role and be a real game changer as it can convert Instagram followers into potential customers without investing much amount of money, time or efforts, Build a great strategy for it and optimize your Instagram bio a powerful tool for traffic driver

4. Post Quality Content

When your token dispatch, ensure you post however have much substance as could be expected to put on internet-based profile, particularly your blog. Particularly amid the time of your token prelaunch, dispatch and token deal, make as much straightforwardness and data around your undertaking, mission, and vision as could be allowed. Plain and straightforward. post with a  good quality substance can be a great deal. A big difference can be seen in the crypto project with good communication.

5. Consistency public communication is key for traffic

Remember that you regularly informing your community on what the team is doing on the crypto project. Try to communicate daily, monthly to keep your followers updated. You don’t need to be like those that never post, this can lose your audience interest about your project.

Be confident in your team and the progress you are making. You have to gain the trust of your target audience. A transparent and open communication will help you in gaining trust.

6. Careful about account logins, posting access and user permissions

You ought to have an extremely tight command over the record logins and the presenting access on the official brand profiles that you run. Not every person in your group should most likely sign in and post onto your internet-based social profiles.

Most web-based life the executive’s devices enable you to set distinctive clients to get to levels and posting consents. Just a couple of individuals ought to have the administrator level that enables them to post and they ought to likewise be the ones that audit the posts from other colleagues and affirm them before distributing.

There have been cases with internet-based life accounts being controlled by understudies who have committed errors and in the return, they have faced the problem.

7.  Normally assess the presence and measure the outcomes

Consistently assess the presence and measure the aftereffects of your promoting, substance and network exercises. Set development objectives and key execution markers, for example, the absolute size of your group of onlookers, the development, traffic on your site, number of internet based profile engagement, and the number of your token holders.

Contrast likewise your numbers with the quantities of your rivals. Benchmarking is straightforward in online life as most numbers are accessible openly so they are effectively caught and thought about.

ByTolu Ajiboye

Why Blockchain Will Fail: Blockchain Will Not Go Global Anytime Soon

In this blog post, we will share with you why blockchain will fail. Please read the blog post till the end.

For over a decade now, blockchain technology has been used in a large number of ways and up till today, more and more ways for the use of blockchain are being researched. Many sectors – especially health and energy all over the world – have benefited considerably well from this technology.

Also, if you’re a supporter of the Internet of Things (IoT) era, you can probably sit down and in the next few minutes, come up with different ways blockchain technology can be used in the advancement of the IoT. But with all this, one hard question on many minds and which we all must answer is “Why hasn’t blockchain been properly adopted all over the world?”

The current biggest use for blockchain technology is cryptocurrency. The different digital assets are built based on this framework even though some of them have their own custom chains e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum and much more recently, Binance.

If the benefits of blockchain tech are this great, then what really is the problem? Why Blockchain Will Fail? Are ten years too long or too small? A few obstacles that must be overcome before global adoption is sure are listed below.

Difficulty in Understanding

The truth about blockchain technology, whether directly linked to cryptocurrency or not, is that there are still a lot of people who find it really difficult to understand how it really works. There cannot be proper global adoption if many people still view this knowledge as obscure and are unwilling to really digest it.

Even if we do move away from those who are downright stubborn and reluctant to learn, we have to take account of a large number of people who actually do want to learn but find all the details so tedious that they quickly lose interest. Is there a simple way to explain blockchain technology? Can we simplify it so well that people can understand and would be willing to give it a shot?

Absence of Regulation

A lot of blockchain proponents are very excited about the technology because of the absence of regulation. No one controls the blockchain and no one person has heavy authority over anything that happens using this technology. This is a fantastic feature but also a problematic one, simultaneously.

Cryptocurrency, for example, is great because it cannot exactly be impacted by the world’s governments and financial regulatory bodies. This means that money is largely unencumbered and no one can stop you from receiving some crypto in your wallet. On the hand, however, the lack of regulation scares many people who think that crypto is very risky and might not be worth a try.

Everyone currently knows that the markets are largely unpredictable and extremely volatile, so how exactly do we convince people to invest in something so unstable and fickle while reminding them that it’s completely deregulated?

Exploitation from Crooks

One very important feature of blockchain technology is its anonymity. Another one, deliberately separated from the first here, is its irrevocability. Even though transactions are public, there really is no way to tell who initiated what transaction and who was on the receiving end. What this means is that illegal activity being carried out on the blockchain is untraceable.

After getting over the fact that transactions can’t be traced, people still have to worry about the fact that they also can’t be reversed. This means that even if there was a way the anonymity could be unmasked, there is absolutely no way to revoke the transactions. Crypto is already the go-to currency in the deep-web exactly because of these features.


Transactions on the blockchain are generally purported to be considerably faster than regular payments. While this is right in some cases, there are other recorded cases where transactions are not completed until after several hours. The truth about this point is that there are some cases where something affects even traditional payments and people have to wait a while. However, the traditional payments are a more trusted method so even if there’s downtime, there isn’t a lot of worry.

For blockchain, if a transaction takes too much time, there may be some panic among the parties involved, especially if they’re new to the tech, because they know funds can easily be lost if there is a problem. How then do you convince people to use this technology when they know it can take time and they could lose their assets?

Transaction Complexity

The major way to send and receive crypto funds is to use an address. However, this is scary to most people because these addresses are too long and are made up of many different randomly placed letters and digits. First of all, most people can’t memorise their address.

Secondly, if you mistakenly put a wrong character somewhere, or you use a Bitcoin address to receive Ethereum, your funds are completely gone and irrecoverable. It really does seem like a little too much stress for the average person if they are being convinced to make the switch to blockchain technology.

What’s the Way Forward?

Expecting the world to be okay with blockchain technology and considerably adopt it any time soon, might be a bit of a pipe dream. There are still countries where the government is trying to make sure they do everything they can – which might not be much anyway – to stop people from using crypto and blockchain.

The benefits of blockchain technology could be pretty astounding but apart from patience added to the continued drive for mass adoption, is there another way to ensure blockchain technology goes global if all these problems aren’t solved?

About The Author

Tolu is a cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast. He likes to demystify crypto stories to the bare basics so that anyone anywhere can understand without too much background knowledge. When he’s not neck-deep in crypto stories, Tolu enjoys music, loves to sing and is an avid movie lover. Contact: Tolu.Ajiboye [at]

ByDavid Adamson

Importance of Liquidity in Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

In this blog, you will read about What is Liquidity? How do Cryptocurrency Exchanges work? and 5 Importance of Liquidity in Cryptocurrency Exchange Development.

What is Liquidity?

Liquidity refers to how easily an asset can be bought or sold at a stable price on a given market. The quicker you can sell off an asset as close to your asking price as possible, the more liquid an exchange is considered to be.

For cryptocurrency exchanges, liquidity can be supplied by specialized liquidity providers.

How Cryptocurrency Exchanges Work?

Cryptocurrencies are traded through either Centralized or decentralized exchanges. Those exchanges operate with a certain amount of buyers and sellers.

The market Participants create buying and selling through their bids. The Exchanges are also not trading at the same prices, but the price differences usually even out through simple market supply and demand.

Exchanges offering certain options, such as leverage, the option to short or fiat trading pairs are in a great advantage.

Additional drivers can include support for specific cryptocurrencies, where some exchanges specialize in supporting as many different cryptocurrencies as possible, while others support only a limited amount.

Importance of Liquidity

Fair of Price

A marketplace with high trading activity will ensure or rather force the sellers to sell at competitive prices and the buyers will naturally bid at higher prices.

This creates an equilibrium which was to be equitable for all the parties’ involved. The stability of that equilibrium is one of the greatest indicators of market stability. The most direct implication of market stability is fairness in pricing.

Faster Transactions

When something is said to be easily in the market for investments, it has to be essentially quick!

It is convenient to buy or sell cryptocurrencies of your choice in a liquid market as the orders will be quickly fulfilled because of a demand and a proportionally health supply. 

Trading Volume

The main factor that affects liquidity in the cryptocurrency market is that there are a lot of people who hold cryptocurrencies invest and trade coins for price increase instead of using them just as a medium of exchange.

Volume refers to the number of coins which have been traded in exchanges in the past 24 hours. The Volume here reflects the market activity of a particular coin, a higher volume shows that more and more people are buying and selling the coins.


The laws and regulations being followed in countries can have a huge impact on the liquidity. There are a few countries that have banned crypto trading.

This would further ruin the liquidity in that particular nation as a ban on digital currencies is equal to the ban on cryptocurrency exchange which means that it will be difficult for users to trade cryptocurrencies in that country.

If anyone is looking to own a cryptocurrency they will need to find a seller privately or rely on Peer-to-peer Platforms.


The credibility the volume and the cryptocurrency being accepted by the exchange depending on the acceptance of the currency by masses but also by merchants so that it can result in better creditability and Liquidity.

Bitcoin is being accepted as a transactional instrument by a few global companies like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and PayPal.

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