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ByDavid Adamson

How Do You Approach Social Media As B2C Marketers?

Marketing tactics can broadly deviate into two categories by the top-notched digital marketing company. B2B and B2C, these two categories can easily help the marketers to kno bw the concept, where B2C is abbreviated as business to customer.

It focuses directly on customers like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. And B2B is abbreviated as business to business. It focuses the client on the Client.

These two streams have their way to approach in means of social media. The concept behind the B2B is very simple, just know to handle the client based on their profile but it requires a strategy to acquire the goal to generate lead by the client. Thus social media is one of the approaches to get projects from the client to work.

The concept behind the b2C is to act upon the customer’s behavior. There are many tools to know the customer’s behavior to engage them with the product or services. You can use tools like Google analytics. It helps to analyze customer behavior and can easily track the strategy to be accomplishing the business by enhancing.

What is B2C Social Media Marketing?

7 Awesome Tips To Work On B2C Social Media Marketing Projects

Considering social media, it is important to know the mechanism of each platform because each platform has its dependency to reach the customers. Thus below I have given some tips to work on social media for the ICO projects marketers.

1.  Create A Plan Properly For Executing the Goal To Achieve

Executing a system without planning will lead the system to fail. Thus every profession must design a plan for executing its goal to achieve. Social media is big to cover the action. Creating content with an attaching image can reach many customers but only if it matches the customer’s requirement. You must know the time to work on features such as posting ads on social media. Try to use the sources of search engines and social media platforms completely. Such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram.

2. Why is Buyer Persona Important in B2C Social Media Marketing?

Knowing the customer’s need is important for every profession. To fulfill their needs is the work for every business professional. Thus marketers must analyze the buyer persona of their customers. It is based following on factors such as gender, age, location, and industry. Each factor is important to calculate the business size and scope. Through Facebook insights, it’s easy to target the audience by selecting the above factors. Track the movement of your customers by creating the event. The event can track by using Google Analytics. This tool is much useful for understanding the strategy of our goal to know whether it is working or not.

3. Why is it important to monitor competitors social media?

Analyzing the strategy of your competitors helps to gain more experience with the customer. It gives a route to work more for reaching the goal than the competitors. There are many tools are there to track the competitor’s marketing strategy. As social media just noted down their followers, customers, interaction with the customer, their post and content. These points will help the marketers to know the tactics that have been used by the competitors. Tools such as Netbase, Keyhole, Phlanx, Quantcast, etc will be more useful for the analysis of competitors.

4. What strategies will you use for CTA Call to Action posts for social media?

A Call to action is a process to handle the customers to bring out the goals that created for the business. There are many factors can be considered in terms of the call to action. In the means of social media, it is important to create some unique features on your profile to alert the awareness for the customers.  It may depend upon the visual effects, timer and many. Factors must be designed based on the complete analysis.

Content plays a major role in every marketing field. Thus in means of a call to action, content must act as a live communicator. Even a button of the post is important to create an action. You can easily draw the CTA through social media such as through Facebook, Instagram, where facebook has a feature of promoting the ads and too many properties to handle the advertisement and products.

5. To Reach your Potential Customer you Need to Pay for it

Reaching the destination without gaining energy is impossible, thus the same principle is used in social media. To reach your potential customer you need to pay for it. Each ad has its price based on the social media app. For example, to promote the ads on Facebook it cost a minimum of $1. Thus every platform has its value to push the limit to reach your goal. An organic way to reach customers takes time and difficult to reach. Thus paying for the post based on click per cost can benefit us in profits.

6. Joining Groups and Communities help to Build a Relation Between the Customers

Knowing the trending content around the world can help to update our knowledge and also useful for marketers. Twitter is an app to post or twit the opinion we need to post for someone or any industries, Thus you may know that we can post he advertise or awareness on twitter by creating hashtags. Joining communities helps to build a relation between the customers and can easily obtain the customer’s mind. Thus each step of conversation must important for generating the lead. You can easily share your products and services using the groups of social media. It creates a huge impact on your business. This method can help to reach more customers.

7. It is Necessary to Audit Your Journey of the Business using a term Called Audit

 After utilizing your strategy on the business to promote via social media, it is necessary to audit your journey of the business using a term called audit. There are many tools available in the market such as Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, etc make use of this tool to enhance your business.

7 Awesome Tips To Work On B2C Social Media Marketing Projects


Social media is an important key to maintain your business in a profit margin. Thus you must keep updated with the features of social media platforms. To handle with ease, make use of tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, etc to schedule the post. Business is a tactic to handle with more care. Each step must be taken with more conscious to not cross the breakpoint. Hence the above points might be helpful for B2C marketers for using via social media.

ByDavid Adamson

5 Best PPC Tips For Small Businesses [Step by Step]

Pay per click (PPC) advertising has been a major digital marketing aspect. It has gained a great significance in the industry in past few years. Businesses are creating and implementing several campaigns to get quick ROI and higher conversions. Even small businesses from local cities are collaborating with PPC Management Company.

Among all other digital marketing solutions, PPC offers quicker results to a business with long-term benefits. In order to utilize this asset, you need to plan a strategy for it. You need to establish some goals and create a campaign that include everything.

So, here are the top tips to create a campaign, setup your strategies and convert your small business into a recognizable brand step by step:

Begin with Keyword Planning

Any digital marketing strategy is incomplete if it doesn’t have any plan for targeting the right keywords. You will be creating online ads to run your PPC campaign. So you need to focus on phrases that can help your ads to show up, when users enter them on Google or any other search engine.

Choosing the right keyword will require to analyze your competitors and modifying the keywords already present on your website. Moreover, you can also check the total number of search on every keyword through Adwords.

In addition, targeting long-tail keywords will definitely help you to bring better results. They are basically long phrases that can help your ad to show up when users enter keywords. They might be less competitive but very effective for your PPC campaigns.

Setting Up Objectives

Now that you are settled with keyword planning and optimization, you need to set the targets, basically objectives. For instance, if you are managing a small business, you might be having following goals to achieve through PPC:

  1. Gaining new audiences
  2. Increasing brand engagement
  3. Boosting sales of your products
  4. Generating more leads

Likewise, you also need to clear your vision towards what exactly you are expecting from your PPC campaigns. On that basis, further steps will be taken and your ads will be created. Stick to your business goals and make sure to follow the right path.

Create Conversion-oriented Ad Copies

Developing ad copies require several aspects, and each one should be focused on your objectives. Basically, these ads perform on the basis of content. You will write the text on the ads along with an engaging image, and then add some description to it.

The format of ads is usually different for every format. If you are posting on Google, you will get a different layout to add your ad copies, while it is something else for social media ads.

In this step, you need to focus on conversion-oriented ads. That means creating ads that can drive leads. To do this, you can address the subjective of your ad in the title. For example, Hurry up! Few Hours Left, 50% Sale, Just for today, etc.

In this case, users show their interest more frequently as they will find opportunities to buy their favourite brand in an offer. Now, you need to concentrate on certain details like:

  1. Keyword Placement
  2. Image size (if posting on social media)
  3. Character limits in texts
  4. Unique selling propositions (USPs)
  5. Call-to-action (CTA) texts

Using these aspects, you can create highly relevant ad copies for your campaign.

Measure Everything

Starting from creation of the ads to their implementation, you won’t require tools to measure your ad performance. But once you post them, you need to measure everything, from clicks to conversions.

Monitoring you ad campaigns will help to discover more opportunities of improvisation. Most probably, you will know which keywords are performing well, and which ones need to be customized. Adwords provide a great interface to monitor your campaigns effectively. Utilize it and keep your head steady.

PPC advertising is undoubtedly a powerful business asset when it comes to driving leads and better conversion. If you monitor your competitors, you can analyze that they are performing well using these tips with the help of PPC service provider. However, this essential guide is definitely help you to boost your small business and transform it into a tough competitor in the industry.

ByDavid Adamson

Digital Trends Small and Medium Size Business Need to Focus on 2022 [Infographic]

Experienced people say, we should follow the trends to be updated with world. In this blog we are going share with you top digital trends for small and medium size businesses that should be follow in 2022.

The world at present is booming with digitalisation. The rate at which digital advancements are taking place is higher than ever before. Every individual is involving more and more into digital technologies like VR headsets, smart watches, smart speakers and never to forget smartphones.

The life of an average individual is crowded with master works of this digital era. Since the focus of humans is shifting more towards digital technology it becomes necessary than ever for all business owners to give a prime importance to this shift of indulgence and the necessity is multi fold for SMBs.

Are you looking for digital marketing services provider company?

Since it’s a new practice it’s tough for business owners to ascertain the behaviour of people in digital environment. However, many service providers are building or have already built systems to track the user behaviour. This behaviour data when combined with machine learning can help provide a seamless experience to customers. Machine learning systems accrue high costs but SMBs can substitute it by a diligent data scientist who can help overcome bottlenecks in conversion rates.

Smartphones are certainly protagonist of digitalization hence should never be overlooked. SMBs should give special inclination towards the mobile experience for their customers. Websites should be mobile friendly helping users seamlessly navigate through it.

More than 70% of total internet today comes from mobile devices hence SMBs would never want to lose the business coming from mobile devices.

Mobile apps are a clever way of growing business as they not only help in providing a more personalised experience to customers but also help in digital marketing side of things especially SEO as apps get indexed easily and rank better.

As a decision maker it’s tough for SMB owners to decide what KPI to use to measure the profitability of investment. Vanity metrics like traffic, post shares, post likes, page views, etc don’t essentially reflect the growth of business. Hence decision makers should move beyond these metrics and focus on what return on investment is being achieved on your spent money. Another bottleneck is deciding the focus between online and offline marketing. Digitalization is growing but this doesn’t mean one should completely disregard the offline aspects of marketing. Instead measure should be taken to maintain a healthy balance between offline and online marketing thus giving users a smooth omni-channel experience.

As a traditional business owner it’s tough staying informed of all digital inventions but following few trusted digital trends can certainly help in growing your business. Read the below infographic from  Maiden Stride to know more about the digital trends-

ByDavid Adamson

7 Conventional Yet Highly Effective Website Marketing Strategies

80% of consumers search the web for products and services first, before looking elsewhere. It is important therefore to have an effective website marketing strategy to tap into this huge market. Website marketing basically involves making your website visible to attract large numbers of visitors, who can then be converted into sales, social media shares and referrals.

This, in turn, increases business volumes, translates into profits and eventually leads to growth. It is important therefore to dedicate resources and give website marketing the seriousness it deserves as it can make the difference between success or failure of an enterprise. 

After launching a website, it is vital to check if it gives potential customers a pleasant experience by ensuring the site is user-friendly, responsive and has good speeds. When this is confirmed, you can now use the following tried, tested and proven strategies to draw traffic and make your brand a household name. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

When conducting searches for services and products, online users have been observed to rarely go beyond the first page of the organic results their searches produce. This means that a highly ranked website on Google increases its chances of being visible to searches. That is where good SEO practices come in handy. 

To achieve high SEO rankings, a website needs to make the most effective use of related phrases and keywords that are searched often by online users. There are different strategies that can be adapted to attain the SEO objective and these are; 

-Ensure that you have a vibrant website, that regularly updates the existing content while also coming up with new, creative and interesting material that is at par with the current market trends. 

-Find and get rid of any restrictions that may inhibit indexing activities on search engines so that your website’s visibility prospects may bear fruit. 

-To enhance your website’s ranking and popularity, increase the number of backlinks and inbound links and share widely on social media pages. 

The SEO strategy’s planning and implementation can be a daunting and time-consuming task, but well worth it in the end. If you find it overwhelming, you can hire the services of an SEO expert, who will study, analyse, strategize and implement the necessary changes to your website. 

Targeted Advertisements 

When starting a website, the website owner usually knows the class of online users that he/she intends to target. When your website starts attracting traffic, it is imperative to note the various advertisements that users click on By doing this, you learn what interests visitors to your website, and then you can resend related advertisements individually to the online users, once they leave your website. This is in an attempt to woo repeat visitors and convert them into tangible business. 

It is important to note, however, that this should be done sparingly to avoid being annoying and put them off in the process, 

Email Marketing 

For more frequent and lengthy engagements with online visitors to your site, it is important to encourage them to subscribe to your site, via email. This method will enable you to negotiate and close business deals easily. Email marketing also provides a private and personalized platform to deal with prospects, at their convenience, while giving them individual attention. 

For those online visitors who are unable to visit your website regularly, email provides a channel to update them on what has been going on through newsletters, videos, new products, blogs, services, discounts and about future endeavours. 

These efforts will, in the long run, cultivate brand loyalty and translate into actual sales.

Consistent Blogging 

Blogging is an assured way of getting online users to visit your site as long as the content you generate is original, interesting and stands in a class of its own. Creative blogging content also gets shared a lot on the internet which is another way to get your website the attention it deserves. 

Another strategy is to be a guest blogger on other websites. 

This provides an opportunity to leave behind links to your website to new markets and territories. You should also encourage other bloggers to make guest appearances on your website and also leave their website links behind, for mutual benefit. 

Advertising on Facebook 

With one billion users every day, Facebook is the undisputed best social media platform to advertise on to increase website traffic. Join the 2 million advertisers who use Facebook every day and witness a major change in the online visitors to your website. 

The good news is, placing an advert on Facebook is not an expensive undertaking and you can target the right people with your advert. For example, if you want your website to be advertised to Facebook users of a certain age bracket, a specific geographical area, or people with specific preferences, then it is possible. This enables your message to be narrowed down to your target market. 

If you place eye-catching and interesting commercials, there is a high chance of reaching a larger audience as users can share, comment and react, giving your website more attention and visibility. 

YouTube Advertisements 

It is a proven fact that videos attract attention, and having a YouTube channel can greatly increase your business prospects. The best strategy is to create interesting video content, and then share the YouTube links on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and guest blogs. 

Also, you can place short advertisements on popular YouTube videos that attract the most views. This will automatically create an interest in YouTube viewers who will then visit your website and in turn, boost your SEO ranking. It is also very easy for an interesting video to go viral and propel your website to higher heights. 

Don’t forget to read this post, it will help you how you can customize your YouTube channel like a pro.

Promotions, Competitions, and Giveaways 

If you want your website to get attention in record time, come up with occasional competitions, promotions that save online users money, and free giveaways. Your website will be the talk of the town. People love the opportunity to get free or discounted prices, and anytime a competition, promotion or giveaway is in the offing, there will always be a considerable amount of traffic increase to your website. 

It is worth noting, that the above website marketing strategies require time, energy and some resources. Marketing a website is a continuous process and good planning, consistency and patience are of the utmost importance. 

If you have no idea how to go about implementing the strategies, hire an SE0 expert who can run the website on your behalf until you get to learn the ropes. 

An SEO expert, coach or consultant can be available on a part-time or full-time basis depending on your preference and will add immense value to your website, goals and objectives.